Three slot ff – a journey begins epi 1


The episode starts with the beautiful scenario of Hyderabad. Char minar is shown.
The screen shifts to a poor chawl. Two womens are fighting for water and rt is looking them from balcony drinking tea. He looks at his watch which strikes seven. He keeps the cup and runs to her daughter’s room. He remembers something. A flashback is shown.

A beautiful but small room is shown which has the pictures of a beautiful cute little girl in her childhood ,and new york pichas are also posted on walls. (The girl that plays yami in sanam re in childhood plays twinkle’s childhood) Twinkle is of ten years and calls her father booji coz they are Muslims.

Booji-: gullu..wake up ..u have to go school na ..!!

Twinkle in a sleepy voice-booji..u go..m coming in 5 mins ..

Booji-: acha okk..come fast

He goes.

Twinkle wakes up and sees her guitar kept by her bed. She bits her index finger and rushes to the guitar.

She plays in front of mirror. Hello everyone.. I m twi..solly name is gulrez Khadir..

She gets ready for her school. Wearing a red white shirt and red checked tunic . She packs her beautiful long hairs in a pony.

She comex down and sits to get her breakfast.
(I will call her gullu as she names herself as gulrez coz there is a mystery under the name twinkle )

Gullu-: booji..give me breakfast..m getting late

Booji-: ya bache..have patience

Gullu-: booji..everyone asks u their future.. u tell them is that correct..?

Booji-: see bete I don’t know itz correct or not but yes those who believe tell me that it happened just as I told

Gullu-: tell my love story also..will I get my prince someday..??

Booji thinks and is shocked..

Gullu-: what happened booji..tell me na.

Booji-: there’s nothing in love..u promise me u’ll never mess up in love -shav..

Gullu-: promise

They smile
Fb ends..

Booji-: ten years passed in a blink of also I m going to wake my daughter not to get ready for skul but to get ready for her marriage propsal. Time flies.. I just hope what I saw ten years back for her future doesn’t happen for real. She promised me that she will never love someone but she brought a marriage proposal.

Suddenly he hears some sound from Gullu’s room . He rushes. He is shoxked to see gullu dressed in a bath gown and dancing on akkad bakkad bambe bol from sanam re.

Booji-: Gullu..stop your nonsense. They must be coming. I wznt you ready in 5 mins down . Got that.
She nods n makes a cutie face.

Scene 2

A five star hotel is shown. Gullu booji ..are sitting waiting for groom.
The groom’s family comes. Gullu looks for the groom. His family sits.

Booji- ji where is kunj.?
Mr.kotiala-: he must be coming..look there he is.

Gullu happily sees him. Kunj comes dressed in a casul athletic look . He comes and they hug . Booji jerks Gullu’s foot. They separate.

Booji-:so as they both have already chose themselves..I like kunj..amd what abt u

Mrs.kotiala-:we also like gullu.
Booji-:so then.
Mr.kotiala- : then wht..just if you cn help then thy cn go usa n gullu cn achieve her dream.
Boojiz-) yes ..which kind of help
He gives the list..
Booji-: just 8 lakhs
Mr.kotiala-8 not 80 again
Gullu-: kunj ..u are an mba and then also taking dowry..isnt this wrong..this is love marriage so no dowry n.a.
Mrs kotiala-: yes yes..u gals are doing this fake love just to brainwash rich boys..

Gullu throws coldrink on their faces and leaves angrily.

They come home.

Gullu cries.
Booji consoles her. She says I will teach these families a lesson. She surfs on net. Booji looks on.

Gullu-: Booji idea..

Booji-: what.

Gullu tells the idea and booji thinks..

They smirk and booji says if I know that what will happen then I wil support you..

Gullu says what know booji.
He saya nothing and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Precap-: off to Lucknow..

So how’s the epi.? Please don’t say that I m cheater this that bla bla coz I know I have taken the touch of dawaat e ishq. And I have made this ff inspired by dawaat e ishq so if u will say not to continue so I will stop it . Atleast 10 comments coz I m getting very less comments.. and akansha don’t take me wrong but you shuld tell ur opinions clearly not likw how u said..!

Credit to: Avantika

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  1. Good start…evn if its adapted n inspird frm Dawat e ishq..i will read it just to see how U hv plotted it..Update soon

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