The three words (part 12)


Vasu holds Jeeva from fallug down they have a cute eyelock .Jeeva ask him to leave her .Vasu leaves her and moves .All of them. comes down ,Bindhu was getting ready in a lehenga with a beautiful hairdo .Jeeva sees Bindhu and hugs her and compliment her beauty.Bindhu says “You looking gorgeous in this red saree “.They talk to each other .Vasu sees Jeeva and clicks a picture of her in Mobile phone without her knowledge.

Guest starts to come for the reception,one of Bindhu’s relative ask about Vasu “.Bindhu says “He was my senior in college and Bharat’s boss”.They approaches Vasu
The relative :Hello
Vasu:Yes Hello
The relative :My name is Thyagaraj
Vasu :Nice to meet you
The. relative :Are you unmarried ?
Vasu was confused by this awkward proposal
He laughs loudly and says “I am engaged to my GF”.

Jeeva hears this behind the pillar and goes from the place .After the receipion ,everybody starts to play Truth or Dare .Bindhu forces Jeeva to join ,Vasu comes and says “Could IJoin ?”.Bharath says “Pleasure sir “.the bottle was spin.It stops with Vasu and a girl .The girl ask him to say about the qualification of His future wife .Vasu laughs and says “I don’t have any idea to marry “.

Again the bottle spins after so many turns ,it stops with Vasu and Jeeva ,Vasu ask “Truth or Dare “.Jeeva hesitantly says “Truthhhhhhh no sorry Dare “.Vasu ask her to sing some song ,she sings in a melodious voice ,(Kanalaney song from film Bombay ),it is a Tamil song.Everyone claps for her ,in the next round ,They ask Vasu to dance for the changing songs in background “.
Vasu starts to dance with everyone clapping for him ,in one of his move,he gently takes Jeeva to dance with him .He sees Jeeva’s eyes and starts to dance ,Jeeva dance with him for the changing beats .suddenly the song stops in the background and everyone shouts
“Super Sir ,Super Sir”.
Jeeva says “Nice acting ,Vasudev “.He says “Thank you “in her ears .They part away ,Vasu moves to his side with seeing Jeeva ,Jeeva runs to her room and take a picture of. them from her bag .It was taken at the time of Vasu’s birthday .She says “I hate you ,but still my heart skips a beat when you are with me “.She goes to bathroom and opens the tap and cries loudly .

Vasu goes to his room and takes the same picture from his bag ,he says “I love you Jeevu,I won’t miss you for the second time in my
life “.Vasu sleeps holding the picture in his hand .Next day ,Everyone gets ready for the marriage .Jeeva comes down in a traditional Red Kanchevaram saree with a homly look and Vasu comes down in a traditional south Indian attire .They sees each other for sometimes .Vasu remembers Jeeva telling to him once “nama kalyanam romba azhaga irukanum Vasu “.He turns and sees Jeeva watching the rituals .Atlast Bindhu sits in her father’s lap and gets married. to Bharath .

Jeeva happily smiles and she feels and turns to see Vasu standing near her and wishing the couples .All the wedding rituals gets over and Both Bharath and Bindhu goes to their new home .
The pandit recognises Vasu and comes to talk to him and says something ,Vadu’s face gets dark on hearing the matter .

-To be continued

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  1. What is this yaar…… complete kar dho na why he get shock

  2. Hi janani dear, awesome episode, but I don’t know any south Indian language, can you please translate those few lines in English? plzzzz…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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