Three magical word – one shot

Everyday i wait for her to confess my love..but the moment she came close to me…my body get freeze …words wont come out of my mouth..i dont why is that so…

Everyday he will wait for me in same place..each day when i see him i feel like may be today he will confess his love for me but it wont happen…

Everyday i meet this idiot lovers who cant speak up their feelings…do you knew how boring it will be…i indirectly told that idiot jiju to propose her..actually he is not my jiju..but he will be i have right to call him as my jiju..

Each day i give strength and new ideas to this abhi …and i will follow with him just a support..but nothing happens between them..but i feel like something happens between me and her..her means not pragu…with that dramebaaz bulbul…actually iam in a doubt that did she too have same feelimgs what i felt for her..dont worry iam not like this abhigya..if i somewhat sure i will openly tell her i love you..the three magical word…

Abhis pov

Guys you tell is it easy to express that three magical word na..i love her whole heartedly and wish to spend each second of my life with her..i want to give her the tag Mrs.pragya abhishek mehra…
But do you knew what stops from me..if her reply is not then  what will be my world after that…oh you may think that whether she is the only one in this world..i will get better than her..but i challenged you that i wont get better than her ..may be she get better person than me…oh guys i knew what you all are murmuring ..what that much speciality in every story she is angel her eyes make me fall for her..the moment i met her…this all not in mine… i met her first in temple ..basically i wont go to that place..but for my dadi i will do anything…i seen her there thats right..but i didnt remember her face..but i can recollect her voice when she called me first…

Fb shows..

After dropping dadi there i go for searching a job…suddenly my phone rings…

Hello is this abhi..means abhishek..

Yes may i knew who is speaking..

Actually your dadi is not well ..she falls uncouncious at temple..dont panic ..i checked her ..her bp is down thats why..can you please come back to your home as i cant leave by making dadi alone here…

K i will be there within fraction of second.

Actually i want to tell something..i wait here some more time but dont drive vehicle in overspeed which is not safe..

K.. and ends call

Fb ends..

When i reach my house ..i saw her ya once again in dadis room making her feed soup…she just look at me and gave me  prescription and ask me to give proper medicine and take care of my saying adieu with my dadi ..she goes off..dont you knew she never give me a space to speak or just tell the word thanks for what she did..its from my dadi..i came to knew about her..she is pragya arora a medicine student soon become a doctor…after that every week she meet my dadi and do her check up ..but i dont knew why they both attract each other this much dadi will always praise you knew guys…she never speak with me even though she came to my house frequently..this is not right na..if she can talk with my dadi then with me too na..but i hidingly hear their conversation..she always make my dadi laugh by her silly things…it make me to attract to her..the person who can make others smile..who can care others may be good at heart and will be innocent..will be the best companion we ever get…may be my dadi is too a reason as she never miss a chance to praise make me to love her …now you guys think na..i have a good chance to mingle with her at home..what to do dadi goes to my aliyas house..oh i forget to tell about her ..she is my cute princess sis..she is now pregnant and she need dadis care..she is mumbai with his hubby prem dosth and my left you think about my right hand na its my purab…so where i stop..oh my dadi left to mumbai..after that she didnt come home..i miss her somuch..her talks which i love to hear hidingly..when i talk all this with puru..he tells the idea of waiting on road to see her..and confessing my love…

Pragyas pov..

What you all think about me that i dont knew….i dont talk with him till now except that phone conversation that i will say its truth..because i feel disturbed and nervous when i see him …the first sight of him make me sweat ..when he approach him my body temparature starts to goes down..then what will i do make me safe i will soon go away from him..but i knew that he is watching me well..when i talk with dadi..he hidingly hear everything and his lips get curved into you how cute he looks at that time i just feel to go and give his a tight hug ..but his closiness make me loss..i go frequently there not only  talk with my see him too..i like dadi verymuch because i have no one except my bulbul..oh i forget to introduce her..bulbul she is my life..she is the reason why i alive till god separates my family only what left is her ..i live for her..k lets come to our main topic…as dadi goes to meet aliya ..i feel sad that i cant see him again..but when i see him on roadside you knew how happier am i..bulbul knews everything..each day she brainwashed me to speak up with him..but when i approach him i will lost..i think now he too..but i noticed one thing..our matter didnt progress till now..but today some others story will get completed..yes you are right purbul story..its secret dont tell to her na..purab called me and ask for a help..ofcourse i will help him he is good and my abhis friend na. Haa iam somewhat possesive about him..?????..lets see how they going to tell their love…

Screen shifted to roadside where pragya and bulbul are usually walking through thier daily route..
Today purab is seen not abhi… where is my jiju..he is standing there..di is he is going to confess jijus love for you…as jiju os nervous na..

Pr;dont crack joke at him..

Bul;oh my di getting angry when talking about her hubby..

They reached near purab..

Pr;bulbul just stand here..i will come now..

Bul;why di..

Pr;i told you na…

Bul;k all the best..(whispers in her ears )

Pr; for what..

Bul;i knew you are going to talk with jiju na..

I just smiles and leaves..


Bul;what so…


Bul;what actually..

Pu;actually i want to tell you one thing..

Bul;oh then shoot it fast..

Pu;i have no guarantee in abhi and your di..whether they confess their feeling or not..but i am sure that iam in love with you..


Pu;yes what you heard is right..i love you bulbul…

Screen shifted to pragya…
She is thinking something…suddenly sees abhi coming there by running…he stops near me..and started to wheeze heavily…its like he cant breathe properly…

Abhi..what happened to you..she takes her scethescope and started to check him..she checks his pulse too ..
everything is normal..then why are you breathing like this..abhi..

Ab;its beacuse of you..because of your touch pragya…if i knew this before i will do something..


Ab;if i have some health issue you will come near me and check me ..speak with me..

Pragya smiles..

Ab;k can i knew what i feel for you is what you feel for me…



Pr;actually i dont knew what you feel for me..

Abhi takes her scethescope and placed his chest..please check doctor the sound of my heat beat is that making sound pragya ..pragya instead of lub dub…

She smiles…
Oh god i think you have a great diease abhi..

Diease what disease..

Its name is are in love …

Of course iam..can i knew did you have the same disease which i have..

She didnt said anything what he did is just hug him tightly…abhi too..

Pu;hello whats going on here..

Bul;di whats all this..

Pr;what happened there same happened here..

Ab;which means..

Pr;they are in love abhi…

The two couples walks away by holding the hand in each other by telling us that they willnot leave this hand forever…

Yes guys love is such a simple thing..dont make it complicated express your feeling for eachother..may be we wont get time for it in future…

So love you guys…will be meet again with new shot…



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