The three words (part 17)


Vasu hold Jeeva’s hand ,not let her move from the place .She stare at him , take his hand,Vasu slowly moves the Lady from him and calls “Radhika, what are doing ?”.Jeeva was shocked to see, That she is Radhika.The girl lean on the table ,and says “Why are you angry and whose this ?’.Vasu looks at Jeeva sharply ,and introduce Jeeva .Radhika says “OK,I am leaving to Mumbai for a photoshoot “.Vasu says “Bye ”

Radhika comes out and says to herself “Do Vasu’s ex finance is with him “.And angrily opens the car and leaves .Jeeva tries to concentrate in her work .Vasu says “You know Jeeva ,jealously is like a fever ,it comes soon “.Jeeva doesn’t reply .Jeeva sees the time and gets ready to go home ,Vasu sees Jeeva going in a bus.Vasu calls Sivaraman .Sivaraman attends the call.
Sivaraman:Yes, Vasu
Vasu :Uncle ,Jeeva
Sivaraman: What for Jeeva
Vasu:She is going by bus
Sivaram: What do you want me to do ?
Vasu :You tell her to come in office cab .
Sivaraman:Do you think she will accept ,she accepted this job my god ‘s craze .
Vasu:Uncle ,please .
Sivaraman :I’ll try .

Jeeva rings the calling bell and sees Sivaraman talking with someone .He sees her ,cuts the call and comes tooprn the door .Jeeva explain the incident and goes to freshen up .Sivaraman sits in the dinning table and waits for Jeeva .After completing supper suddenly Jeeva ask “Appa,nan en nama textile shoplaye work panna kudathu ( why should I work in that place ,shall I work in our textile shop)”.Sivaraman was shocked but he says “There nothing do in hat shops ,Even I am going only once or twice in a month “.Jeeva goes to sleep.Sivaraman calls Vasu.Vasu was on the office with a cup of tea .he spills the tea on the table on hearing about Jeeva’s idea.Vasu says “Thankyou uncle” Sivaraman says “No need for thanks ,always father expect a goof fortune for his children,can do anything for that ” .”.Vasu says “Jeeva is my life uncle “.Sivaraman cools says ” I mentioned You “and cuts the call.

Jeeva goes to the office and finds Vasu was still there ,she greets him “Good morning ,Am I late “.Vasu was concentrating on his laptop, he sees Jeeva and says “Very Good morning ,and you are not late ,I am always early “.Vasu receives a call and goes to talk .Jeeva sees The company logo framed and kept in showcase is dusty ,so she tries to clean it ,she cannot reach the top of shelf ,so she stands on a chair,when she was about to take the Logo,the chair moves,and she falls down, Vasu hold her from falling .They have a eyelock.

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  1. Vasu still loves her it was awesome

  2. Nice yaar

  3. good going…take care ,,luv u

  4. Very nice episode, vasu n jeeva fights r very cute…her father n vast convo very good. ..vast still loves her very much, i hope he gets back jeeva’s love soon…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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