The three words (part 29)


Jeeva ask Vasudev to listen but he shouts “Say answer to my question ,you left me for this cheap women “.Rohit runs and holds Vasu’s shirt .They both starts to fight ,Jeeva comes in between and ask them to shut up .Vasu ask his question .Jeeva shouts “Yes,I did that not for a cheap women but for a loving mother “.Sivaraman looks confused and ask Jeeva “What is this ?”.Jeeva explains the incidents . FB: Srimathi sees Vasu and Jeeva shopping in a mall,she sees Vasu going Leaving Jeeva in the auto stand.Srimathi approaches Jeeva and calls her .Jeeva smiles on seeing her ,they goes to nearby icecream parlour .
Srimathi :I cone to know that you and Vadu had some fight .
Jeeva:Aunty actually (she tells the whole incident happened on coffee shop and how Vasu patched up ).Now we came to get my Engagement saree which I gave for designing “.
Jeeva:What aunty

Srimathi :I only arranged for Vasu’s job,it was one of my friends company
Jeeva:Aunty ,(she drops the cup )
Srimathi :’I thought he will understand me if he goes to work in London.because my friend will change His mind but .
Jeeva:Aunty ,how could you do this ,Vasu is my future and you tried to separate me
Srimathi :Please understand a mother,Jeeva I cannot live without Vasu.
Jeeva leaves the place with tears and anger .She tells the entire conversation to Sivaraman ,He ask Jeeva not mend things .Jeeva thinks for the whole day and decides that “What Vasu need is his mom and her love not me and I will leave him “.She did her plan on the next day .
+FB ends +

Vasu says “You decided for me ,are you fool to think like this “.He sits in a chair .Jeeva goes and hold Vasu’s hand and says “Sorry Vadu,I thought you will accept her when such a situation arise “.Vasu gets up and takes his hand from hers and goes near Srimathi and says “Thank you ,you have taken every happiness from my life and today it is over “.Srimathi cries .Rohit ask Vasu to understand .Vasu walks towards the gate .Jeeva ask him to stop and cries “Sorry Vasu please ,please “.He turns and shouts in between tears “You don’t felt guilty for your mistake ,”.Jeeva falls on his feet and cries “Sorry Vasu “.Vasu goes and ssays ‘My love has died ‘.Jeeva sees him going and shouts “But from today it is my love “.

Srimathi andRohit leaves .She runs to Sivaramanabd ask him to understand her .Sivaraman says “i was proud that my daughter is always right but you lost you life by your deeds .I give up Jeeva in uniting you “Jeeva cries and sits on the floor .She remevers her time spend with Vasu in these months .She closes her eyes .(Edayam udaiyum /Ishqwada love )song plays in background .Vasu reaches his house and sees Radhika waiting ,he walks towards his room and locks himself .Radhika knocks the door .

Srimathi andRohit goes to their house .Rohit tells to Srimathi “Amma,what you have done this time is pure mistake Vasu is directed and that Jeeva have lost her love “Srimathi hugs Rohit and says “I didn’t expect all this “.Jeeva calls Vasu but he doesn’t take her call .
Next morning ,Vasu sees him sleeping in sitting position and wakes up ,he sees time and go to get ready .He comes down in a white coat .He sees his image in Mirror and sees Redness in eyes and goes without having breakfast .Jeeva comes out in a white chuditar ,she sees Sivaraman sitting in chair and calls “Appa,onaku ena achu /what happened yo you Dad “.He ask Jeeva “Where are you going ?”.Jeeva says “To office as usual ”

Sivaraman sees her with surprise but Jeeva goes out and drives the car towards office .Vasu sees Jeeva from window and thinks “Why did she come here ?”.Jeeva enters the room and sees Vasu and smiles “Good morning Vasu Sir “.Vasu hold her and ask “How can you act as nothing happened “.Jeeva corrects his tie and says “What happened ,ho you are talking abt the yesterday ,my mind is clear from

now because I am not cheating you “.Vasu leaves her hand and moves from her .Jeeva ask him about some file but he walk out of his room .He stares at her and call Radhika to come to his office .
Jeeva goes to her seat and murmurs “Nothing can make me jealous Vasudev”.She begins her routine work .Vasu sees Radhija coming towards the glass window and welcomes her to his office .
Radhika hugs him as usual ,Vasu sees Jeeva and reciprocate her hug .He ask Jeeva”Ms.Jeeva,bring two cups of Coffee for me and Radhi”Jeeva ask “Do you want me to go ?”.Vasu lifts his right eyebrow and says “Yes ,go “.Jeeva walks towards the coffee machine,she makes two cups of coffee and gives them each one ,Vasu sips the coffee and cannot swallow it .

Radhika praises “Superb Coffee Jeeva “.Jesva thanks Radhika and ask “Sir,you don’t like my coffee “and ?? vasu nods mmm.
Vasu ask Radhika to join him to a party in night .Radhika gets brighter and says “Sure Vasu ,is anything special ?”.Vasu says “Nothing I was invited by my friend to come to my party “.Radhika ask how does he want her to dress .Vasu says “You looks elegant in all dresses dear “.Jeeva takes the coffee cup from Radhika with a smir .

Radhika goes from there after some times ,Jeeva ask “Vasu drink the coffee “.He pours it in the sink and shouts ‘You have purposely put salt in my coffee .Jeeva says “Ho sorry actually I searched for Pepper but I cannot find it ,actually where is it “Vasu says “You arectrying to kill me ,idiot “.He remembers her giving him once Tamarind juice instead of coke and made him drink it fully .
Sivaraman sees Vasu and Jeeva’s photo in His phone and prays to god to do anything but please give peace to both of them .Vasu sees Jeeva and goes near her but he suddenly gets a flash of how she left him and goes back .He leaves the room .Jeeva calls Rohit and ask ‘His us aunty ?” Rohit sees Her sleeping and says “Sorry ,I don’t know you was so nice “Jeeca says “Its OK ”

Precap:The party hall.

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  1. Yeah tho pagal ho gaya yaar vasu always fighting yaar

  2. wow yaar awesome episode hands off jamani sad dat vasu is really hurt but nw its jevva;’s turn to win him back nd i must thnk u fr4 updating twice today nd waiting fr next update post soon

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