The three words (part 18)


Vasu helps Jeeva to stand on her own feet.Jeeva says “Thank you so much “.Vasu says “That was OK ” and goes to his seat and checks some of the files . Vasu sees Jeeva from distance and an led to himself .Vasu says “Could you please make me a cup of coffee from coffee maker “.Jeeva sees him differently and goes to make acup of coffee.Vasu sees Jeeva’s phone ringing and picks the call

The person :Hello, we calling from Happy Home
The person:I want to talk to Jeeva madam
Vasu:I’ll ask her to call if she comes .

the person cuts the call .Vasu keeps the mobile and goes to his place .Jeeva comes with the coffee.Vasu searches on his phone about Happy Home and comes to know that it is a child care centre like a hostel.He decides to go to the place .Vasu goes from there . Vasu reaches the place and ask about Jeeva .The peon was ready to tell after he gives him 1000 rupees .The pein says that Jeeva comes here for once In Three months to meet Dev.Vasu ask “Who is That Dev”.

Vasu hears a voice telling “I am Dev”.Jeeva sees the call and dials back ,comes to know that Vasu have attended the call.She understood the matter and rushes to Happy Home .Vasu sees a small boy of 5 standing there with a ball on his hand .Vasu goes near the boy and ask “Do you know Jeeva ?”.The boy nods yes .He gets puzzled and , he sees the boy walking far away and follows the boy and shouts “Dev,Dev”.he stops the boy and ask “You are Jeeva’s “.Jeeva comes there and shouts “Vasu ,what are you doing here “.The boy runs to Jeeva and hugs her and kisses her in her cheek

Vasu ask her “Who is he ?”,Jeeva shouts in the same tone ‘That is non of your business “.

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  1. l’m sure Dev is Vsau & jeevas child…tc

  2. I think dev is jeeva nd vasu baby

  3. Superb yaar

  4. Plzzz try to update large update dr…. who is dev yaar

  5. but they are not married ,how could a girl pregnant with someone’s child purposely stops her engagement .

  6. Awesome episode, but who is dev? He can’t be jeeva’s son then who is he???eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  7. interesting…………………..

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