The three words (part 25)


Jeeva enters the office,she sees a car stopping just near her only in agap of Some inches.She loses her balance .Some people comes and holds her from falling down .Jeeva confront the person in the car for rash driving .She sees Radhika in the driver seat and stands annoyed.Radhika get down from the car .People starts moving from there .She was wearing a navy blue coloured saree with loose hair .Radhika says “Don’t you have sense and can’t you see a car approaching towards you and move from my way “.Jeeva says “I am extremely sorry madam “.Radhika smiles ,Jeeva continues “I thought you have sense,I am mistaken “.Radhika was shocked ,she sees Jeeva going without considering her as a matter.

She takes a gift from her car and leaves towards the office .Vasu get ready and comes down.He ask the servant to send food to the office and leaves the house in his car .Srimathi enters Vasu ‘s home just after his departure .The servant greets Srimathi and says “Vasu sir have just left the place mam “.She ask her driver to drive towards Vasu ‘s office.Radhika comes inside the office and she feels jealous to see people wishing Jeeva.Radhika enters Vasu’s cabin and sit in the sofa.Jeeva starts to see the records which she had left half a way.Vasu enters the cabin ,he doesn’t expect Radhika and says “Pleasent surprise to see you in my office Radhika “.Jeeva acts as she doesn’t listen .Radhika gives Vasu the gift and tells “This is a small present of mine for you “.He opens the gift and sees two bird. figures made of Gold entangled with each other .Vasu praise the gift “The beautiful gift I ever had”.Radhika receives a call from her producer of ad and leaves the place .Jeeva purposely throws the piece of paper on Vasu.She says “Sorry ,I made it mistakenly “.Vasu praises the gift and says “Hope so “. Both of them smiles .

Srimathi comes to Vasu’s cabin and sees Jeeva and Vasu smiling at each other .She knocks the door.Jeeva was shocked to see Srimathi,she try to get up in respect but Vasu hold her shoulder and not let her to move .She comes in .Vasu ask her to sit .She sees the gift and assume it to be a present from Jeeva to Vasu.Srimathi looks at Jeeva and sits in the chair.Vasu signs Jeeva to close the door and ask no one to come inside .Jeeva sees him with confusion .Vasu says ‘You must stay in “.She closes the door .

Vasu:Yes ,what do you want Mrs.Srimathi madam
Srimathi :She
Vasu turns and sees Jeeva: ‘What for her .
Srimathi :Why did you appointed her as JMD
Vasu:because it is my company
Srimathi :But she is
Vasu:She is my colleague ,do you want more information .
Srimathi :But I preferred Rohit .
Vasu:I give job only person whom I trust ( sees Jeeva)
Srimathi :Vasu ,he is your ..
Jeeva:Behave well,she is your mom
Vasu:She is not so you remain silent .
Jeeva:Please Vasu
Srimathi :you must give job to Rohit ,it is my wish .
Vasu:The way is there .

Jeeva feels bad for her..Srimathi leaves the place with teary eyes .
She comes near Vasu and tells “You have hurt her “.He turns and says “don’t worry “.Jeeva sees Srimathi going .Srimathi sits in the car and remembers the way ,Vasu talked to her ,she cries .Jeeva remembers something and ask Vasu”Who is Rohit ?”.Vasu says “That lady’s son “.She tells he have sent a bouquet to her yesterday .Vasu says “It will be their game ,be careful “.Jeeva blinks like a baby,she can’t understand anything .

Rohit sees his mother coming home with tears ,he runs towards her and shouts “why have went to meet that rascal ?”.Srimathi ask him to talk with respect because Vasu is your elder brother .Rohit shouts “No,he is not my brother,my brother died when my father died ,he is a sadist “.Srimathi slaps Rohit .He says “You have slapped me for the son who have abandoned you before 15 years “.Rohit leaves the place in anger .Srimathi calls him to stop but Rohit leaves the home in car .Srimathi stands in the portigo crying Rohit .
Vasu calls Sivaraman and says “Uncle I want to meet you “Sivaraman says about the new delivery of goods .But Vadu insist him to come .At last Sivaraman agrees to come and meet Vasu in park at evening ..He cuts the call seeing Jeeva coming .Jeeva ask him “Vasu,I have some doubts in this file “.Vasu says “Yah ,I’ll come ”
He sees Jeeva had made mistake in calculation ,they start their sweet argument .

Jeeva:What are you blabbering ?
Vasu:You don’t know maths
Jeeva:It us 20
Vasu :Then what have you made here ?
Jeeva:Laughs it is 3
Vasu:Oh sorry I haven’t seen a 3 in that shape .
Jeeva (laughs )
Vasu hit her on her head gently :what happened
Jeeva touches her head :ouch,it is yr handwriting .
Vasu:Mmm OK
Jeeva:you haven’t changed the way you talk in years
Vasu sits in the hand of the chair and ask “Should I “.They have a cute eyelock .Jeeva lost herself in his eyes,she suddenly remembers something and says “Vasu “.Vasu comes to conscious and sees the watch in Jeeva’s hand .He sees the time and say to himself “Uncle will wait for me,I have to go “He leaves the room without taking his cellphone .
Jeeva feels strange of his behavior and sees his phone in the table ,she call out Vasu’s name but the peon informs her ‘Madam,sir have left the office “.Srimathi continuously calls Rohit but he cuts the call.She sits near the god idol and cries “Please god I want to live with both of them in my life “.Suddenly the bell rings from her phone,she sees Vasu’s number and picks the call crying “Vasu ,I “.The person says “Aunty ,I am sorry ,it is me Jeeva”.Srimathi sees the god idol and a flower falls on her hand .

Precap:Sivaraman ask Vasu to start a new life .

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  1. Very nice episode, vasu n jeeva very cute couple ….keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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    1. ya congrats sister………..

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