The three words (part 36)


Jeeva hugs Vasu and rest on his shoulder,Vasu rembers her leaving him for Srimathi’s words and moves away,Jeeva sees him with tears and says “Vasu ,”.He ask her to be quiet and starts to walk in opposite direction .He ask Dev to call Jeeva to come and they can go .Dev runs to Jeeva and hugs her .Jeeva see the direction where Vasu left and gets teary eyes .she lifts Dev and walks following Vasu.

They leaves towards Chennai.Risha gets up from bed and sees lots of missed call from a number and calls the person and says “Sorry ya I cannot come on time “.The person says “That’s OK,dear “.She
smiles.Rohit hears this and smiles .Rohit sees Srimathi calling him and picks the call.
Rohit:Hello amma
Srimathi:I called Jeeva for many times,where is she ?
Rohit(laughs):don’t worry ,she left somewhere with Vasu
Srimathi:how is she ?
Rohit:Whom amma,Jeeva?
Srimathi:No,your Grandma.
Rohit:Mom,please don’t talk about her .it is irritating ,and where are you ?
Srimathi:I completed the darshan and in my way to Chennai.
Rohit :OK amma.

He sees Risha and her mom going from house .Vasu stops the car near the tea stall and says “If you want. anything ,come I will buy “.Jeeva sees the blue sky and replies “Dev,go with Vasu and buy something “.Dev runs with Vasu to stall.Vasu ask Dev’What do you want to eat ,and your Jeeva’.Dev sees biscuits and says “Vasu, I want that biscuit “.Jeeva sees Them talking and smiles .Vasu kisses Dev’s forehead and says “I like you very much ,you are like me “.Dev laughs and says “Jeeva says you are a good person ,are you “.Vasu sees Jeeva and nods yes .

Risha gets ready in a pink salwar and tries to go ,Mala sees her and ask “Hey Rishu where are you going ma “.Risha says “To meet my friend ,Bye “.She goes in the scooty ,Rohit sees her going and follows her .She stops the scooty before a park and goes in .Before Rohit could ho in ,he gets call from his childhood friend
Friend :Hello,Rohit
Rohit: yes
Friend :Hi I am mohan
Rohit:Yes ya
Friend:You must come to my marriage .
Rohit :Mmm I will try
he cuts the call and goes in ,he finds Risha arguing with a person and murmurs “Fighter girl “.He goes. near the place and finds Risha hugging a person and smiles .Rohit gets irritated and sees them
.the person gives her a gift .Risha sees the gift and laugh at the person .Rohit thinks to find the person and fumes.

Jeeva sees Vasu angry and says “Why are you over reacting Vasu “.Vasu sees Jeeva and ask her to be quiet ,and raises the speed.the car goes towards Chennai.Jeeva sees Dev murmuring and touches him,she sees him with heavy fever,Jeeva says “Vasu,please”.Vasu gets angry and shouts “What is your problem ,Jeeva”.She shouts in the same tone “I am not dying for your affection,dev is murmuring in agony “.Vasu stops the car .Vasu holds Dev and they go to the nearby hospital .the doctor sees him and ask “What happened to him,he is so tired “.They explain him briefly .The doctor says ‘Nothing can be better than an affection of parents ,I have given him medicine ,you can take him home “.

Jeeva comes out and says ‘Sorry,the doctor assumes you as my husband,sorry “.Vasu holds Jeeva and says “That is OK ,but “.They leaves yo Home with Dev.Risha’s comes home and sees Mala standing with anger .Mala ask “Where did you went ?”.Risha says “I went to see my friend Mano”.Mala argues with her and sees Rohit coming .She says “Come inside Rohit “.Risga turns and sees Rohit standing.Rohit comes in and gets blessing from Mala and Grandma.He blinks his eyes in seeing Risha.Risha gets stunned and remains silent .

Precap:Srimathi sees Risha in theme playing with small children.

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  1. Ohoooo i want jeeva happiness yaar

  2. Hey pls don’t make more suspense pls tell what happen to vAsu why he hate his mom so much pls reveal truth to all
    Rohit hate his grandma
    Pls unite jeeva and vasu

  3. pls unite jeeva and vasu

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