The three words (part 16)


Jeeva was wearing a red coloured saree and little makeup to suit the dress .Her father says “Don’t worry. you can get for your qualification “.She leaves to the interview .Jeeva sees the company Name as AM enterprises and enters the office .She sees Many people waiting for the interview ,She sits in a chair and waits for her turn .
Jeeva was called inside .Conversation between Interviewer and Jeeva is
Interviewer : Please take your seat Miss.Jeeva .

Jeeva:Thank you Sir
Interviewer sees the certificate : Jeeva,You are contact is good ,but
Jeeva: Sir
Interviewer : You are over qualified for the job
Jeeva: Sir I can work as the PA .
Interviewer : But you had did your MBA from Best university .
Jeeva Tries to explain then suddenly a man wearing Black coat enters the interview room ,he is Vasu .Jeeva and Interviewer gets up to show respect .He Sees Jeeva and ask the interviewer “Mathew ,is the interview over “.Mathew says “No ,Sir “.He ask Mathew to go out and tells that he will continue the interview by himself .
Vasu:Please take your seat
Jeeva:Thank you sir

Vasu: Do you know for which job you have applied for ?
Jeeva:Yes ,I know for the post Of Personal Secretary to MD.
Vasu :That is for me .
Jeeva gets shocked and becomes silent
Vasu :You are ready to become my PA
Jeeva :Yes ,I Am
Vasu :The interview is over ,you can wait outside but
Jeeva :What
Vasu :This job will not be a bed of roses for you
Jeeva :Its OK sir .
Vasu : wait for 15 minutes .
Jeeva goes out ,she waits for 39 minutes but she was not infirmed about anything and the interview is over .So she goes to approach someone and finds Vasu coming out ,He says “Oops, sorry ,I have appointed another girl as my PA,you may leave “.Jeeva feels Insulted and moves from there .
Vasu calls her ,says “Come to my office tommorow sharply at 9 am ,I have a job for you “.She stare at him ,He continues “Come with your Certificates not with your anger “and leaves .she goes to home and explains the entire situation to Sivaram ,he says “So you are going tommorow to his office ?”.Jeeva says “Dad ,I “.Sivaram says “go but don’t feel bad for this one day “.Jeeva closes her eyes and tries to sleep . Next day Jeeva goes to Vasu’s office at 8.55 am ,She says that she came to meet Mr.Vasudev .They ask her to wait in his cabin .

Vasu enters with a smile ,he sees Jeeva waiting and goes to his cabin and says “So the Rani of Jhansi has come to work with me “.Jeeva says “Yes I am “.He takes her out and call every staff and introduce her as”Guys and Girls ,Meet Miss.Jeeva ,The new Joint Managing Director of our firm and a good friend of mine “.Jeeva turns with shock and sees Vasu smiling at her .

After the introduction he takes her to his room and says “You have to share the working space with me “.Jeeva tries to say something but Vasu says “No need of any unnecessary conversation begin your work ” He leaves the office .Jeeva stood as statue with her certificates in her hand .She call the peob to get some information and was checking the previous years accounts .

Vasu sees Jeeva working sincerely and leaves the place .Jeeva calls her father to inform the matter .Sivaram was reading the newspaper, he puts the paper down in shock .Vasu comes to his room after a long time during the time of Lunch .He sees Jeeva seeing the records and makes sound to call her .She gets up .Vasu says “Had you lunch “.Jeeva says ‘No sir “.Vasu ask her to have food with him .

Jeeva tells many things to avoid but Vasu compels her ,She sits to have food .Vasu tells”Nee ena sir nu kupidanumnu ends needum illa ,( there no need to call me sir ),just call me by my name ,adukaga Vada Podanu kupidatha ( For that don’t call me without any respect )”.Jeeva says “OK”.Vasu asks “OK what “.She continues “OK Vasudev “.He smiles .

After some times ,A lady gets down from her car ,she was wearing a black tops with blue jeans ,heavy makeup and a watch on her right hand .She goes straight to Vasu ‘s room and calls “Dev Darling ” and hugs him .Jeeva feels awkward and gets up to leave from there .Vasu try to move her but she hold him tightly .

Vasu hold Jeeva’s hand and not let her move from the place .Jeeva sees him with anger .

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