The three words (part 34)

Jeeva sees the women coming out of the car and gets surprised ,She have seen The lady’s photo in His cellphone.She says “Vasu,is she your Lakshu”.he smiles and says “Yes,my lakshu “.He goes near the women and Hugs Her , Jeeva sees lakshmi to be a 70 years old lady wearing a traditional saree .Vasu says “It is my Patti,my dear Lakshu “.Lakshmi sees Vasu and Jeeva.She ask Vasu”Who is that girl ,she is looking very beautiful “.Vasu says Jeeva and smiles like teasing .She. stare and begins to leave .

Risha sees the time and sees 8.00 clock .She goes and sees Rohit chatting with someone ,she calls him .
Risha:I have completed the work ,
Risha:I need to go to home.
Rohit:OK you may leave .

Risha goes from there ,she sees there is no one is present in the road,she gets panicked and walks fastly .she sees no one present in the road ,she sees a auto stand and approaches the auto driver present there . the auto driver present there teases Risha .they tell come with me .She tries to run from there .The drivers follow her and she runs on the road ,she stop in front of a car and says “Please help me sir,please help me “.A man comes out of the car out of the car and ask Risha to sit in the car .

He fights with the persons and they ran away ,He comes and ask her to sit comfortably .Risha sees him in flash light and says “Rohit sir ,you “.she become tired and falls on his hands .He lift her and make her lie on the back seat and calls Jeeva.

Jeeva,Vasu and Lakshmi have a talk ,and Jeeva receives the call from Rohit .He explains the situation to Jeeva .Jeeva ask him to come to Vasu’s house because she is there .Rohit accept it with a hesitation ,he drives towards Vasu’s house .Lakshmi patti ask “Who is on phone “.Jeeva says “My friend his name is “.Vasu says “Srimathi mam ‘s son “.Lakshmi’s face gets brighter on hearing the word Srimathi .

Vasu gets a important business call and goes to talk .Jeeva ask Lakshmi patti ‘Do you aunty ?”.Patti says “I am her mother “.Jeeva gets shocked and says “You are Aunty’s mother but you didn’t talk about her “.She says “Because Vasudev won’t like it “.Jeeva tries to say something but stops on seeing Rohit coming with Risha .She ask him to make her lie on sofa .Rohit sees Lakshmi and says “I think I have seen you somewhere “.Lakshmi caresses Rohit’s face and says “I am your mom’s amma”.Rohit sees Jeeva with disbelief and moves from Lakshmi and says”you was the person who asked my mother to go out of house “.Lakshmi sees Vasu coming and stops her talk .Vasu sees Rohit ,Risha and Jeeva and ask “What happened ?”.

Risha gets conscious and sees her lying somewhere ,she remembers seeing Rohit and shouts “Rohit sir ,Rohit sir “Vasu and Rohit comes and says “Be comfortable then you can get answer foryoyr questions “She sees her mother coming and says “Amma,You”. Risha ‘s mother Mala hugs her and says “Are you OK ma,you must thank Rohit for His timely help “Risha sees Rohit standing with a bright smile .She murmurs “Cheater “.Vasu ask Mala to stop worrying and come .

Jeeva is on the way to home and remembers Vasu lying to her about Lakshu as his GF and smiles thinking her assumption .She gets a call from Srimathi and attends the call
Srimathi:how are you ?
Jeeva:Fine ma
Srimathi :I want to talk toRohit ,where is he ?
Jeeva:Aunty ,I saw your mother today .
Srimathi :Don’t joke .
Jeeva:Aunty I swear
Srimathi controls her tears :How is she ,did she ask anything abut me ?
Jeeva :You first cone to chennai ,we can talk here .

Srimathi cuts the call and remembers About the bond between her mom and hers .Jeeva stops the car and goes in ,she sees the landline ringing and attends the call with a laziness .but the thing she heard made her worry .She says “Are you serious ?”.She drops the receiver and sits in the sofa with confusion about what is next .

Mala praises Rohit for his helping nature ,Vasu controls his laughter and stands like a serious person .Rohit ask her not worry ,and take rest here itself .Vasu says “Yes,it us my house only ,take rest “.Rohit turns towards Vasu and looks at him .Mala goes to the room where Risha is lying .Vasu ask “This acting ability comes from your mom. right “.Rohit says “No from my so-called brother and my friend Jeeva,your act us more realistic than mine “.They gave a cold look towards each other .

Precap:Jeeva tells Vasu about the news she heard in phone .

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