The three words (part 37)


Risha stuns on his attitude ,he says “Aunty I came to pick up Risha to office because she is unwell and cannot drive on her own “.Mala adk Risha to get ready and go with Rohit .Risha hesitately goes to get ready .Rohit sees the photo in hall ,sees a particular photo and ask “Aunty,I know it is Risha and who are those two girls “.Mala’s mother comes and sees and says “The girl sitting in right is Dia and the left is Jeeva”.Rohit mumurs “So Jeeva and Risha are close friends “.Risha comes put dressed in a mango printed saree and says “We can go. sir “.Rohit and Risha leaves .

Jeeva,Vasu and Dev reaches Vasu’s house .Vasu sees Lakshmi Patti sitting and waiting for Vasu.She sees The little boy and thinks “Who is that ?”.Three of them comes near Patti.Vasu ask Jeeva to go and freshen up and you can go to your home .Jeeva sees Vasu with some question .Lakshmi Patti sees Dev and sits with him in hall.Vasu sees in a voice only heard to Jeeva that “the dress you may need is there is that room ,now go”.Vasu then explains the matter to Patti .He caresees his face .

Srimathi reaches to home and sees the servant cooking and Rohit missing .She ask about Rohit SBD comes to know that he leftte ace yesterday itself .She sits in the bed and remembers the arrival of her mother .She calls Someone ,the person attends the call after a brief thoughts .

The person :Hello
Srimathi :Appa.
The person :…….
Srimathi :You won’t talk to me .
The person :Nothing like that ,how are you ?
Srimathi :Fine but Amma
The person :She came to see Vasu ,she must be in his house .
Srimathi :I want to meet her Appa ,please

The person cuts the call and cries seeing his photo with Srimathi and hugs the photo .Lakshmi patti sees Jeeva coming down in brown tops and black jeans .She sees Vasu lost in seeing her and says “Vasu,come here ” Vasu ask “What Patti?”.She expresses her desire to meet Srimathi. Vasu says “Its your wish ,Jeeva take Patti yo meet your pyari aunty “.Jeeva cannot believe that Vasu agrees to let Meet Lakshmi and Srimathi .

Rohit stops the car in office ,the employees sees both of them and talks something among themselves .Jeeva calls Srimathi to tell the matter .Srimathi thanks god for bringing Jeeva into their life .She takes Lakshmi patti and Dev to Srimathi ‘s house .Lakshmi sees Srimathi and cries without sound.Srimathi runs towards Lakshmi and both if them hugs each other .Dev sees gat and ask “Why are you hugging each other like Jeeva and Vasu “.Jeeva gets shy and ask him to stop his talk .They goes inside .Lakshmi ask “How are you Srimathi ?”.

Dev plays with the ball and brokers the photo kept in showcase .Jeeva shouts “Dev” and ask him to say sorry to all.Dev hugs Jeeva and cries vigourosly .He sees Vasu and goes running to Vasu .All the three ladies gets surprised seeing Vasu there in Srimathi’s house .Srimathi says “Please come in “.Vasu comes with unwillingly and sees Lakshmi and Srimathi .He sits in the sofa .
Jeeva smiles to herself and ask “Sorry ,Vadu I will come in some times we can go to office “.Vasu sees Jeeva and adl her to stop her Oscar acting and sees Srimathi taking something from kitchen .He says “I will not eat anything from this house “.Srimathi sees him with tears .Jeeva says “She getting it for Dev “.He sees his photo kept in hall and remembers Srimathi telling that she wakes up serimgvhis face .He similarly remembers her telling to Ranganathan “Rohit is better than Vasu in studies and all activities ,Vadu don’t have grasping power “.He gets up and moves out with Dev.

Srimathi says “I don’t know why he is hating me and Rohit “.Jeeva says “No aunty ,I know the reason “.She thinks about their conversation before years.
Jeeva:Vasu if you didn’t get angry I will tell you something .
Vasu:Mmm you can

Jeeva:Why you are angry with Srimathi mam
Vasu:I am not angry ,you know something she us my role model in everything .but she don’t love me .
Jeeva(surprises):a mother always loves his children equally.
Vasu:Not my Anna,she is lenient towards that Rohit .
Jeeva:Come on ,it is because Rohit is younger .
Vasu:No it is because he is her pet .
Jeeva:Come Vasu,because Rohit is adopted
Vasu:It doesn’t mean I should me ignored ,he was always given first preference .?

Vasu:Please I don’t want to hurt myself ,according to that duo I am fit for nothing
Jeeva comes closer to him and says “You are the best Vasu and leans in his shoulder “.(FB ends )
Jeeva sees Vasu leaving and runs behind him in order to stop him.He sees Jeeva and said “Today even Lakshu made me feel alone “.Jeeva says “I am not letting you go ,wait I will come “but Vasu leaves with anger .She sees him going and comes in ,she sees Lakshmi Patti and says “But you shouldn’t have left him “.Lakshmi sees with confusion and says “Actually “.Jeeva takes her bag and tries to leave .Rohit comes in and ask the matter ,she says “For me Vasu is important than all ” and runs .

Rohit sees Lakshmi and tries to go inside without seeing her .Srimathi ask “See your patti had came “.Rohit says “Sorry Anna,she is the reason for my biological mother’s death “.Srimathi sits and thinks of her both sons and weeps ,she sees Lakshmi Patti standing with unhappiness and says “Don’t worry ma,you are important to me ‘.Risha comes out of the room and hears a employee telling that “May be Risha have done some adjustment ,because I haven’t seen Rohit sir taking someone with him in car “,the other replied that “Don’t worry ,it is rich peoples matter “.Risha feels embraced and leaves the place .She sees Vasu coming to office with at most anger .She calls Vasu but he didn’t reply .

Jeeva comes after Vasu ,the workers laugh at each other .Jeeva goes inside the room and ask “What is your problem ,Vasu ?”.He shouts “There is no one for me in thus world “.Jeeva says “I will be with you “.He laughs and says “Where was you for past 5 years and I don’t need you in my life “.Jeeva ask him to understand her ,He cries and says “You didn’t understood me ,you didn’t think of me when she asked you to left ,you don’t know Jeevu that there is no one for me ,no one “.Jeeva says “Sorry ” with folded hands .

Vasu says “Nothing can change the past ,you know something Jeevu ,I am not willing to see you ,please get out “.Jeeva leaves the room.Rohit comes and ask “Don’t you know to work miss.Risha”.She goes to the room and sees the work .Rohit comes in and sees her for a while and starts checking some reports .Risha sees Rohit and remembers the other employees saying and gets hurt ,tears roll from her eyes .Rohit sees that ask about the matter .She says nothing moves to wash room .Rohit gets confused and follows her .

Precap:The car in which Vasu and Jeeva left gets punctured on a village road .

( the meeting of Risha and Srimathi ,vasu helping Jeeva to clean her saree will coming in next part )???

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