The three words (part 38)


Rohit ask her the matter for her years ,she says “It is my mistake ,nothing more than that ” and shuts the wash room door .Rojit understands something’s happened but cannot get the matter ,he sees Jeeva sitting in lobby with thoughts and says “Jeevu,now what is your problem “.Jeeva ask him not to disturb and walks from there,he thinks why peoples are pin pointing me,sees Risha coming and goes behind her .

Vasu gets email from Company about accepting his tender ,he sees Jeeva not found and scolds himself and searches for her,He sees her standing near the crutch of Company and seeing children playing .Vasu goes and touches her .She turns ,Vasu brings her closer and says “Sorry,dear”.She ask “What is the matter?”.He says about the acceptance for the tender and says that he is traveling to Kolkata for finalising the deal .Jeeva congrates him .Vasu sees her going and says “Will you come with me ?”.She ask “Where ?”.Vasu says “to Kolkata, ( in mind )- In my life “Jeeva says “Sure as your Company’s JMD”.

In the evening ,Jeeva and Vasu prepares for their trip ,Vasu suddenly asks “Where will Dev stay “.Jeeva says “With Rohit “.Vasu thinks “With that Women “.Jeeva understands the matted and says “Aunty is going with Patti to Temple “.Vasu says “I am least bothered “.Jeeva locks the door and informs her father and they leave towards
Airport .Risha decides to go to temple for a peace if mind ,she goes to Kabali temple .Srimathi comes to same temple .Lakshmi sees Risha and remembers Rohit with her and calls Srimathi and tells the incident.

They sits in the flight ,Jeeva sees Vasu and closes her eyes .The air hostess comes and gives Vasu ,a note book,Vasu sees surprised and ask “What is this “.She says that she is a great fan of his development in recent years ,she lihe to work with him but fiesnt get job .Vasu sees Jeeva and replies “Don’t worry,the post of being my wife is still vacant ,you can apply “Jeeva ask the hostess to bring her water .Vasu says “Don’t get frustrated ,sleep”.Jeeva says “Ask her to fill the post of your wife but she will resign it in just 2 minutes “.Vasu ask How .Jeeva says “No one can live with you ?”Vasu holds her hand .Jeeva ask him to leave ,he ask “Why “.Jeeva says “You will hold my arm ,then come closer to me,you get flash of my betrayal and leaves me ,I am not ready “,Vasu says “Correct ” and moves from there .A young man comes and says”Madam,I think it is my sear,pardon me “.Jeeva moves and leaves him way.Vasu ask Jeeva”If you wish,we can change the seat”.Jeeva says “jealousy is dangerous than modesty ” and turns to the man ,he praises Jeeva and Ask about Vasu.Jeeva begins to talk in Bengali .The man gets down in Mumbai airport .Vasu sees Jeeva closing eyes and acting like sleeping and he mumurs to her “I am least bothered about your affection to him. but who is he ?”.Jedva turns towards him and says “My New BF”.He thinks “Then who I am”.Jeeva replies “my old BF”. They each other and smiles..

Risha and Srimathi goes to same temple,Risha prays to god to keep everyone happy,She gives chocolate to all the children and play with them ,Srimathi sees this and ask her about her .Risha says the answer and runs from there with children .Srimathi thinks “She is very nice,she will be correct for Rohit “.Risha thinks ‘Why that aunty ask such questions ,mmm”.Srimathi prays to god to keep her wish satisfied .Rohit comes to Call Srimathi to home,He sees Risha playing with children and hold her from falling down,Srimathi,Lakshmi patti sees that from a distance .Rohit”Don’t you to walk properly “.Risha shouts “Leave me and move away ,I hate your touch “.He pushes her and goes inside the crowd .

Jeeva and Vasu gets up hears that the flight will land in 2 hours .Jeeva wakes up and correct herself .Vasu ask for a cup of coffee.He sees Jeeva ,and says “Good morning “.She replies and correct her hair .Vasu tries to help her and pours the coffee on her .She says “Aiyyo,what have you done?”.He says “Sorry,sorry “.#She goes to clean it by some means .Vasu sees her going and smiles,thinks of yesterdays incident ,the young man praising Jeeva in that saree ( in English ) .

precap :They comes down from flight and sees Vikram waiting with board.Jeeva ask Vasu about the matter .

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  1. I think the problem between vasu amd jeeva because of ego individuality all are equal yaar thats the plm

  2. BoTh brother have doing same egoistic to thier loved ones

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