The three words (part 30)


Rohit says Sorry to Jeeva ,Jeeva ask him to Take care of Srimathi and cuts the call.Rohit sees His mother lying in bed and walk towards hall,he sees his family photo hanging on wall and smiles bitterly .He says to himself “It all happened because of me ,I was your problems Vasu “.He sees that Srimathi medicines are going to be over and He goes to purchase the medicine .

Jeeva sits her seat and remembers her engagement day ,she thought “If my engagement was completed on that day then we will be couple by this time “.The Receptionist calls Jeeva .

Mary(receptionist ):Mam, your friend has came to meet you ,her name is
She ask the girl about her name ,the girl was seeing the pictures in walls and replies “I am Rishaa”.

Mary:Mam,her name is Risha
Jeeva:Yes,ask her to come to my cabin .
Mary :Madam has asked you come to her cabin ,you may go .Risgaa smiles and goes towards Jeeva’s cabin .Jeeva hugs Risha but She didn’t reciprocate and says “No,Jeeva I am angry with you “.Jeeva ask “Why dear ?”.Risha says”You didn’t told me that your backvto Chennai “Jeeva explainscthe matter Briefly .Risha says “OK, but you mean your MD is That Vasu” .Jeeva nods yes .Risha says “OK,actually I came here because I have a interview tommorow in your sister concern,I got a email that The venue has been changed and there is no further details ,I want to get details abt the venue of interview “.Jeeva sees her cloths and ask “But what happened to your dress,”.Risha says “One senseless idiot spoiled my dress and he don’t know basic road sense “.Jeeva pacifies her and ask “What did you do,you broke his car or slapped him “.She drinks the water and says “Option A”.
Both of the girls have a laugh.Rohit calls Jeeva.Risha sees the phone and attends the call.

Rohit:hello ,may I speak to Jeeva
Risha :Yes,she is having business conversation ,you please wait on line .
Rohit :Mmmm
Risha sees Jeeva coming and gives the phone to her.Jeeva says Hello (puts the call on speaker )
Rohit:Hello Jeeva,could you plse join with me for a party tonight .
Jeeva:What party?
Rohit:My friend has called me to come,I like you to join me ,if you don’t mistake me .
Risha smiles .Jeeva :But
Rohit :plse.,while coming come with your car .
Jeeva:but why
Rohit:a girl broke by rear view mirror .

Risha and Jeeva sees each other and says “Yes I will come “.Risha ask about the person on line .Jeeva says “He is Rohit,Vasu’s brother “.Risha feels something wrong but she leaves from the place with her dirt strained dress.Rohit sees his broken rear view mirror and scold the girl .
Vasu comes in after some times and sees Jeeva searching something in her phone ,Vasu in his curiosity ask “May I know what are you doing ?”Jeeva turns towards him and says “I am selecting a dress for wearing to party tonight “.Vasu think with whom will she go to the party,which party.He gets a call from Radhika that She is teafy to go to party,Vasu sees his watch showing 5.30pm.Jeeva gets ready to leave from office .Vasu sees her and adkher to stop .she ask “What ?”.Vasu says “You better resign your job because I cannot work with you “.Jeeva laughs and says “I am comfortable Vasu”.Vasu sees the way through which Jeeva leaves .

Risha reaches her house and sees her mother and grandma arguing about her .They see her in a dirty custume and ask her the matter,Risha says about the incident and how she got hurt due to the fall.Her mother puts pinment in her wound and ask her to fresh up and come to have coffee.She goes to bathroom and remembers the person who came on wrong side and wah her face ,changes herself into a yellow night dress.

Vasu goes to Radhika’s home and sees her ready in a black saree .Vasu remembers Jeeva wearing a black saree once and thinks how beautiful she looks in that saree.Srimathi wakes from bed and sees Rohit getting ready ,She calls him to ask the matter.
Rohit:Are you feeling fine ?
Srimathi:Yes but where are you going ,it is 6.30 pm.
Rohit:I am going to a party
Srimathi:With whom.
Rohit :Pardon me
Srimathi :You ate going with which person .
Rohit:ho,with Jeeva

they hears car horn sound and leaves to see who has cane ,Srimathi sees Jeeva In a pure white saree sitting in driver seat .Jeeva gets down from the car and walk towards Srimathi .Srimathi hugs her and says “It is because of me ,you have list Vasu”.Jeeva ask her to take rest and leaves to the party with Rohit.

Both the cars reach the place .Vasu was surprised to see Rohit and Jeeva together ,he gets jealous on seeing Jeeva with someone .The host of the party invites everyone to come and enjoy the party .He sees Jeeva and remembers her seeing some where .He approaches Jeeva and ask “Your are Jeeva,the MD of Srivastava mills “.Jeeva sees Vasu watching her and says ‘Yes,I was but now I am working in Athma Enterprises “The host says “But “.Rohit ask him to make all the guest comfortable .
Rohit and Jeeva have t alks about how they know about The host,Mr.Ratnam .One of Rohit’s friend comes and ask Rohit “Who is she ,is she your fiance”.Vasu sees and hears this ,he hold his hand with anger.Rohit smiles,says “Sorry You are mistaken ,she is “.he sees Jeeva.Jeeva says “I am Rohit’s classmate in IIM”.The friend apologises for His mistake and leaves the place .Vasu comes towards Jeeva and tells “I want to talk to you personally ,please “.Jeeva excuses herself from Rohit and comes with Vasu and ask “What?”.

Vasu:You came here with that Rohit
Vasu:he is your
Jeeva:My classmate in IIM
Vasu:You hide it from me
Jeeva:Sorry Vadu I didn’t get time to explain
Vasu:You as usual
Jeeva:Broke your trust .,and don’t tell it after some times he is my future
Vasu(panics):What your future

Vasu stands confused ,when he understood the matter,he sees Jeeva walking in distance with laugh in her face .He calls her to talk but Rafhika comes and hold Vasu’s hand for a dance .Vasu says that “I didn’t want to dance ,you please continue “.Vasu sees Jeeva and Rohit going to the dance floor .Jeeva looks Vasu and dance with Rohit.

Vasu gets jealous ,he walks towards Jeeva and hold her close to him .Kamoshiyan song plays in back ground .They have a dance ,suddenly Vasu realise that he is dancing with Radhika instead of Jeeva.He sees people dancing with mixed; partners .Vasu holds Jeeva from moving and they dance for the songs.the song starts to change in background .Both of them remembers their college days and list in each others eyes .Rohit fumes seeing Radhika staring at Vasu .

precap:Risha comes to attend the interview ,

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