And then there were three…{KKB} OS

“What are you doing, suniye?” Pragya found it so very difficult to walk through that small gap.
“Fuggi! You have grown fat!” Abhi said helping her in.
“So funny Abhi!” Pragya made a face… “You only look more beautiful…” he said bringing a smile in her lips and a blush in her cheeks. “After all, you brought beauty to my life just by coming into it” he said not before kissing her cheeks.

Pragya smiled and simply watched her husband walk back… but by looking at her…

He gave her a flying kiss and Pragya returned the same.

Abhi then sat back and continued his work.

Pragya “Can your fatty Fuggi know what you are doing?”
Abhi “Just preparing dear”
Pragya “You know what? You will make a wonderful father” Pragya said stroking his hairs.
“I should at least try to be… when my child will be having a wonderful mother” Abhi said gently caressing her bump.

Bump… baby bump. Abhi calls it their bundle of joy.

It’s almost been eight months since Pragya has been roaming around carrying that big bundle in her tiny self. Abhi is now used to calling her as fatty Fuggi! He almost left his job as a Rockstar…just to roam behind his fatty Fuggi! While, Pragya is now used to talking to her child, alone, of all her dreams and how she would grow him up. Dadi is busy knitting sweaters, while Aaliya never gets tired of buying new things for the new choti member of the house. Bulbul, by no means, misses an opportunity of visiting her sister while Purab is mad running behind his Pragya di suggesting her names and new fashion clothes! Sarla, for good, did not give any of those boring lectures to Pragya and that is itself a very big gift! Rachna often finds time to spend with her sister, sharing all those tips she knew in parenting, whereas Akash never missed the duty of taking care of his Bhabhi. Raj bhaiya managed Abhi’s works and tayaji tried all means to save Pragya from silly Mitali and taiji!

All in all, every day in the mansion had become heavenly and with that ever ending happiness that they are going to get… Abhigya have really found their paradise in their family…

Pragya smiles… Abhi left the work he was doing— cleaning the cradle— and took Pragya to their room.

He made her sit on the bed and gave her a few tablets. Pragya shook her head in a no and turned her face away…

“Please…enough of this tablets Abhi… my child is healthy enough… these will make him sick!” Pragya made a puppy face.

Abhi could only smile. He had had a time with Pragya and her tablets! How difficult it was to make her have them!
He shook his head in disbelief, of how his wife is going to give birth to a child, when she herself is still a child.

He went to the table to fetch water.

“It’s not for my child dear… it’s for you. Look at how you are…WEAK!” Abhi said pouring water out from the jug, finally turning to face her.

He came back to her and sat next to her.

“Ok, tell me what name we thought of keeping him… I just forgot” Abhi asked her, thinking.

“What?” Pragya opened her mouth to scream on Abhi… how can he just forget their child’s name?

But before she could complete her ‘WHAT’ Abhi put the tablet in, poured water… made it shut.
With no option Pragya swallowed them making a horrible face and Abhi laughed!

“They are bitter!” Pragya said still shrinking her eyes.
“Will make you better” Abhi smiled and took her in his arms.

“Know what Abhi? I can’t wear your T-shirts and shirts now” Pragya said with a sad face.
“Why? What happened?” Abhi asked surprised. He always admired looking at her, wearing his Ts. ‘She even gained control of his clothes!’ Abhi would think.

“Ha! I will have to wear it for your son also, naa?” Pragya said shyly and Abhi smiled as he realised it!

He gently striked his forehead to hers and both their lips curved into a heart filled smile.

“Where are you taking me now?”
“To the bed”
“No way… I am not sleeping now. Aaliya has brought a new LEHANGA and I am gonna see it”
“You can see it tomorrow”
“Hey, sh…”
“Why are you whispering? Take that finger from your lips… I just get tempted when I see it there… I can’t wait to keep mine there” Abhi said whispering… with a naughty grin.
“Chee…Shut up… always thinking dirty things. Now be silent and listen” Pragya whispered now.

Pragya cupped Abhi’s face and took it near to her baby bump…

“You hear him talking?”
“Stupid… Listen”
“Hmmm… you hear? What is he saying?”
“He says he wants to go to bua!” Pragya starts running away*literally to say, she was walking fast and careful enough to escape from Abhi but it was slow enough that Abhi can catch her!*

But Abhi never did… he simply watched his wife run away, out and smiled.

Bulbul and Aaliya were busy chatting when Pragya entered the room.
“Why are you sweating di?”
“All credits to your jiju! I had to run all the way to not get caught!” Pragya said and looked around for a towel.

Soon she found someone grabbing her hand and rubbing it with their velvet dress… yeah, it was Aaliya.

Pragya smiled and kissed Aaliya’s forehead “Thank you”
“No thank you!” Aaliya said making a frown.

Pragya smiled and went in.

“Di, do you remember the day you came home and told me that you are expecting? It’s like just a day… but see… it’s been nine months! I still remember… you were wearing that pink Anarkali I gifted you and jiju was in his white jacket, black T and his usual jean” Bulbul sad remembering things “And your face glowed like a new bride… know what? I really should appreciate jiju… he actually didn’t let that glow fade…” Bulbul said smiling.

