The three words (part 22)


Jeeva sees her father there and hugs him .Sivaram consoles her ,he stops a auto ,goes to home .Jeeva was still sobbing .He ask Jeeva to wait in the hall.He gives money to Driver and comes in .Jeeva goes to freshup ,Sivaram stops her ,says her to wait and listen till he complete his words .Jeeva sits in the problem .
Sivaraman :What is your problem Jeevs ?
Jeeva:Appa,I cannot ,I cannot …..
Sivaraman:You cannot see Vasu with other person and you cannot accept him in his life.
Jeeva :Yes appa
Sivaraman :you must decide a think very clearly because you cannot be two types .one just ignore Vasu and live or live with him .
Jeeva:I cannot live with him
Sivaraman :Ignore him,see him as your MD that’s all
Sivaraman :I cannot always see you in a dilemma that why I am saying this .
Jeeva:OK Appa,I will

Sivaraman :Go and sleep peacefully without any tension.
Jeeva goes to her room and cries thinking the incident ,she takes a photo from her phone ,it was vasu’s and Jeeva’s photo ,she gives delete it .and cries .and whispers “From tommorow ,you will see a another Jeeva “.Vasu scold himself for creating problems in his life .He says “Jeeva won’t return in my life anymore “.

Radhika gets up and says “Vasu ,I came here “Vasu says “You came here in a semi drunken state and created problems “.Radhika starts her fake tears and says “Ho,I am very sorry .I’ll apologise to everyone “.Vasu leaves the room with anger .Radhika wipes her tears ,and takes a snow powder from her bag and applies it on her face .

Jeeva gets up from bed and sees Sivaraman went for jogging she brushes her teeth and sees the newspaper .She sees a new about Vadu and Radhika ,She became silent for a while ,and turns to next page without ant dilemma to read or not .She sees her father coming and ask him about textile shop .

Sivaraman says “So you are going to leave the job “.Jeeva says “No dad,I just want to see our shop ,that’s all”.Sivaraman says that he will take her to shop on tommorow .Jeeva gets ready in a floral printed salwar with pink dupatta .She reaches office .Vasu was sitting in his cabin and waits for Jeeva to come .Jeeva enters and greets Vasu.

Vasu:I want to explain you
Jeeva:No need ,but if you could you can
Vasu:she was drunken so I take her to room that’s all
Jeeva:OK ,let’s do the work .
Jeeva:Now what ?

Jeeva starts to do her work .Vasu was surprised by her coolness and starts to see the files .Vasu’s PA comes on and informs him about the arrival of Foreign clients .Vasu says to her “Make them comfortable in room ,I’ll be there in a minute .”.Vasu takes his coat and gets ready in a brown coat suit .Jeeva ask him “Do you want me to come ?”.He sees Jeeva and says “You must “.

Both of them walks into the conference room .Jeeva sees three persons sitting there ,one was a middle aged women in a black tops and blue jeans ,next is a Indian man with a blonde hair .And the last was a foreign man dressed in a creamy coat.Vasu ask them about the travel .He introduces them to Jeeva .

Miss Jeeva meet Mr,Salman,Mr,Jacky and Mrs.Rita .And friends this is Ms.Jeeva,JMD of athma companies .After the introduction ,Vasu talks about the deals with them .
Jacky :But Vasu ,will it be profit earning.
Salman :Yes ,vasu it seems not that must good.

Jeeva listens to the conversation and says “May I Vasu “.Vasu nods yes .and Jeeva explains about the project with the details she gains from their conversation .They were satisfied .All of them praises Jeeva and leaves .Vasu thanked her and goes out ,Jacky asks him “Hey Vasu ,Do u in love with her “.Vasu says “No”.Jacky jokes that “You don’t have brain to love intelligent girls “and leaves.

Vasu sees Jeeva standing there playing with her fingers .He goes and says “Thank you for helping me to get that deal “.She smiles ,”That is the job of mine “and goes from the room.Sivaraman reaches the textile shops ,sees the multistored building with seperate section for all people.He have this shop in three places in the city and 2 in outer .He goes in and finds Manager telling about a family came to take marriage dresses and waiting to put bill.He ask them to come to his room and goes .

He make consesion on her bill and gives another saree as a gift to the bride .They leaves happily .Manager raises his face to question but stops .Sivaraman ask “What is the matter ,Durai ?”.
Durai :Onum illa sir ,aduvanthu (nothing sir but )
Sivaraman :Come on tell
Durai :Adu end sir kalyana dress vanga varavangala mattum neengaley pathu bill podaringa .( why you yourself come and put the reciept for the person comes to shop wedding attire)
Sivaraman smiles :That is because I consider all the bride as my own daughter Jeeva .
Durai leaves from there .Sivaraman gets call from Surat about the purchase if new cloths .He ask them to do purchase on credit basis and cuts the call.He remembers seeing his only daughter’s life and shed tears .He remembers the day ,Jeeva comes running from coffee shop and shouts “Appa,Vasuvuku nan vendamam (Daddy,Vasu doesn’t want me in his life )”.He sees his 19 year girl sitting and crying in the portico with all the servant seeing her .He runs and pacifies her ,She again sovs and says “He doesn’t want to live here appa,he just want to go to London for Hus job ,he is leaving the city in two days and “.Sivaraman takes Jeeva to her room and ask her to stop crying .Jeeva wipes her tears and says “I don’t want him anymore Appa”.He comes out and calls Vasu

Sivaraman :My daughter is not a plaything
Vasu:No uncle actually
Sivaraman :I want my daughter’s happiness in my life
Vasu:I can have a bright future in London
Sivaraman : what about me and my daughter ,I haven’t seen her crying in all these years ,she didn’t cry even when my wife died .
Vasu :But London is my future .

Sivaraman :I will write all my shops in you name ,please marry my daughter .
Vasu:OK uncle .get ready with property papers .
after sometimes Vasu again calls Sivaraman and tells that “He had Mae up his min ,no need for Property ,he need only his Jeeva “.Sivaraman agrees to this .He sees his daughter sleeping in bed and offs the light .

Sivaramsm comes to present by the ring of his phone ,he takes the call and sees Jeeva on line .Jeeva ask him to come and take her home .Sivaraman ask “What happened ma ?”.Jeeva says “Nothing appa ,our MD is going to celebrate his new deal so he is giving us leave for a day “.Sivaraman says “He will come in minutes “.and goes and status his car .

Vasu comes and ask “Do you want me yo drop you ?”.Jeeva says ‘No need ,my papa is coming “.Vasu says “But ,you don’t go in your father’s car “.Jeeva says “Yes before 5 years ,even you don’t have a car before 5 years ,things have been changed ,so please go “.Vasu feels that she has insulted him and leaves the place .

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