The three words (part 21)


Jeeva sees her photos inside the room ,she remembers him telling once that “He will keep a room for their photos “.Jeeva sees a imaginary painting of them in wedding attire .Vasu says “This is my wife “and shows a mirror to her.Jeeva was emotional but she controls her emotions and ask “So there is no such wife ,she exist in your imagination “.Vasu hold her in shoulder and says “She exist here and shows his heart .Jeeva says “Don’t be foolish “and leaves the room .Vasu tells to the pictures that “She will come one day ,and our photo will be there and shows a empty frame.

Jeeva comes down ,One of Vasu’s client ask Jeeva about Vasu ,She turns and shows Him coming down .Vasu sees Jeeva trying to leave so he invites everyone to have their dinner .Jeeva unwillingly jpins them.Vasu himself serves everybody and ask about the taste ,Everyone praises the taste of food .Jeeva taste it and nods fine .Vasu said that he himself prepared it for them .The client praises Vasu and ask when he learnt cooking .

Vasu smiles and says for a special person .Jeeva remembers Her telling Vasu about cooking .
Jeeva:Vasu do you know cooking .
Vasu :No,why are you asking that ?
Vasu:What ?
Jeeva:Could you please learn cooking ?
Vasu:Because you don’t know to cook .
Jeeva:I know and I am asking you to know because
Vasu:You want to eat good food .
Jeeva:Shut up and listen,I am saying this so I haven’t eat any food with my mothers hand because she died when I was young .,I want to
Vasu :sure Jeeva, I will learn cooking for you .

Jeeva sees him with a surprise ,she walk towards him when Radhika comes inva half drunken state,she hugs Vasu and shouts invapeculiar voice ,”Love you ,Basu “and tries to kiss him on his cheek .Jeeva feels pain in her heart ,she tries to hide her feelings .The clients talk among them self about the article they read being true .

Vasu tries to push Radhika from him .but he cannot because ,she is leaning on him .Radhika says “Reply me ,that I love you “and sobs .

Vasu somehow takes her to guest room ,and made her lie in a sofa and comes to hall.He sees Jeeva had already left the place .He feels bad and ask the guest to have their dinner .The servant gives Vasu a chit from Jeeva,it follows,

I came here with a curiosity to know your wife ,but I agree I was jealous when I year about your wife ,I was possessive on you ,but I cannot withstand and see you romancing someone ,as usual you broke my trust .Don’t try to make up the situation. and bye forever .


Jeeva walks in the road ,The words of the clients reverberates in Her mind ,she cries and breaks down in a bus stand .People around her see her with differently .She cannot control herself when someone pat her in her back.She sees her father and hugs him.He condoles Jeeva.

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