The three words (part 39)


The flights stops on Kolkata,Jeeva and Vasu comes out of the flight,they sees Vikram standing in the lobby and thinks “Why did he came here ?”.Vasu ask Jeeva about calling Vicky.Jeeva asks the same question to him .They argues and goes near Vikram.It us revealed that Vikram came to meet some of his clients and not them.He doesn’t see them and go with his new client .

Vasu sees his company car and they starts to travel in that car .Jeeva ask him”Where are they going ?”.Vasu says “To my bungalow”.Jeeva thinks that “He came to stay inVicky’s house despite having his own house “.Vasu understands Jeeva ‘s thoughts and replies “the construction is over just before some weeks “.Jeeva thinks something and reaches the place .

Rohit finds Srimathi and takes her home .Srimathi ask “Rohit,I want you to marry as soon as possible “.Rohit stops the car and laughs .
Srimathi:What ?
Rohit:Amma,don’t make fun,who will marry me ?
Srimathi :I have seen a girl for you .
Rohit :OK,I will marry her .
Srimathi :You don’t have any expectation .
Rohit :No,if you like a girl then I will like her .
Srimathi :But I like Vasu and you
Rohit :It is different ,now let’s drive home .

Rohit stops the car and ask Srimathi and Lakshmi to go inside ,he sees Srimathi going and laughs thinking her words .He says “Amma no one will marry me because I am arrogant young man ” and smiles .Risha reaches home and sees her sister sitting inside the house ,she shouts “Aaparna “,and hugs her .Aparna kisses her sister and ask about her new job.Risha signs that she will explain later .

Next day when Jeeva and Vasu gets down from car ,Rusha gets ready in a black skirt with blue tops and comes out of her room .Aaparna sees Risha and appreciates “Wow,Rishu ,your dressing style is improved in three months “.She throws pillow on Aaparna and leaves the house in her scooty.Mala comes from temple and ask Aaparna “When are you going to get married,you are 25 years old “.Aaparna says “Mom,I want to earn more “.Mala ask her to talk practically and leaves the place .

Vasu opens the house and takes Jeeva in,Jeeva steps over a broken metal cup and gets hurt .She shouts “Ouch”.Vasu sees her struggling and lifts her in his hand and enters the house .Jeeva doesn’t expect this and gets embraced by his sudden touch.Vasu make her sit and goes to take the first aid kit .He remembers something .

One day,Vasu and His friends were talking among themselves .Vasu says that he will buy a beautiful house for his wife after marriage .His friend says that he will go inside the house with his wife in hand in hand.Vasu laughs and says “Super “.Another friend asks Vasu about his way of entrance into the house .Vasu thinks for a time and says “I will lift my wife in hand and enters the house ”
( FB ends )

Vasu sees the first aid box and stands .Jeeva shouts “Come on Vasu,it is paining for me “.He helps her to sit properly and put medicine on the wound .Jeeva says “Thanks Vasu for your concern “.Vasu says “You are my responsibility ” and goes with the blood strained cotton and throws it in dustbin .Jeeva limps and goes to the room allocated for her .She sees her portrait and calks Vasu to get explanation .He says “I thought you left me with a valid reason and cones back soon ,so I made these to please you but “.Jeeva comes closer to him and says “I am not that bad “.He holds her and pulls her towards him and says “I love you not “.He moves away .

Risha reaches the office and sees Rohit slapping a employee.Risha cones in between and ask him to behave like a human ,He says “You don’t know what he said about you ,he said hat we “.Risha pushes him and says “I know and you ate over acting “.Rohit says “I am not angry for you respect ,he applied mine that us the reason ,go away “Risha ask him to stop .Rohit raises hand to slap Risha and stops in some inches .Risha ask others to go to work .

She comes in and sees Rohit tearing the paper,She says “Whyvare you behaving so rude ‘.Rohit says “Any person who have self esteem will talk in this manner, and I am “.She sees Him with a different look.Risha gets call from her sister and goes to talk .Aaparna ask Risha to join her to party at her friend’s house .Risha says “I cannot ” and cuts the call.

precap :Aaparna comes to office and sees Rohit .She says “I have seen you before “.

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