Three shot Swasan part 1


hiii guys
swasan one shot

her pov

i am very happy today my elder brother is marrying i.e. aadarsh to parineeta
i am very happy all the guests are here and i gonna rock to his wedding

his pov
ohhhh again the relative’s wedding
no ….. i don’t wanna go because it’s tooo boring and frustrated….
but i know my mom she wanna kill me if i deny..
i have no other option to go or say drag my self ..



all family membs are ready and the groom set on his horse …. and the band rocked alll started dancing…like hell???

her pov

yeahhhh i am dancing its very interesting and amazing …

his pov
what the hell we are here the band with loud voice hitting my ears
and all are dancing like stupids …

i set out the car and some of my relatives dragged me to the place where all were dancing ….urrrgggg
all are mad huh …
but my eyes stoped at a girl …
she was so beautiful… an angel ….no no…. beauty godess …. she was looking absoulty stunning ….. ??????? then by a sudden jerk i came back into senses my mom asked me to move inside i obeyed….
by the time when i went in my beauty queen vanished ….. i thought she would be a real angel that’s why she vanished….. and then i had my dinner and went to bride and groom and handed over the gift … i smiled and moved away …. and left for home early becuz tommorow is my flight to london … … i should focus on my dreams not on any girl whose name i also don’t….
one day my name would be there in news paper
mŕ:šäńśķââŕ māhèśhwäŕı the biggest tycoon of london ….

i reached home and changed my dress and slept

next day
i waked up early and left for london my mom got emotional but still …

leap 4 years

one office is shown
the watch man came inside and shouted boss is coming

all rushed here and there

suddenly a man in mid twenties came and all said him good morning and got engroosed in work…

suddenly his phone rang
he picked it up
hello he said
hello beta her mother said
pls beta come to ragini ‘s wedding pls come to india…it has been four years pls beta your daadi aslo passed 3 years back that time also u didn’t came …
pls come this time she said
okk mom but for first and last time
he commanded

he disconnected the call

india i am comming

how it is plss comment

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