The three words (part 28)


Jeeva comes out of her room ,she sees Sivaraman sitting and reading newspaper,She calls him,”Appa,I am ready to marry anyone whom you tell me “.Sivaraman says “Don’t joke go and get ready to go to office “.Jeeva says “No appa,I am sure “Sivaraman says “Go and get ready ,I will call him to come “.Jeeva looks puzzled,She ask “Whom?”.Sivaraman hugs her and says “Your Vasudev “.Jeeva stands as a statue .Sivaraman calks Vasu.

Vasu enters Srimathi’s room,he gets call from Sivaraman .Vasu gets worried about Jeeva’s decision and says “Hello,Vasu here “.Sivaraman says “My daughter is ready for marriage “.Vasu jumps him joy,he cannot trust his own ears and says “Uncle ,I’ll come in some times “.Vasu sees Srimathi and says “Mrs.Srimathi ,I haven’t shared anything in my life with you ,but today I am going to get back my Jeeva in life”.Srimathi hold Vasu’s hand and says something .

Vasu emotion changes,he looks puzzled and go towards his car and started it .Rohit sees this and runs to Srimathi’s room.He sees Srimathi trying to go .He shouts “Amma,”and hold her from falling .Srimathi says the thing which Vasu said to her and what she said .Rohit says “Amma,you have created problem ,now we must go “.Srimatthi hugs Rohit and cries.

Jeeva gets ready in a beautiful saree and comes out of the room.She feels as usual something is not fine till now .She stands near Door and sits for Vasu,she doesn’t see her phone ringing continuously and worries about something .Sivaraman sees Jeeva and goes near her and ask “What?”.Jeeva says “Nothing appa”.

Jeeva sees Vasu coming and goes towards him .Vasu comes inside the house sees all the decoration and says “Jeeva,Do you love me “.Jeeva says “Vasu,I want to tell you something “.Vasu hold her and ask “Why did you left me ?”.Sivaraman comes seeing Vasu and congrates him for marriage .Vasu sees Jeeva’s eyes and repeats his question .A car stops near the front door,Jeeva sees Srimathi and Rohit and murmurs “Aunty is coming “.

Vasu sees Jeeva seeing somewhere and he turns and finds Srimathi coming.He ask Sivaraman to make her daughter tell the truth of her betrayal.Jeeva says “Please talk with respect to My father ,Vasu”.Vasu holds Jeeva’s hand and shouts “I am giving proper respect to your papa,I am not like You to give more importance to some unknown person “.He sees Srimathi and says the above words . Jeeva sees servants watching them and ask them to go from there .She turns back to Vasu and ask “What is your problem ,Vasudev “.Sivaraman feels their argument is turning into fight ,he trues to talk but he stops by Jeeva’s vision .Vasu ask Jeeva”Why did you left me “.Jeeva try to change the topic ,Vasu shouts “So you left me for this women “.

Precap:Flashback is shown

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  1. oh my god…… is awesome……….
    interesting………jeeva left vasu for srimathi’s sake……… sad……..

  2. Ohhh…so vasu’s mom is behind der break up but y did she do dis..???update soooon!!!!

  3. Iwhat happend what is this suspense

  4. Janani update faat yaar

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