The three words (part 4)


The description of character
Vikram Srivastava – Elder son of Srivastava family ,lost his wife ,uncle,aunty in a accident .
Madhuri Sivaraj Srivastava – Mother of Vikram and Aditi.
Sivaraj Srivastava – Vikram’s father died before 15 years.
Aditi Sivaraj Srivastava – A bubbly girl in her teens, daughter of
Madhuri srivastava
Priyamvada vikram- Wife of Vikram died in a accident
Varun Prakash Srivastava – cousin of Vikram,Twin brother of Tarun .
Tarun Prakash Srivastava – cousin of Vikram,twin brother of Varun
(Both Varun and Tarun lost their Parent in a accident)
Vasu Ranganathan – The main lead, a handsome business entrepreneur
Jeeva Sivaram- The main lead , Friend of Vikram,Tarun .

Vadu sees a figure moving inside the house ,he assume it as a thief and goes and catch the person, The person starts to shout ” Help,Help”.All of them comes to the hall, and sees Aditi in the blanket .Vikram ask “Where was you during the puja?” She says she went to have group study in her friend’s house .Vikram apologise Vasu for disturbing his sleep.Vasu says ” No problem” and goes to his room.
Aditi goes to her room with a sad expression.
In the morning ,Jeeva wakes from bed and goes to freshen up ,she comes down to have breakfast ,she signs Tarun to ask about Vasu but Tarun was busy in eating and did’nt see Jeeva.Vasu comes from room in a brown suit with his laptop in his hand. Jeeva sees him and try to go , Vasu greets Jeeva ” Good morning “.Jeeva replies and goes from there .Vikram ask Jeeva for a favour ” Could you please take Vasu along with you to the dying factory ” ,Jeeva says ” But and says OK. I will accompany him “. She goes to her room and comes down getting ready in a purple saree. Vadu drives the car .
On the way ,Vasu ask Jeeva,” You are looking a bit tired ,what is the matter ?”.Jeeva says” nothing ,I am feeling a bit tired due to lack of sleep and there no need yo bother for me ,sir ” Vasu ask her to’ call him just Vasu ,no need for any sir ‘.She nods yes. Jeeva ask him ” What is your purpose of visit to Kolkata?”.He says “You”.Jeeva turns with shock in her eyes . They reach the factory ,A worker comes and wishes Jeeva ,Jeeva and Vasu gets down from the car . Jeeva tells about the factory and they goes inside the factory .
Jeeva sees A women sitting in the steps and ask the watchman together some soda .Vasu sees her reaction and goes near her .Then theygies to the another section .Jeeva ask Vasu to wait in MD room and she will join him in a second .
Vadu goes to the MD room, the room contains a name board ,Ms ,Jeeva MBA.Vasu was about to take the name board ,then Jeeva enters and ask him to have lunch. He says so soon ,Jeeva shows the watch ,the watch strikes 12 .They sat to have lunch .
At the same time , Tarun goes to see Varun in his room and was shocked to see room empty .He calls the servants and ask. them to check the house .Madhuri prays to God to keep her Varun save . Jeeva sees Vasu eating and remembers old thoughts of them having their. lunch in the college canteen
Jeeva : Are you born only to eat ,vasu
Vasu : I am fond of eating ,don’t tease me
Jeeva :Eat ,Eat ,one day ,you will become very fat
Vasu: I am doing lots of work out .
Jeeva: Criticise About Vadu’s bad food habit .
Vasu: do u want vada
Jeeva: no need ,I had my lunch only once in a day
Vasu: mmm, don’t have taste ,yummy
Jeeva : OK give me a piece .
( Conversation happened before 5 years)
Jeeva keeps a Jaelebi in Vadu’s plate .Vasu says no ,I will not eat any sweets.Jeeva smirks and ask “ho, got sugar complaint, I am sorry “.He smiles and says ” No ,I left the habit of eating sweets “.

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  1. Oh why jeeva behaving so weird

    1. hayanti ,they got separated so she is not willing to talk with him.

  2. Janani i like ur name drrr nice name….. and story was to gud dr but what is the relation between jeeva and vikram family

  3. Guys I’ve written a ff on kis desh mein hai mera dil..starring sanaya Irani & Harshad chopra pls do read & reply

    1. I have read it ,nice

  4. Hw is jeeva so connectd to vikrams family. . .? n y did varun n vikram dnt gt along? I lykd vasu so much as i lyk jeeva. . . n i luv ur story vry much 🙂 😉

  5. superb sis…
    one suggestion:
    Could u have any one of the twins name full… varun prakash and tarun………….pls
    because its confusing a bit…..
    its just a suggestion dont mistake me.

  6. could anyone tell me whether there is any Hindi serial with lead name as Janani .I remember hearing the name from some serial but forget the name .
    Except Jai Janani maa durga .

  7. Hi janani dear, it’s very nice episode, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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