The three words (part 32)


Risha wakes in morning and sees her email list and sees no new email found .She keeps his phone and goes to brush .Risha’s mother comes calling ,Risha she sees Some new email and sees it .Risha sees this from Bathroom and thinks”Aiyyo,amma have seen the email ,she is going to shout “.She hears Her calling “Risha ,come here “.Risha says “Amma,don’t worry I will”.Her mother congrates her for getting a job in a big concern like asthma enterprise .Risha sees the email and she couldn’t trust her own eyes .
Risha calls Jeeva to informs Matter ,Sivaraman sees Jeeva sleeping and attends the call.
Risha:Hello Jeeva
Sivaraman :Risha ,I am uncle
Risha:Uncle I got job in Athma enterprise
Sivaraman :congrats Risha ,how is your parents
Risha:Very fine ,how are you ,uncle where is Jeeva.
Sivaraman ‘she is sleeping
Risha:OK uncle I will talk later.

Jeeva wakes hearing talking sound ,she sees the time and goes to get ready for work .Risha’s mom ask Her to wear Saree because it is first day for work .Risha says “Amma,I won’t be comfortable “.She compels Risha to wear saree.Risha gets ready in a orange colour saree.Vasu reaches Office and sees Risha waiting .He approaches her and ask “what do you want ,?”.Risha tells about her appointment briefly .

Vasu ask her to come and wait in his cabin .Risha says “sir,I think you are Vasudev “.He nods yes .Jeeva enters the room and ask “What?”.Rohit enters the office ,sees Vasu and Risha talking ,he knocks the door and ask “may I come in “.Jeeva ask him to coming in .Rohit sees Risha with surprise and says”I think your cabin in that side ,please go there “.Jeeva notices their reaction and gets confused .

Risha stares at Rohit and leaves with him to the cabin .Vasu ask Jeeva to do the work .Jeeva sits in her seat and ask “how is your GF”

Vasu says “ho,you are asking abt Rads ,she is fine “.Rohit enters the room and says “Jeeva,I want to know some reports regarding our dealings “.Vasu murmurs ” if you come to office properly ,there is no need for other’s help “.Rohit ask him to shut his mouth and do his own job .Jeeva tells some information regarding the reports .Rohit signs her about her watch .She signs missing .Rohit goes to his room

Risha looks around the room . and sees a photo of Rohit with his friends . Rohit enters and says “I think you can do the work “.She turns and gets shocked .He sees her from top to bottom and shows her cabin .She says “sir ,where is my cabin “.He says “There it is and shows a inter chamber in his cabin “.Risha goes to the room,Rohit says “Ridiculous “.Risha says the same seeing Rohit .

Jeeva sees this and smiles,Vasu says “What are you doing ,come and help in this work ,its urgent than seeing your Friend “.Jeeva ask him to talk in limit and goes and resume her work .Vasu ask her “Where is your bracket ?”.Jeeva says “You must tell as you took it ,where is it “Vasu gets cough suddenly on hearing her answer .Jeeva gives him water ,She gives a small gift .Vasu ask “What is this ?”

Vasu opens and sees a small locket ,He touches his chain and sees the locket missing ,Jeeva says “It us yours,don’t think that I also steal it ,it was found in my car “.He says “Thank you ,but “.Jeeva sees the file and replies “Don’t panic ,I didn’t see the photo in locket “.Vasu says “You must seen it ,right “.Jesva says “No I didn’t see my photo in the locket nor your mom’s”.Vasu leaves from there .Jeeva laughs and says in a loud voice “So really my photo was there “.Vasu says “see the file “.

Risha sees Vasu coming and gets up in respect ,Rohit ask her to sit “Don’t do too much ,sit and start working ,I am your boss not that Vasu”.Risha says “But this is his company ,he is Mr.Ranganathan ‘s son .Rohit says “Enrich your GK,I am Rohit Ranganathan ,younger son of Ranganathan “.Risha sees Surprised ,she murmurs “Do he must be Jeeva’s classmate in MBA,scolds Jeeva “.Rohit sees her and laughs ,

Risha comes to ask something but stops seeing his laugh .Rohit says “ask any doubt I will clarify it “.Risha says “Nnothing ,sir “Gecsays “But I will tell you ,I am his younger brother ,he is my brother ,older to me by just 1year”.Risha says “OK,I am least interested”Rohit comes out of his cabin and sees receptionist wipes her tears seeing him,he ask “What happened Jessica?”.She says about her mother’s illness.Rohit jokes and makes her laugh .Risha sees this and says “Pakka womaniser”.She starts to see some files .

Jeeva cones to Rohit’s room to call Risha for lunch ,she sees Risha scolding herself for selecting this job,Jeeva calls Risha .
Risha:Come in JMD
Jeeva:what happened ya
Risha ‘Cheater
Jeeva :whom you are scolding ?
Risha: you are the fellow ,did you said me that Rohit is Vasu’s brother and Your Class mate .
Jeeva:did you asked me ,don’t fume come on
Rohit enters and sees them arguing and ask “Jeevu ,do you know her ?”.Jeeva says “She is my close friend from 10th standard “.
Rohit:Ho,Miss Risha ,you have passed 10th .

Rohit : there is nothing surprised because even you had passed 10th
Jeeva:what happened ,why you are arguing ,cone Ridhu ,let’s go
Risha walks with Jeeva .Rohit murmurs “Rishu “.Vasu comes to his room,he sees some mistakes in the file and calls Jeeva.He sees her eating lunch .He comes to the dinning room and sees many peoe eating .He ask Jeeva to come to his cabin just now .Jeeva ask him to wait because she is eating ‘.Vasu shouts “Don’t forget that I am your MD,come just now “Rohit comes to tell something ,But Jeeva controls him with her eyes and goes after Vasu.

Vasu throws the file on Floor and shouts “thus us the way you do a particular job “.Jeeva sees the file and ask “What happened Sir “.He shows the mistakes and says “rendu nala enmela kathina concentrationla padiya inda filela kathi irunda work propera iruthirukum (if you had showed the concentration which you showed on me on the work ,it would been perfect)”.Jeeva says “Vasudev ,mind your words “.Vasu ask “Will you compensate the loss “.Jeeva ask “did anything happened ,see the Quotation properly “.Vasu sees the place where she shows and says “what “.Jeeva adk him “we’re your specs and sees properly ,it is correct “.

Vasu gets the file and sees the quotation and says “I mean not to hurt you but I “.Jeeva wipes her tears and says ‘That Was OK ,but it doesn’t mean that I am not hurt “.She sits in the seat and wipes her tears .Vasu says “Sorry ,Jeevu”.Jeeva says “Jeeva,call me Jeeva”.Risha says To Rohit that “Sorry Sir ,now I will accept him as yr brother because even he has no sense “.Rohit says”Thank you so much for accepting my identity “.They see each other with anger.

Vasu holds her and ask her not to cry ,Jeeva says “Please Vasu ,leave me “.Vasu feels guilty and scolds himself for hurting her .He takes a cup of water and ask her to drink.Jeeva says “No need “.Sivaraman comes to office and ask for Vasu.The receptionist shows the room.He knocks the door and sees his daughter wiping her tears and gets shocked .

Precap:Vasu helps Jeeva in cleaning her saree .

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