The three words (part 27)

Jeeva convince Vasu to come with her to the hospital where Srimathi is admitted .Vasu shouts “No,she is not my mother ,she left me for money “.Jeeva in her mind thinks “What about you Mr.Vasu”but she doesn’t tell it ,she ask him to come and meet Srimathi at least as a person .Vasu unwillingly agrees to come with Jeeva.Jeeva drives her car towards the city hospital.

Vasu remembers his childhood days he spent with His mother and he gets term in his eyes .He suddenly ask Jeeva”Will she be fine or “.Jeeva ask him to have a positive attitude and prays to god to keep Her well.They reaches the hospital .They goes and sees Rohit standing there with confusion.Vasu and Jeeva sees him and walks towards him .Rohit sees Vasu and signs him that she is sleeping .Vasu goes to see her .

Rohit cries on seeing his mother .Jeeva tells him to calm down
Rohit :Jeeva,thank you so much
Jeeva:No need for that .
Rohit :Vasu came here only because of you
Jeeva:Don’t blabber, he is your brother and he must come
Rohit:Sorry Jeeva for sending you threat that day with bouquet .
Jeeva:No need.what happened to your mom.
Rohit :She ate poison after telling something to me .

Rohit :She asked me to apologise to you in her behalf .

Jeeva sees Vasu coming and changes the topic,she adj Rohit not to worry because Vadu will take care of the situation .Vasu sees them and tells Jeeva to go hone because it is getting late .Jeeva says that she wan to meet Srimathi and goes inside the ward .She sees Srimathi lying with oxygen mask .Jeeva sees her euyes half opened and says “No need to worry aunty ,and please don’t try to explain anything to Vasu because he will not accept it “.

She sees rears from her eyes and goes out .She starts her car and goes towards her house .She slows down near the gate and sees Sivaraman roaming in the corridor ,she sees the time ,her watch tells the time is 8 pm .She stops the car in he portico and says “Apoa,actually “.He sees her and says “Today what happened ?”.She ask him to come in and walk inside the house .She sees photo of a man in the rable and ask “Who is he ,appa”,He says “He is my assistant ,his name is Thyagu “.Jeeva sees him with a question mark .

Vasu sees Rohit and ask him to go to home .Rohit says “Mind, our own business don’t give me your piece of advice “.Vasu leaves to other side of clinic .Rohit sees many missed call from a number ,he calls back and comes to know that he had lost one of his company’s big offer due to Vasu’s intervenes .He sees Vasu coming talking to the advocate about some case .He stops seeing doctor coming and cuts the call.

The doctor ask both of them to come and see him in his cabin .Rohit goes first and Vasu follows him .The doctor ask both of them to sit .

Doctor :who is her son ?
Rohit :Both .
Vasu:What happened to her ?
Rohit :Please tell me doctor .
Doctor :She has consumed sleeping pills which is restricted from usage .
Vasu:But why ?
Doctor :You must say .
Both :We don’t know doctor .

Doctor (laughs ):who is her favourite son.
Both of them shows the other .The doctor asked them to take care if her well and don’t leave her alone because she may take again some wrong steps .both of them cones out of doctors cabin .Vasu ask “Why did your mother dies like this ?”.Rohit Says “I font know but I amnot responsible “.They see each other and walk to Srimathi’s room.

Jeeva says “Apoa,I said I don’t want marriage “.Sivaraman ask her to think about him and his old age,He says “I want to see you settled in your life without any problems “.Jeeva ask him not to interfere in her matter .Sivaraman raises his hand to slap Jeeva SBD stops .He shouts “If I had did this when you decided your life or when you stopped your engagement then everything will be fine “.He angrily goes to his room .Jeeva was shocked,she sits in the sifaand sees the picture and sobs silently .

Sivaraman sees her from his room and goes to sleep.Srimathi gets conscious and ask the nurse to call her son,Rohit ,she is still in medical effect .The nurse by mistake calls Vasu .

Precap:Vasu comes to Jeeca’s house and confront her for something .Jeeva try to explain but in vain

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