The three words (part 2)

Jeeva was holding a statue and caught in thought .Madhuri touches Jeeva and ask”What happened dear”.Jeeva says “nothing aunty “.When she was leaving to get some puja things from mandir ,she revieves a call and at once Jeeva leaves the house by taking a car.In the way to office Tarun ask “Vicky ,do u still love priyamvadha ?” Vicky put a sudden break on hearing the question and answers “I loves her till my death and it is over “.Tarun comes to tell something but was stopped by Vikram’s attitude .
They reach the office and Parul ( Vikram’s PA) comes and greets him ,Vikram nods yes and goes to his cabin. Tarun starts to flitre with Parul ,but he revieves a call from Jeeva and leaves the office .Vikram remembers Priya and Jeeva.
Jeeva reaches Anna Metal asylum ,the head if the centre says to Jeeva that ” He is behaving so rude and demand to see you “.Jeeva says that’s OK and goes to see a person in room 209.
In the room
The room was kept very clean and a photo of Vikram’s family is kept.A person was sitting in the bed and cleaned ng the dust in his room.He turns to see Jeeva and shouts “Jeeva and try to run towards her but can’t move freely because a chain was attached to his ankle.Jeeva comes near him and ask ” what is ur problem today “.
He says nothing I want to meet Madhuri Aunt and that idiot.
Tarun comes and sees this conversation from outside .He murmurs “Who is idiot , you are me stupid”. Jeeva smiles ,she ask who are you talking about Varun.
He says that Tarun.Jeeva sees Tarun at door and sign to come insides . Varun gets happy and hugged Tarun”.
Jeeva sees the head and she ( Stella) says He behave properly only when you comes so he need Homly affection please take him to home . Tarun comes out and says “Vicky don’t accept it “.Jeeva says ” shut up ,give preference to your own brother,don’t forget that he your twin brother ,I am varun home and that’s final”. Tarun says do whatever you like .
Jeeva calls Vikram to inform him but suddenly cuts the call and ask Mrs Stella to do the procedure as she is taking Varun with her.
Varun was happy to go to home. Vikram revieves a message and He leaves the place.
Madhuri opens the door and sees Varun at the door , he, hinks him as Tarun and says “What is the matter ,Tarun”. Varun Replies “No badiamma ,I am your varun “.Madhuri was shocked to see Varun at home ,she cannot express her happiness or fear .
Precap: Viram meets one of his friend in Kolkata Airport , the man ask him That he want to meet the Whole srivastava family and Jeeva .

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