“I know right?” Pragya smiled “If I am happy now, it’s all coz of him… I mean… I am nothing without him… now them” Pragya said caressing her bump.

Purab who was standing out, listened to all this and smiled. Abhi was also there… but he had a joyous tear running through his cheek. He smiled and left to his room.
Sitting on the bed and resting his head on the head board, he closed his eyes…thinking of how all this happened. A smile was still playing in his lips.

A gentle arm slid across his shoulders.
“Such a wonderful past, isn’t it?”
“When did you come Fuggi?” Abhi got up and sat next to her.
“I saw you leaving the room” Pragya smiled.

Abhi was silent a moment. He simply sat, thinking. Pragya stood and gently grabbed his hands and took him somewhere.

“Where are you taking me?” “You will see”

Abhi was walking while Pragya was leading him… but all his thoughts were in the past.

They were married two years ago but it was not the one as the myths depict or fairy tales spin—they had a simple arranged marriage.
Abhi had then started his move towards his passion—music—as a singer. It had been three years and he had ultimately risen into the Rockstar image that he always dreamt of. Pragya was all focused on her dream—study medicine. She had done with all her courses and was working as a surgeon. They accidentally met when Abhi’s Dadi had to undergo her heart surgery. A simple play of destiny made them meet and ultimately got them there. Straight forward… they were in their relationship. Abhi had told everything he wanted her to know and Pragya accepted them, telling her heart out too. They had been very good friends and found solace in each other’s presence… except physical relationship between them, Abhi fulfilled all his husbandly duties while Pragya never failed as a DIL of the Mehra family. But all these were not reasons for the unknown attraction between them. They simply fell for each other and does it need a reason to fall in love?

When they were thinking of ways to confess to one other… time had already paved way for it. It was their first anniversary… it was as if the whole world was celebrating it… that grand was their anniversary celebrations. After the event got over, the couple straight away confessed love to each other with no much drama… but a simple private candle light dinner and a small romantic couple dance. Then, Abhi had gently took her to their room where they shared all their cheesy weesy talks…all the night they spent chit chatting and knowing more about one another… more intimately. Things never went rushed, and they took all their time to spend with each other… eventually they became two love sick teenagers! Helplessly in love with one another they were and they never failed to accept that…also never tried hide that—with one another. They took their marriage to the next step and now they are gonna be three!

A simple but beautiful story, isn’t it?

Still with that smile playing on his lips and memories playing in his mind, Abhi was blindly following the lead of his love. She made a sudden brake and he almost dashed her. Thank god, she knew Abhi would be in dreamland and had therefore protected herself with her hands!

“Sorry… are you alright?” Abhi gently caught hold of her. “Hmm…” she said and gestured him to look around.

Abhi smiled and took Pragya in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and laid her head on his chest. He climbed the stairs took her to the terrace. Placing her on the chaise longue there, he sat beside her… rather, lay beside her with his heads on her lap and hands on her bump. Pragya gently stroked his hairs.

Suddenly, “Should I share my lap with my son?” he asked pointing her lap.
“Of course… will you fight with him?” Pragya asked bewildered!
“No way… no sharing!” Abhi shrunk his brows.
“You should” Pragya ordered.
“Haan…? Then if he comes you will love him more than me?” Abhi asked with an innocent face.
“Come on Abhi… he is OUR son” Pragya tried to make him understand.
“Whatever… I don’t want to fight you. We will play toss and then decide. Now WE will spend time” he said hugging her.

Pragya could do nothing but smile. She very well knew that Abhi is one man who can be unpredictably kiddish or impossibly mature… she loves them both! She again went back to caressing his hairs while he was busy playing with her fingers. After what felt like eternity, Abhi spoke.
“Enough… I am sleepy. Stop your ways of passing time and escaping sleep. Come with me” he said and got up. Pragya had already slept!

He smiled and tucked her hairs behind and started drifting into his romantic side… cool night… full moon… gentle breeze… but, sleeping wife! He puffed, disappointed and she awoke.
“Sorry… if I disturbed you” Abhi said looking everywhere but her.

“We will go to our room” she said while he took her in his arms even before.

Abhi sat on the bed and rested his head on the head board while Pragya rested hers on his chest.
“Tell me some story” “You are not a child Fuggi” “Abhi!!” “Ok… by this my son will also listen”

Saying so, Abhi started his story… “Once upon a time there lived a Rockstar and a doctor. The Rockstar was a well renowned hotty while the doctor was also a well renowned but a cutie!…” Abhi smiled to himself at his statement and went on gently caring her hairs.

When he was about to finish, he saw her drifted into sleep, already.
“AND THEN THERE WERE THREE” Abhi completed his story and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Good night Fuggi” he whispered.
“Good night Abhi” she said in her sleep.

Abhi smiled and soon drifted to sleep…


So, an OS from my side guys… you very well know that I always come back with an OS after I take a break… so, one more silly thing added to the list. Sorry if it was so silly… just like your silly Ani!
But…frankly saying I don’t know from where these pop out! Can’t help!
And I know, I told I will be back by Tuesday, but I couldn’t… sorry for that. CD and IM will be there soon.
So… coming to this, give your comments and let me know how it was… both positive and negative comments welcome… even if it’s a one line comment, will be so glad to have them… all that matters is the love you drop in…
Love you all…

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