The three words (part 20)


Jeeva thinks for a while and decides to go and sees Vasu’s wife .She calls her father and says “Appa,I will be late “and cuts the call. He wonders about Jeeva.Vasu reaches home and goes to a room and knocks the door .He does’nt get any response so he opens the door and goes inside .He says “Sorry dear ,because I am late “.He gets a call from Jeeva.He says wait to the person in room and attends the call.Jeeva says “I want to know your address “in a least interested tone .Vasu laughs and says “So you want to meet my beautiful wife “.Jeeva tries to reply but her lips are struck so she says “Mmm”.

Vasu says “Don’t worry Jeeva,I will sent my car to your house You can come in it .I will send the car sharply at 8 Pm.”.Jeeva cuts the call and goes to her house and gets ready for the party .Vasu smiles and says “So you are interested on me ,but my wife “and runs to room .Jeeva gets ready in a brown saree with a diamond earring .She sees herself in mirror and comes out .Sivaraman enters the house with grocery bags abd sees His daughter opens his mouth to talk but stops by the sound at the door .Driver comes and says “Madam,I am Veers ,Vasusir’s driver “.Jeeva goes to the car and the car moves .Sivaraman smiles at Jeeva and waves his hand .
Jeeva on the way stops the car and buys a bouquet .They reaches the house .Jeeva sees the beautifully decorated house .She says to herself “It is like “.Her thoughts goes back before years .

Jeeva was sitting in a sofa in Her house .he sees Vasu coming and runs to him,ask him to come and see the plan that she had made for their future plan .Vasu removes his helmet and ask “Where is Uncle “.She replies about his trip to Madurai .Vasu sees the plan and says “Very nice but where is the plan _I saw only scribbling in the note
“.Jeeva says ” Ho,you are the best artist in world “.Vasu brings her closer and says “Yes I am dear “.Jeeva says “Idiot ,you don’t know to appreciate beauty “.Vasu leaves her ,says nice .,she slap him gently and says “I said about myself “.Vasu sees her wearing a saree ,he laughs ,tells but is it the way to tie the saree,may I help you .Jeeva sees him talking naughtily and goes to make coffee.

Vasu sees the plan and ask “Jeevu ,what is the need for a balcony “.Jeeva comes ,gives him the cup of coffee and says “I can see the person walking in the street from balcony ,and even you “.Vasu completes it and says “Can see beautiful girl in the street from a bird’s eye view “.Jeeva runs to hit hi..He runs and at one point catches her and says “You are,will be the only girl in my life ,”.Jeeva pinches him,says “Remember it in your life “.
FB ends .

Vasu comes and sees Jeeva standing ,he ask her to come inside .Jeeva gives the bouquet to Vasu .He sees her with a question mark and says in a whispering tone “For my marriage, no need sweet heart “.Jeeva replies in a same tone ,”Not for you ,only for you Clients because I know you don’t think with mind “.He shows her the entrance .Jeeva steps in and sees the beautifully decorated house .
Jeeva says to herself”His wife must have did this arrangement ,”.She sees the client coming and welcomes them .One if his client ask Vasu that “Is she your wife whom you talked in phone ?”.Vasu sees the direction and says “Don’t shout ,she is JMD of my company “.The person laughs and says “Sorry but you looked perfect with each other .”

Jeeva goes and ask Vasu about his wife .He says “Come and take her to his wife’s room .He knocks the door and says “Honey,may I come in “.Jeeva murmurs ‘Honey “in a must sarcastic tone .He takes her inside .Jeeva was shocked when she stepped into the room .

Precap:Jeeva sees Radhika coming to the party and hugging Vasu ibfrontvof his client .The clients talk among them self that “So the news in magazine is a true “.

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