The three words (part 15)


everyone in the srivastava family stand as statues .Jeeva goes near Vikram and ask “Did I told you that I am in love with you ?”in a displeasure tone .Vikram hides is sadness and runs to his room .She turns to Madhuri ,”I thought you can understand my friendship .”
Madhuri : but my son is innocent ,he loves you
Jeeva : but I don’t
Tarun :Please think of Vicky ,he is a good person
Aditi :Please di,we have made cards for wedding ready .
Jeeva: so you thought I don’t have feelings
Madhuri : No,ma
Jeeva ( completely looses her cool )What ?
Madhuri : we can keep you like me a princess
Jeeva shouts in a firm voice “But I cannot marry your son for the reason of money “.She runs yo her room and comes down with packed bags and a passbook .She gives the passbook to Madhuri and says “I have deposited Per month 10000 as a rent .You can have it .And I am leaving this house .
Madhuri and Tarun tries to stop her ,Someone shouts ‘Good ,if she takes this decision before 5 Years ,she may be alive “All of them turns and sees VP standing .

Flashback shown
Before 5 years, Priyamvada come s to house to take care of bedridden Mr .Srivastava .VP was doing his PG degree and Vikram was looking after the business .VP was like a lakshman for RaM.Varun and Priya loves each other .Vikram also loves Priya ,but he doesn’t disclose it to anyone.Suddenly One day ,Madhuri knowing Vikram’s love ask Priya’s hand in marriage .Priya thinks that the proposal is for VP and agrees to it .When she comes to know the matter ,VP and Priya says the matter to Vikram.
Vikram says “He will make them join “.but he couldn’t do so because his marriage with Priya was the last wish of his father .So he sits in the mandao and gets married to Priya.Prita cannot digest the matter and she writes a message to VP that “I am your lover and will fie as your lover ” She eats sleeping pills .
VP and his parents take Priya to the hospital ,on the way ,they meets with the accident and all the three except VP was died .Vicky was ready to tell about the love story of VP.So he send VP to a mental asylum .
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Madhuri shout at VP that “You are lying my son cannot betray anyone “.Jeeva says “Aunty ,I am leaving the house because it will be wrong to stay here after this matter “.She goes from there . calls a taxi and ask him to go to Airport .Tarun was shocked and holds the crying VP and condoles him.Tarun shouts “Vicky ,come out “.
Jeeva reaches Airport and remembers her moment in Srivadtava family ,she don’t know where to go .she calls Sivaram and inform the matter with tears .Sivaram ask her to book a ticket and come to Chennai .She says “Appa,But “.Sivaram says “Ippovavafhu nan solrstha Kellu ( Atleast now listen to me )”.She says “Yes dad ” and books a ticket to Chennai.

After One week
Jeeva is getting ready in her house in Chennai,Her father ask “Didyou take all of your certificates “.She nods “Yes ,appa”and leaves to the interview .

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  1. God so much pain is there jeeva

  2. belated bday wishes sis………..

  3. i dont like vikram………….
    too cunning…………..
    such a big betrayer…………
    wish he doesnt separate JEESU………………

  4. jevva is too brave yaar,,Vp said right…

  5. Very nice n emotional episode, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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