The three words (part 11)


All the guest are very much shocked to hear Jeeva’s word.Sivaram tries to interfere but Jeeva shouts “Appa,please yarum pesavendam ( Dad, no one need to talk to me “.
Vasu:Jeeva please stop this play
Jeeva:I am serious
Vasu: What serious ,you are hurting m
Jeeva:You hurted me and broke my heart into pieces
Vasu:But I felt that was wrong and apologises to you
Jeeva:I am not a toy (sobs ) a girl with lots of feeling
Vasu : I am sorry ,please forgive me
Jeeva:I am sorry for having a relationship with you
Sivaram:Stop this nonsense
Jeeva:It is my life and will decide it
The guest starts to leave with talking among them self.Vasu ‘s grandmother cries on seeing his condition
Srimathi Feels bad for them .Vasu gets angry and shouts “Will you marry me or not ,tell me now ?” Jeeva shouts in the same voice ,”No ,never “.Jeeva says “you want to marry me “,Vasu says “Yes “,.
Jeeva says then what about this and shows a flight ticket of Vasu dated after 3 months .
Jeeva :Still you are in a mood to go to London
Vasu says so there is nothing between us ,OK let’s leave .But I won’t forget this insult
After three days ,Jeeva goes to college and finds her intimate photo with Vasu taken at the time of dance was put in notice board .Jeeva cries on seeing at this and cries .Everybody teases her ,he goes to Vasu and ask “ne enna panirunka ,you are insulting me “.Vasu says “Yes I am”.Jeeva feels that the land under her is broking ,she left the place with anger in her eyes.Jeeva goes to the notice board and writes Something in the board and leaves
Vasu sees her writing “Vasu be loyal to next girlfriend “.She leaves the city due to her father’s insistence .and goes to Kolkata .She witness a accident near the Railway station and helps the victims.She finds two person dies and a youth and lady was severely injured .They were Priya and Varun alias VP.
Flashback ends.
Vasu closes his eyes ,tear flow from his eyes .Jeeva gets up ,She remembers seeing Vasu and Radhika’s photo in magazine .They are in same beach but does’nt meet one another .Jeeva goes to her house .Her dad comes and opens the door.He says “Jeeva,How are you ?”.Jeeva goes and hugs him “I am back ,Daddy “.
Vasu goes to his office signs the contract ,and sees a wedding invitation from his assistant Bharath ,He decides to go to the place for a relaxation .Jeeva gets ready and goes to Bindhu’s marriage .She finds Vasu there and tries to leave but Bindhu sees her and calls her .
Jeeva and Vasu shares a cold look towards each other.Jeeva and Vasu goes to the concern alloted room to them.Jeeva gets ready in a red coloured saree with a minimum ornaments and comes down,Vasu gets ready in a black coloured shirt .They see each other ,Heeva tries to move fast and was about to fall when Vasu holds her ,they have a eyelock .
-To Be Continued

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  1. nice sis continue….

  2. jeeva’s decision was right… could he think leaving her like this…as well he put their photo on d notice board……..

  3. Why jeeva behaves like that yaar…. is there any reason

  4. I will tell about the reason in upcoming parts

  5. Bt hw did jeeva bcame so close to vikram’s family?? N y is vasu bak if he hates jeeva?

  6. Awesome episode janani, fb was nice n emotional . ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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