The three words (part 14)


Vasu calls Jeeva continuously ,it starts to rain .Jeeva ask the driver to stop the car,sees some people dancing in rain,She goes out and stands on the rain .The driver shouts “It is raining outside “.But Jeeva walks in the rain .She also dance with the people ,she sees Vasu walking towards her .She says “Vasu “.He keeps his finger over her lips and pull her towards him and dance in the rain .They dance in the rain, suddenly Jeeva comes to know that this was her imagination .
She goes to Airport and informs Her dad that she is going back to Kolkata tonight .Sivaraman surprises and ask “yenma ,ipovey pora (Why dear ,your going now )”.She cries “Appa I cannot meet Vasu’s eyes ,so I am going “Sivaram thinks “You said it before 5 years “and says OK .

Vasu trees to contact Jeeva ,he shout at his PA,”You cannot find where she went ?”.He sees her picture on phone and says”Jeeva,You are my gain and pain ” Jeeva takes a photo of Vasu and tears it into pieces and put it in dust bin .She leaves for the flight. Vasu ask his PA about the schedule and leaves to Jamshedpur for a meeting .

Jeeva reaches Vikram’s house .She sees VP and Tarun playing
chess .Tarun sees her and says “So our Jeeva is back “.Jeeva ask him about Madhuri ,She comes out from Puja room and surprises to see Jeeva.She ask her to fresh up and come .Tarun and Madhuri signs at each other .

They call Vikram to come home as soon as possible ,because she want to talk about a important matter .Vikram agrees to come home .Jeeva comes down and sees all of them staring at her .She ask “What is this ?”.They says nothing and leaves to do their work .Vikram enters the house and smiles at Jeeva and goes inside .Jeeva feels a difference in the attitude of Vikram .

Madhuri ask everyone to come for dinner ,Jeeva sits in a chair and starts to taste the roti ,All of them surround her and stand then Madhuri ask “When do you want me to arrange the date ?”.Jeeva ask her “Any function aunty “.Aditi and Tarun burst into laughter and says “Stop your drama ,we know about your love “.Jeeva keeps the piece of Roti in the plate and gets up .

She ask “What love ,whose love “.Tarun says “You love my brother Vikram ” .Jeeva laughs and says “You are mistaken “.Madhuri says “Stop your drama, I know you feel shy but we took this dollar from your room “and shows a dollar with letter “V”embedded in a ruby.She sees the pendent and remembers Vasu giving her this Pendent during the time of college as a gift on friendship day .
She says “Aunty still you are mistaken ,V means Not vikram “.Madhuri was shocked and shouts “What?”.Everyone was shocked and stood as statues .

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  1. Yaar mujhe ek baat samaz mein nahi ayya jeeva aise kyu kar rahe hein kya hua

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  2. epi is Great…..what will happen if they will not allow jeeva to with ’em anymore???can upd d next one PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  5. Hi janani your story is super
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