The three words (part 31)


Jeeva and Vasu have a eyelock ,Radhika sees this and gets angry ,Rohit sees Them dancing and he claps with happiness ,Radhika gets angry and goes from the dance floor .Jeeva and Vasu come to sense only after they hears lot of Clap sound ,Jeeva moves from Vasu.Vasu sees Radhika missing and goes in search of her .He sees Radhika drinking wine and blabbering ,”Vasu,I won’t spare you “.Vasu takes her to car ,he calls his driver and ask him to drop Radhika in house .

Jeeva sees Vasu concerning for Radhika and gets angry ,she goes in and sees Rohit flittering with some girl ,she calls”Rohit,What are you doing”.Rohit sees Jeeva fuming and makes her cool by joking .The host says the guest to enjoy the party ,one of the person ask for the reason for partying .Host says “I am celebrating my profit “.Jeeva and Rohit goes to have food .Vasu comes there and sits besides Jeeva.

Vasu ask Rohit “Why are eating very less in diet “.Jeeva sees Rohit’s plate full of food and sees Vasu with a question mark .She understand their nok jhok.Rohit says “I love eating but I am not like you eat unhealthy foods “Vasu sees Jeeva ,he thinks something and smiles .Jeeva goes from there and take a photo of Vasu and Rohit sitting together,she send the photo to Srimathi.Vasu gets ready to go home but he doesn’t see His car not yet arrived .

Jeeva and Rohit sits in the car,Jeeva ask Vasu to join her to come to home,Vasu hesitately gets in the car ,Rohit sees them not seeing each others face and driving .Rohit murmurs ” teri merit prem kahani “.Vasu turns and stares at Rohit .Rohit sees outside and enjoys the cold breeze. Same time ,Rishi sits in the balcony and says “Patti,the climate is nice “.Her grandma ask Rishi to come inside and don’t roam in cold air .
Rohit :Vasu ,
Rohit:you not even asked abt amma
Vasu:I didn’t feel to ask
Rohit :Behave at least like a human
Jeeva:Rohit ,please shut up
Vasu:I am not a human .

They reaches Vasu’s house .Vasu gets down from car and thanks Jeeva for giving lift and goes towards home .Vasu stops and he walk towards the car and calls Rohit “I know abt you ,you will not leave your amma when she is not fine ,if you comes to party ,the indirect meaning is She us alright ,and ask her to eat tablet properly “Jeeva smiles and takes the car .Rohit ask Jeeva”Is he born or made by stone “.Jeeva says “Please ya,don’t create problem “.She drops Rohit and drives her car .

Vasu takes a gold braclet from his pocket and smiles remembering the matter,He purposely takes the braclet from Jeeva’s hand while dancing ,Jeeva suddenly notices her Braclet missing ,she search for the bracelet in the car .She gets worried for her jewel ans stops the car and enters house .Vasu says “Though iam angry ,I love you Jeeva but you left me for that lady “.

Risha gets ready and reaches the interview venue ,she sees many people sitting for attending the interview ,She sits in a chair and prays to god to help her win the interview .Risha name is called out and she enters the cabin .She sees Rohit sitting and remembers breaking his mirror for her scooty. Rohit sees Risha and smirks .he says “Just come in .
Rohit sees the candidate lust and murmurs “Risha Haridas “Rusha comes with dilemma and says Sir
Rohit :Sit
Risha gives her CV
Rohit goes through it and smiles
Rihit:Miss.Risga,you haven’t filled the marital status column because
Risha :Sorry sir ,actually I forget
Rohit :Carelessness.what is the status .
Risha :Upper middle class,
Rohit :What?I asked about your marital status
Risha:ho,unmarried .
Rohit :OK ,why do you think I must give you job
Risha: because I am qualified
Rohit :confidence or over confidence
Risha:confidence on my qualification ,over confidence over my attitude .
Rohit : what is the salary you expect from this concern
Risha: any salary for my job
Rohit (laughs ):Mmm,tell something about Company
Risha explains the matter .
Rohit :OK,the interview is over ,you can go now ,the result will be said tommorow by Email.

Risha comers out and thinks “OK,I am not going to get this job anymore “.Rohit sees her going and smiles from inside .Jeeva comes to office and sees Rohit thinking .She ask “Rohit ,what happened sir “.Rohit says “Nothing,I completed Interview “.Vasu comes and says “Actually do you have some qualification “.Rohit says “I am a MBA from IIM”.Vasu says “Even this Jeeva is from IIM but she don’t have sense “.Jeeva says “Mind your language “.three if them gave a cute arguement .

Risha comes home and hugs her mother ,Her mom ask “how did you did the interview “.She says “Superb(but in mind ,I am going to be rejected )”.Risha goes to her room and sees her reflection in mirror and says “Risha you don’t have sense ,you broke his car ,then how will he give job”.She again says “no one will work under that idiot “.Rohit sees Srimathi sleeping ,he goes and cover her with a blanket. Rohit sees some message from Jeeva to His mom’s phone.he opens and sees His and Vasu’s pic .He delete the photo and says “sorry amma,nothing will change Between us in life ”

Precap:risha’s mom sees the email and shouts Rishu .
(note:do you want me to write Rohitvas positive or negative )

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    why did rohit delete the photo???
    now two pairs.
    superb sis.

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