The three words (part 3)


Madhuri hugs Varun and thanks Jeeva for bringing him as the janmasthami will be fulfilled with the entry of Varun. Jeeva ask Madhuri not to inform Varun’s visit to home to Vikram .At the same time Vikram says that he is going to bring one of his friend to the puja tonight and adk her to make the arrangement for the stay of his friend .Heeva says yes and ask the servant to arrange guest room. Tarun says only sge can manage allthe situation. Jeeva smiles and
goes to get ready . Madhuri request Tarun to keep Varun inside room during the puja .Tarun promises that”He’ll take care “.

Jeeva gets ready in a red coloured silk saree ,she remembers Tarun’s words and said to herself”I cannot handle situation so only I came here”.Tears rolls from her eyes but she get ready and comes down.

Vikram waits in the airport .A man wearing a black suit was coming out of the airport ,he is 5’11 in height with a well build body , he looks handsome in his suit .His uncombed hair falls on his forehead .He comes calling “Mr Vikram,how are you”.Vikram hugs him and takes him in His car to home .His name was Vasu.

Jeeva does the final arrangement for the puja.Mrs ,Pradeep comes and hugs Madhuri ,she ask About Jeeva.Madhuri says that Jeeva is one of her family member and changes the topic ,but Mrs Pradeep goes and call Jeeva.She ask”Do you like to become the bahu of Srivastava family ?”.Jeeva smiles and says that ” I don’t have such a idea and I will infirm you if I get such a thought ” and leaves with anger.Tarun was talking to his Girlfriend in phone . She ask him to come ans meet her near Howra Bridge.Tarun says “The puja is going on my house “.She warns him to come ,Tarun goes without locking Varun’s room.Madhuri does the aarti ,Jeeva was praying to god to keep this family happy forever.Vasu enters the house and ask Vikram”What is special today”.Vikram says “today is janmasthami”.Both enters the house.Madhuri gives the aarti plate to Jeeva to do the aarti ,Jeeva hesitately gets it ,she feels tired and was about to faint then someone hold her ,she try to open the eyes and sees Vasu holding her .

When she wakes up ,she was lying in her bed and most of the guest have went ,Madhuri gets angry at Jeeva for not caring at herself .

She appreciates Vasu for helping Jeeva at the correct time.Vasu sees Jeeva ,answers that” it is OK” and ask her to take rest,leaves the place .Jeeva cannot come to a conclusion whether it is real or her illusion .Vikram scolds Jeeva and talk to her with care ,She sees Vasu and ask “who is he,Vikram”.Vikram says that Vadu is his school mate

He ask ” Do you know him?”.Jeeva nods no. they all leaves the room asking Jeeva to take rest . She says ” My destiny brought him here “.

Vasu sees the photo in his phone and says ” I am sorry but life brings us together once again ” Varun at the same time runs out of his room.Vasu was wandering in the guest room and sees A person going out with a blanket over him .

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  1. Nice obe but i am cobfused about names

    1. what confusion Hayathi .Vasu and Jeeva are lead,

  2. wow interesting…………
    i think Mrs.Pradeep is the Protagonist……

    1. why did u think Mrs Pradeep as protagonist .Jeeva looks like lead.

    2. I forget to give the description of Jeeva.Jeeva is a girl with a medium complexion.She is 5’6 tall and a girl with a pure heart .

      1. i m reeaaaalllllyyyy sssssssssssssoooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy….
        actually i meant it antagonist….
        sorrryyyy guys…….
        soorrryyyy janani sis……………

  3. sorry Janani sis , I am taking advantage I mean is it like that?.

  4. OK I agree with you

  5. I dont undrstnd the relns. Varu- tarun r bro, madhu der mothr. Den hu is vikram n jeeva to dem?

    1. I will answer yr question today.

  6. Hi janani, it’s going really well, I’m loving it, plz continue, keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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