The three words (part 23)


Vasu sees her with anger .Jeeva cooly moves from the place.Sivaraman comes and picks Jeeva.Vasu starts his new scida car .Both of them think of a old memory .Vasu stops the car near a tea stall ,he sees some college students playing with one another .He goes back in memory lane.Vasu and Jeeva are sitting in the canteen.Vasu sees a magazine and rounds a car .Jeeva sees that and ask the matter.
Vasu:I plan to buy this car

Jeeva:Oh super
Vasu:I will buy this car in the first salary of mine
After some times .
Jeeva:I will go by bus till you pick me in your own car .
Vasu spills the coffee:Hey don’t joke .
Jeeva ‘I am serious

she leaves from there .At the evening ,Vasu sees Jeeva really going by bus .
Jeeva was also list in her thoughts .Sivaraman ask her something but he didn’t get any reply .He turns and sees Jeeva in thoughts .He call her loudly .Jeeva shook her head and ask “I want to come to our textile shop appa “.He drives towards their Shop.Jeeva sees their shop and remembers her coming during the time of construction .

She says “Appa,time is going very fast “.He nods yes and takes her inside .the staff greets her and praises about Sivaraman ‘s good quality .Vasu reaches his home and shout at his servant for doing Hus work: in a improper manner .He leaves to his room .Vasu washes his face in a cold water.He call someone and inform them to come and meet him on night.
Jeeva leaves to her home .and sees a bouquet on her name in the corridor .She wonders and takes the bouquet .She sees the sender’s address and calls the person .A lady picks the call,She says that may be her son would send it .Jeeva ask for his son’s name ,she says his name is Rohan.She doesn’t remember anyone in the name of Shiv.she cuts the call and goes inside the house .
The lady keeps the phone down,A man wearing blue jacket and coolers in his eyes comes inside the house and ask “What is the matter Amma ?”.The Lady turns and she is Srimathi.She says “Someone called and asked about the bouquet you send to her ,Whose that Rohan” He surprises and says “She is our company’s new JMD”.Srimathi says “Who appointed her ,I prefer you in the meeting “.Rohan laughs and says “Vasu have preferred her over me ,she is his college mate ,her name is Jeeva “.Srimathi sits down in shock and remembers about Jeeva.

Vasu sees someone calling him,he cuts the call and throws the phone in anger ,the phone breaks into lots of pieces .Jeeva tries to call Vasu to know about the person .But he didn’t get call.Vasu was bleeding by the broken pieces .She calls the landline number of Vasu.Servant pucks the call and informs about Vasu being angry.

Jeeva cancels the call,she think something is going on bad ,so she goes to Vasu home .The servant recognises her and says “Jeevama ,Vasu is very angry ,you don’t go “.But Jeeva had left before that ,She goes and sees Vasu bleeding and blood strain in floor .She shouts “Vasu,what are you doing “.She ask him to come with her to hospital.Vasu sees her concerning and says “You hate me for your deed_then why your heart sink for me “.Jeeva ask him to be quiet ,she searches and finds a first aid box..She says “Because I am a human not a barbarian “.She pour dettol on his wound .Vasu ask her to make it slowly .She stares at him and pur a bandaide on his wound .She raises her face and sees Vasu seeing at her .

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  1. vasu and jeeva scenes are cute………..
    but no precrap………

  2. Ohhhh so cute dr

  3. Nice yaar pls update long

  4. Very nice episode, vasu n jeeva very cute pair n their fights sooo lovely…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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