The three words (part 19)


Vasu says “I am your MD”.Jeeva hugs the boy and replies not my husband or relative to question me .Jeeva sees him with a unfriendly look and ask him to go.Dev stares at both and runs to play with his friends .Vasu assume it to be Jeeva’s son .He tries to make the boy stop there .But Jeeva shouts at him to stop his idiotness.Vasu turns and says “He us your son,am I right “.Jeeva was walking from there ,she turns and comes nearer to him and says “Absolutely nonsense ,I don’t like to explain you but I am doing that for my Self esteem ”

Vasu sees her with surprise .She tells about the accident happened in Kolkata .Before 5Years .Jeeva gets down from the train and goes to get some taxi ,she sees a car and a auto met in a accident ,She sees VP and Priya taken to hospital .In the auto ,a pregnant lady was collapsed and gets labor pain .Jeeva takes the lady to hospital ,the lady Tells Jeeva to explain the matter to her husband but she dies due to head injury ,her male child was survived due to treatment .

Jeeva takes the child to her(lady) husband’s house and sees the preparation for his second marriage .when she informed the matter ,they ask her to throw the child somewhere because it was a unlucky for his own mother .Jeeva cannot bear it so she calls her father to reach Kolkata ,convinces him to adopt the child because JeevaWas only 19 at the time and cannot adopt a opposite gender child without a age gap if 21.

Her father is not able to take care of the child so they asked Happy home to rake care if the child .Jeeva explains the matter,says “But he is my son”. and sees Vasu with a unfriendly look .Vasu says “Super “.You are ready to accept a unknown child ,but not me “.Jeeva says “Ridiculous “and leaves the place .Vasu sees the boy playing ,reaches him and ask “Do you know me ?”.The boy’s eyes shine and he says “Yes ,Your are Vasu.”.Vasu kiss the child and goes .he sees Jeeva leaving in aauto .

Jeeva remembered her conversation with her father
Sivaraman :Seri we have adopted him .
Jeeva:What is the matter Appa.
Sivaraman :What will be his name ?
Jeeva :mmm
Sivaraman :We can name him Dharmu
Sivaraman :My grandfather’s father”s name
Jeeva :No,I will name him as Dev
Jeeva:Because he is my child ,it means he is also my Vasy’s child so
(Bits her lips and cries )
Sivaraman :OK,dev is finalised .

The auto reaches her office She sees Vadu have already reached the office and goes in .Vasu ask her “How is your journey “.She tells “Very fine “.They angrily sees each other and smiles .Vasu thinks in his mind “If this happiness is continued in my life ,I will be the happiest soul in world”.Jeeva goes to her seat and remembers Vasu’s question to her and smiles bitterly.

Vasu dials and put it in speaker and ask one of his client and invites him to come to
dinner at his place .The person ask “Your wife will cook “.Vasu looks at Jeeva and says “No,but my servant cooks good food “.Jeeva reacts when she hears the word “Wife “.Vasu continues “My wife is bad at cooking foods “.The person accept His invitation says “He’ll come with his family “.Jeeva remembers Madhuri asking Vasu about His wife .She turns to call Vasu ,and stops her action .

Vasu notes her movement and ask “What do you want to know about me ?”.Jeeva says “No nothing but what is your Wife’s name ?”.He says “Guess Her name “.Jeeva was controlling her tears and ask ‘Radhika ‘.Vasu says “Oh,sorry you don’t know to guess so come to my home to meet my Lovable wife “.

Vasu leaves to his home to make all the arrangement .Jeeva ask the peon about their MD’s wife .The peonsays “We haven’t see her but have tasted her foods ,it will be so nice Madam “.Jeeva decides to go and Meet Vasu’s wife .She sits there in a dilemma to go and see or to leave it as that is not her part if life .She thinks “Surely it will be that Radhika “.She decides something .

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  1. Jeeva u r nice….. but why this seperation taar

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  3. I am not getting enough comments for my story ,you can tell tell abt the mistake which I am doing ,you can say your opinion without any second opinion. .

  4. No not at all dr but one thing is there all ways haterd is here no love at all means love is there but ecpression less story was awesome no doubht at all… maintain some romantic things also…. sorry ma meine kuch galat kaha tho

  5. Awesome episode, I love this story very much. ..plzzzz continue dear. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. oh pls unite them fast……………….
    jesu’s scenes rocks…………..
    one suggestion:
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