The three words (part 24)


Jeeva sees Vasu and leaves his hand .He hold the bandage and tells “Thank you ,Jeeva for your love “.Jeeva shocks and says “You are mistaken ,it is just humanity sir “,She comes down .The servant thanked Jeeva.He says “Thank you jeevama ,you helped him “.Jeeva smiles . Vasu tries to say something but he sees Jeeva leaving from there .He comes out of his room ,sees Jeeca starting her car and leaving .Vasu smiles at Her She comes home ,Jeeva stops the car in portico and comes In.

She sees Sivaraman sitting in sofa ,she murmurs “Appa” he turns and sees her coming .He gets up and says “Series vanduthiya ,sapadalama illa konjaneram agathuma(ho you came ,let’s have food now or after sometimes )”.She says “Appa,you don’t want to know where I went “.He smiles and says “I know “.he walks towards dinning table.Jeeva follows him and sits in her chair .They start their supper.Sivaraman ask her “What happened ma?”.Jeeva ask what .He ask about what happened to Vasu.She explains the matter.

He completes his food and ask her to come to hall.Jeeva thinks about something and somehow completes the food and goes to hall.Sivaraman sees the bouquet and ask do you know the person who send this to you .Jeeva says “No,I don’t know do you know him Appa”.He says “No”.Sivaraman shows a picture of a person and ask Jeeva about marriage .

Jeeva not even see the picture and says “Appa,I hate Vasu but I cannot imagine a another life “.He shows the picture ,it was Vasu’s photo .She tries to leave .Sivaraman tells Jeeva that “No one in Chenbai will be ready to loose the richest groom “.Jeeva shouts “That is enough “,she closes the door and falls on the bed with a confused reaction .Vasu gets call from Srimathi .Vasu picks the call .
Srimathi :……..
Vasu:Don’t waste my time ,tell what
Srimathi :Vasu,I am Srimathi
Vasu:Mmmm tell
Srimathi :You have appointed Jeeva instead of
Vasu :Instead of your son
Srimathi :Yes.
Vasu:So what
Srimathi :She have left you in the day of engagement
Vasu:That is my problem Madam.not yours
Srimathi :I want to meet you
Vasu :I am not interested but come at morning now leave me to sleep.
Srimathi :Vasu ,Vasu

She sees the call has disconnected .She sees Rohit reading some articles in newspaper and says “Why such a difference arise between me and my sons “,she shed tears .Rohit sees her crying and tells “So your son have insulted you as usual “Srimathi tells him to go and sleep.She goes .Rohit says “Vasu you have insulted my mom for that girl Jeeva,I won’t spare you “.

Precap:Jeeca comes to office,a car comes and stand in just a inch gap.Jeeva looses her balance .

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  1. Nice yaar

  2. Yaar whats the plm yaar ab yeah rohit kaha se aya

  3. Very nice episode, very short but ok….keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. why is vasu hurting his mom??????
    any past????????

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