The three words (part 33)


Sivaraman ask Jeeva about the matter,she says “Nothing appa,something fell on my eyes and Vasu is helping me to clean it .He gets satisfied and says “Jeeva,I am going for a urgent conference in Surat,it will take some days for my return “.Jeeva says “OK appa bye “.He goes from there.Vasu ask Jeeva to do the work as soon as possible and goes out .He sees her wiping her tears and says “Sorry” to himself .

After two weeks
Risha comes to office by auto and pays the money and comes in ,she sees Rohit arguing with someone over phone and goes to her cabin .Rohit sees her coming and cuts the call.he ask “Did you think that it is your home to come at anytime “.She says “Sorry,but my scooty got repaired “.Rohit says “Don’t make such excuses to me ,now go and do the work ”
They sees Jeeva coming with some files .Rohit ask “Jeevu ,anything special “.Jeeva ask him to wait ,she goes and keeps the file in the cupboard and comes .She ask “Tell me now Rohit “.Rohit ask “Anything special “.She says “Nothing and how is aunty ?”He says “Mmm,fine she is going to rameshwaram today “Rohit sees Vasu coming and signs Jeeva.Jeeva turns and wishes him”Good morning “.He ask her to come to the room and goes fastly .

Jeeva leaves the place and goes to his room ,and ask “Any problem Vasu “.He ask her to sit .She gets confused and thinks “Something is not correct “.He takes a jewellery set from his bag and gives to Jeeva.She sees the necklace
Jeeva:what is this ?
Jeeva:Nice .
Vasu:mmm you liked it .
Jeeva:yes it is nice ,every girl will love it .
Vasu :So she will like it .
Vasu: Lakshu
Jeeva(with shock):who is she ?
Vasu smiles and says “Surprise “.I am going make arrangement for her stay ,you please take care of the office today by yourself .Jeeva sits without any reaction .She remembers seeing a girl’s photo in Vasu’s cell .She assume the girl to be lakshu.She thinks “Why should I get confused “.

Risha gets a call from her mother .She ask “Amma,just nowi reached my office “.Her mother ask her to come soon because a family is coming to see Risha for their son .Risha says “But amma ,I don’t want to get married “.Her mother ask her to come soon .and cuts the call.Rohit hears the whole conversation and thinks something .He goes to Jeeva’s room and sees her lost in thought .
He thinks both the friends are same ,they don’t live in present but always in future or past .He knock the door .Jeeva comes to sense and says “Sorry ,please come in “.Rohit ask Jeeva about Vasu .She says “He have left somewhere ,And Rohit do you know who is Lakshu “.Rohit thinks for a while and says “No idea ,I think she may Vasu’s new lover “.Jeeva sees him with anger .He continues ignoring her and says “Who knows his ideas “.Jeeva controls her anger and ask “Rohit ,are you in love with someone “.Rohit says “No,never,I know how love brings pain “.

Srimathi gets ready to go to Rameshwaram,she packs her belongings and ask the servant to inform Rohit .She leaves in her car .Vasu reaches is home and sees servant cleaning the house .Vasu ask them to make of fast because “She may come in any moment “.He goes to the room and sees the arrangement and gets satisfied .He remembers Lakshu and smiles .

Sivaraman calls Jeeva,But Rohit picks the call .
Sivaraman :Hello Jeeva
Rohit:Uncle,it is me ,Rohit
Sivaraman:How are you ?
Rohit:How are you ,uncle ?
Sivaraman :Fine,where is Jeeva?
Rohit:Uncle ,she is in meeting with investors .anything important?
Sivaraman :Tell her that my schedule us delayed and I will come only after 4 days .
Rohit :OK

He cuts the call and sees Risha getting ready to go home ,he goes near her and ask “Anything special ,Risha madam “.She says “Nothing sir actually ,Actually “Rohit takes some files from cupboard and ask her to check it before going .Risha sees the time ,the watch on her hand says that the time is already 5.00 .She says “Shall I see it yommorow “.He ask her to do the work now itself .Jeeva comes out from the meeting.She remembers Risha telling about the family and ask “Risha,you haven’t left the place”.Risha shows the file and says “How could I go “.Jeeva searches Rohit and finds him playing games in his phone .

He sees Jeeva and ask about the meeting .Jeeva says “There us some function in Risha’s house ,she needs to go “.Rohit ask her to go to her house .Jeeva comes to say something ,Rohit says “Did I never ever came between your work ,it is the work of a company secretary ,and she should do it “.Jeeva don’t know what to talk and she leaves .

Risha completed the work and sees the time as 7.15.She gets up from the place and sees 35 missed calls from her house .She think to inform them but there is no charge in her phone and it gets offed.She sees Rohit coming and says “Sir,I have completed the work “.He sees the files and says “wait until I ask you to go “.She gets agitated and sits in the chair .He sees some mistakes in the files and ask her to prepare the files once more .Risha sees him with anger .

Vasu sees time and calls Jeeva to know about the meeting .Jeeva gives him information and ask about the arrival if the special person .Vasu smiles to himself and says “No,she is making me wait so long ,I sm feeling bored could you come and accompany me “.Jeeva thinks “Idiot ” and says “OK I am coming on, your compulsion “.Vasu cuts the call and says “The decision will make you pay “.Jeeva reaches his house and sees Vasu standing there with a bouquet .She ask “Did she came ?”.Vasu says “She is on the way ,you want to see her photo ?”.Jeeva says ‘No need ,” a car stops in the gate of Vasu’s house .Jeeva sees the person and gets shocked .Jeeva has seen the photo once on Vasu’s mobile .

Precap: Risha walks alone on the road and gets feared on the persons starring at her

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