The three words (part 10)


Vasu replies to Srimathi “You don’t need to care for me “.Jeeva stares at both of them and shocks .Srimathi with teary eyes says “I am your Amma”.Vasu gets irritated and says “So what ,Can we talk about The association or we will leave “.Srimathi tells about some thoughts about the association but Jeeva could not hear anything because she was shocked by such revelation .Vasu calls Jeeva “We can go now “.He goes to his class.Jeeva thinks to call him but stop the thought and goes to her class.

Srimathi feels like Vasu have insulted her before a third party ,she sees Them going from the window .After some days,Jeeva comes to her class and finds no one ,she tries. to go but Aditya and his gang come inside the class and stop her from going and block the way
Jeeva shouts at them and says “I want to. go”.Aditya says “Why your bf will be waiting for you in the canteen ?”.Jeeva ask him to mind his language .Aditya smiles and ask “Why you are feeling shy “.his friend replies “Shy for whom,she dances with him intimately in front of 1000 students “.Jeeva closes her ears .They heard a voice saying “We were just dancing not kissing in front of 1000 students “.They all turn in shock

Vasu was standing there with anger in his eyes .He was actually just passing by and stops to see. what’s happening .Aditya laughs loudly and says “So your BF is here ,enjoy your date “. Jeeva cries on these words .Vasu holds the collar of Aditya shirt and they began to fight .The matter goes to Srimathi .

Srimathi shouts at them and ask “What made you anger ,Mr.Vasu,”.She ask Jeeva “Enna nadanchu Jeeva “.Jeeva explains the incident and cries .Srimathi warns both of them and ask to leave . she was shocked to see her son fighting for a unknown girl .She confront Vasu for creating problems .Vasu leaves the place .

Vasu shouts at Aditya and says “Innimey ennaikavathu Jeeva Kitts ipifi nadathuka paths ,unna konuruven (If I see you teasing Jeeva, I will just kill you )”.Jeeva brings two cup of coffee and make him sit in the canteen

Jeeva:Ena pathi pesuna unnaku enna (They teased me,what for you )
Vasu : they spoiled my name do I beat them
Jeeva: Mmm
Vasu :And I cannot tolerate others behaving with you in such a way
Jeeva :Why
Vasu :You are my
Jeeva : What?(blinks his eyes )
Vasu : Girl Friend
Jeeva spills the coffee
Vasu:I want to tell you that I like to marry you
Jeeva : you are joking
Vasu :Promise .

Vasy leaves the place smiling at her .Jeeva cannot trust her own ears .she was attracted to Vasu by his nature but cannot say the feeling was Love .Vasu keeps up his promise ,He did arrangement for their engagement ,Sivaram ask about Vasu’s mother .Vasu replies that “She will come for my marriage “.Jeeva ask Vasu “Do your mom knows about our engagement “.Vasu “She need not know of it “.Jeeva was helping her Father in doing the engagement arrangement .
Vasu calls Jeeva to come to coffee shop .Jeeva goes there and finds Vasu talking with a girl wearing a black tube tops and violet skirt .Vasu sees Jeeva and calls her to come to the table. He introduces Jeeva to The girl and says “Jeevu ,she is Radhika ,my friend “.Jeeva says “Hi”.Radhika ask Vasu to take a decision soon and leaves the place .

Vasu:Please hear to me
Jeeva: Sure
Vasu :Could you please postpone our Engagement
Jeeva : why ?
Vasu :I am getting a offer to go to London for a job
Jeeva:That is really good but
Vasu :I sm not. willing to give you false hope and I will return soon ,it may take years ,I don’t want you to wait for me for years
Jeeva (smiles bitterly ) ,: You like to postpone it or just windup
Vasu : No Jeeva ,I an not doing this to hurt you
Jeeva : OK, what do you want me to do now
Vasu : Cancel the engagement .
Jeeva :OK ,can’t you be in India and earn the money.
Vasu :Sorry ,I am going to London on day after tommorow
Jeeva :mmm

Vasu : You think for the whole night
Jeeva : You also think Vasu

They part away and goes to their respective houses.Jeeva closes the door and cries vigorously ,she breaks the phitto frame of hers .In the morning Vasu comes to Jeeva’s house and knock at the door .Jeeva opens the door ,Vasu says “I understand everything ,sorry darling ” Jeeva hugs him .
On the engagement day ,Everybody are present in the house of Jeeva .When Vasu happily takes the ring and ask Jeeva’s hand .Jeeva says ” Not that fast “.She claps and ask everybody to see her .All see her with surprise .Jeeva says in a determined voice “Enaku Vasuva kalyanam panika sammadam illa ( I don’t want to marry Vasu ) everyone was shocked .Vasu hold her hand and ask “Why Jeevu ?”. .Jeeva says “I want to read more Vasu ,could you manage my cost of studies “.Vasu says “He could do it “Jeeva says “You must wait for me for years “.Vasu says “He will do it with pleasure”.Jeeva says ” You are going to wait for me ,don’t joke ya “.

Jeeva tells in a determined voice that “I don’t need you to wait for me ,”,,She takes a ticket forLondon and tells “This is for you ,”.

-To be continued .

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  1. Why jeeva dont want to marry vasu… and first vasu only told that i dont want engage but what is this

  2. she feels like he is leaving her for The job.

  3. Nice story yaar pls update next one

  4. really good…..l guess Jeeva had lost her trust towards Basu that’s y she didn’t want to marry him

  5. thank you for yr support

  6. May b she felt dat he is doing engagmnt jst to keep his words, nt for lov. Also jeeva may nt lyk if samrat mises such goldn oppurtunity for his career n lyfe. . . 🙂

  7. nice………….but it is very fast sis,,,,,,,,,,,
    i actually excepted lots of love scenes of Jeesu………..
    one suggestion: unite them fast, separate them slowly………..pls…….
    dont mistake me it is just a request sis………..

  8. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. . Eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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