The three words (part 26)


Srimathi sees the flower falling from god’s garland and takes it as good sign.She remember praying to god to make Her sobs united .She consider Jeeva as the reason for their future union,she decides something and .She tells “Jeeva,tell me “.Jeeva ask “Aunty are you fine,I thought you will be disturbed by Vasu’s words “.Srimathi gets tears in her eyes by the concern from Jeeva and replies her “Not to worry because she is habitual to this harsh words “.Jeeva ask her not to worry and She sees Vasu coming and cuts the call immediately and erases the call logs .

Srimathi wonders what suddenly happens and think that may be Jeeva would help her to win back Vasu’s trust and wipes her tears .Vasu sees Jeeva writing something ,he takes his phone and leaves the place .Jeeva sees him going and thank god that he didn’t get anything now .She decides to know about the problem between Srimathi and Vasu by any means .Vasu reaches the park and sees Sivaraman waiting for Him.He goes and apologises to Him .
Sivaraman :That was OK ,Vasu
Vasu:Thank you uncle to come
Sivaraman :What’s matter
Vasu:Uncle I want to know the reason why Jeeva left me on engagement .
Sivaraman sees Vasu:What ?
Vasu:I want yo know it
Sivaraman :I don’t kbiw the reason but
Sivaraman :But it is not needed now .I want to ask and tell you something
Vasu:Sure uncle
Sivaraman :Don’t mistake me

Sivaraman:I want you to have a new life .
Vasu shouts :Uncle(sees people staring and reduces his voice )please don’t repeat it again .
Sivaraman:Vasu you are adament,she is not ready to accept you champ
Vasu:I am sorry ,I cannot forget her in my life .
Sivaraman :OK ,then do as you like but I cannot see my daughter in pain anymore .
Vasu:I am not her pain
Sivaraman :You always gave her pain and tears all through this years .Vasu:No,she is not understanding and now you
Sivaraman: I can understand everything but you and Jeeva cannot understand what is life ,you don’t have patience or sense to understand a situation .
Vasu:I have sense

Sivaraman :The choice is yours ,leave my daughter or understand her pain and live with her .I am telling all thus only as a well wisher for you and not father for Jeeva because a father cannot think beyond his daughter .

He walks away,Vasu thinks for a long while and goes to office ,he sees Jeeva in a heated argument with someone on phone and goes in ,he years Jeeva shouting “you are irresponsible,how could you say like this “.She sees Vasu and gives him the phone to talk .Vasu hears one of their suppliers apologising for disability to send the raw materials .

Vasu cuts the call and sees Jeeva standing with hand folded ,he calls Peon to bring two cups of coffee and sits in his chair .Jeeva ask him “What have you decided about the suppliers “.He tells “Nothing,what do you want me to do now ?”.She moves from there with anger ,she takes her bag and heads to leave .Vasu ask her to gave coffee with him .Jeeva sits unwillingly and takes the cup from tray .She sees something written on cup and reads it ,”everybody wants a angel in their life but no one knows Angel lives only in heaven “.She shows that to Vasu.he laughs and says “Even some girls don’t know the difference btw heaven and hell “.She sees him and joins in his laughter .

Jeeva leaves the place,she thinks to herself that she was very happy today and it is because of Vasu.She remembers their accounting fight in morning and touches her head .Vasu sits in the cabin and thinks of the words uttered by Sivaraman and says “I cannot assure you uncle but I am sure that I am nothing without her .”He receives a call from Rohit .Vasu picks the call and says hello
Rohit :I want to talk to you

Vasu:Mmm OK ,I’ll come
Rohit :Come to my home.
Rohit :What?
Vasu:Sorry I cannot come to that place .
Rohit :OK I ll come to your office ,I am at the car parking .
Vasu:OK I am waiting just come .
Rohit sees Jeeva going and comes inside the office .Most of the employees have left the place .Vasu ask him to sit .Rohit sees the room and remembers his mother telling “Vasu is perfect In everything”.He sees the picture of Vasu’s father and his grandmother .Vasu breaks the silence and ask “What do you get from this visit ,Mr.Rohit Ranganathan “.Rohit sees him with irritation and says “I am not the son for your father,I am always the son of my mother ,Srimathi “.They angrily looks at each other .Rohit ask him to cone and meet Srimathi once because she is unwell from afternoon and hospitalised in City Clinic.

Rohit sees Vadu’s face and Was surprised to see a no emotion in Hus face .Rohit remembers their childhood .Both of them were small children of 6and 8 and wee playing with ball,the ball accidently hits Srimathi and Vasu crying severely for making a mistake of hitting the ball.All of the family members consoles Vasu .Vasu ask “Rohit,what do you want me now “.Rohit was irritated and shouts “Are you a man with proper sense ,your mother is hospitalised she needs to meet you “.Vasu says “No,I will not come ,you may leave “.Rohit leaves the room ,he sees Jeeva standing near the compound waiting for her car.

Rohit stops the car and goes near Jeeva.Jeeva turns and sees anew car stopped near her and a young lad coming out,she sees the resemblance if Vasu in Rohit’s feature,she guess him as Rohit and says “Yes,Mr .Rohit “.Rihit explains his mother’s condition and askJeeva to ask Vasu to come .Hescold Vadu as a beast .Jeeva Says “Enough Rohit,behave properly,he is your brother and the eldest son of your mother “Rohit gets surprised and says “But you are not in a relationship “.Jeeva stares at him and says “But we are respecting each other till today ,you can go and he’ll come “.
Jeeva runs inside the office and sees Vasu sitting with his head on his hand .She calls Vasu.Vasu turns and says “That lady Srimathi ,she is in ICU,the hospital authority said me,she she have try to commit suicide “.Jeeva ask him not to cry and come to hospital.Vasu says” no I will not come”

Precap:Rohit thanks Jeeva for bringing Vasu here .

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  1. Nice..episode..eager to knw d reason 4 der breakup…vasu n jeeva r made 4 each other..unite dem sooon…..!!!!

  2. Hi im silent reader
    THe mystery story was vasu dad and mom because of their vasu and jeva suffer thisseparation

    1. thank you fr cmt

  3. Jeeva vasu ke beech mein unconditional love hein yaar superrrr

  4. wow nice…….

  5. nice epi

  6. Very nice episode, precap is interesting, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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