The three words (part 13)


The pandit leaves ,Vadu ask him not to tell anyone ,he goes and knocks Jeeva’s room door .Jeeva opens the door and says “You ,What do you want ?”He takes Jeeva inside the room and closes the door .Jeeva shouts “Veliyala ponga Vasu (Go out Vasu)”.He says “I want to know something “.She says the same twice .Vasu shouts “I want to know the truth about your hatred towards me “.she falls on the bed.she tries to move .

Vasu hold her and ask “are you doing special puja on my birthday ?”.She says “Nothing like that “.He runs the audio of his conversation with The pandit .She cries and says “Yes “.Vasu leaves her hand and ask “What ?”.She says “Yes ,I am doing the puja “.Vasu remembers getting puja plate frim temple on everyday of his birthday for past 5 years and slaps her “You are playing with my feelings “.Vasu leaves the room ,Jeeva says “I want to explain you “.Vasu says in a cold tone ,”Nothing more “and leaves .

He takes his car and goes for a long drive ,he remembers reaching home after his engagement day .

Flashback shown

Vasu comes to home and shut the door for 2 days,after that he takes his clothes in a bag and gets ready to leave from there .His grandmother stops him and ask him to think before doing anything.He says”I am fedup with this love “and leaves the place .He gets message from Aditya that “Save your girl ‘s reputation ,if you can “.Vasu runs to college and sees their picture in notice board and says “Aditya ,I won’t spare you “.He finds Aditya and beats him black and blue .Aditya is taken to hospital in ambulance due to his injuries

Jeeva comes to college and shouts at Vasu ,Vasu replies her and ask her to go from there .Jeeva leaves leaving a note for Vasu .Vadu takes the paper and says “I Was,I Am,I Will be loyal to you rill my last breath “.He sees her leaving and closes his eyes

Flashvack ends

Vasu opens the eyes and goes back to the wedding hall and found Jeeva have left the place.He calls her but Jeeva cuts his call .

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  1. Oho jeeva u r such a wonderfull girl

  2. Awesome yaar update next

  3. l was wrong ,l thought Basu hurt jeeva purposely ….feeling very sad 4 both of them….hope they’ll patch up soon by clearing their misunderstanding….Keep it up dear….Great job..plz upd d next one in d mng ..l’m w8g……take care

  4. Den y is she hidng herslf wen he lovs her. . . ?

  5. nice…….sis……….

  6. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode

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