The three words (part 35)

Jeeva calls Vasu and informs the matter she comes to know in Phone .Vasu ask her not to worry and he says he will be there in some times .He ask Patti and Rohit to take care and leaves from there .Rohit gets confused and says “OK,don’t worry “.He runs towards Jeeva’s house .Jeeva sees Vasu and runs towards Him .Vasu ask her not to worry ,she Says “I am dying inside ,something happened to Dev “.He says “Don’t worry Jeeva,nothing will happen to him “.Vasu hugs Jeeva and says ” please stop worrying “. Vasu ask her to lock the door and comes with Him,Jeeva remembers getting call from Home .

Jeeva:Hello any problem Madam.
head of home :Hello Jeeva
Head of Home:We all came for a picnic to Mangalore ,and the bus fall into the river ,some children are found in critical state and Dev is missing

She cuts the call and crying thinking about him .Vasu ask her not to worry ,he drives towards Mangalore .Jeeva says “He us a liitle boy ,why god is punishing him “.Vasu consoles her ,he remembers talking with Dev on the home .He remembers the boy’s innocent face and gets worried but he didn’t let Jeeva know his fears .Vasu stops the car near a motel and gets a packet of biscuit .Jeeva cries and says “Vasu,please go fast as soon as possible “.He resume driving .

Risha sees Her mother praising Rohit and says “Amma,please stop talking about Rohit ,he is a devil “.Mala ask her to stop ,she says “He only helped you while you was in problem “.Risha murmurs “he only leads to this situation “.Rohit sees Risha arguing with his mother
and smiles .Lakshmi comes and sees Rohit and ask “Where is your mother ?”.He says “You are only Vasu’s Grandma and Not my Amma’s mother or my Patti “.

Jeeva and Vasu reaches Mangalore in morning ,They stop near the bridge where the accidents happened and sees ambulances and police jeeps in that area .Vasu runs and ask someone whether everyone are safe .Jeeva runs to other side and sees Some dead body of peoples.The person says “No,sir only some people are saved and some children are not found .”Vasu sees Jeeva crying seeing people’s dead body and ask her not to worry because Dev will be fine

Jeeva sees a little not struggling in water ,she sees people not ready to save him because there is so much water in that place ,it is muddy area .Jeeva without any hesitation jumps into the water .Vasu shouts “Jeeva,Don’t go ,Jeeva”.Vasu stands in the bank of river and sees Jeeva coming out with a young girl .She sees Vasu standing with concern and says “I cannot find Dev “.Vasu sees Dev coming with fire service persons and shouts “Jeeva,our Dev is alive ,you come “.Jeeva comes out and kisses Dev and hugs him .Vasu sees Them and smoke contended .Jeeva suddenly notices that Her chain is missing .She says “Vasu, take care of Dev ” and again jumps into the water .Vasu shouts “Jeeva,don’t behave like a fool ,come out idiot “.He ask some reporters to hold Dev and jumps into water .He sees Jeeva searching for her chain in water and cries .He hold her and brings her to bank and ask “Are you mad ,Jeevu what are you trying to do “.Jeeva weeps vigorously and says “Sorry,my chain ,it is missing ,my chain ‘.Vasu says “You give importance yo the chain than your life ,fool”.Jeeva says “Vasu ,you gave me the chain,I need it just now “.Vasu surprises and hold her closer and says “Sorry ” and hugs her .Jeeva and Vasu have a eye lock .

Precap:Rohit sees Risha arguing with Someone and says ” fighter girl ” and moves towards to see the person .

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