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So guys did you see the past few episodes of Suhani Si Ek Ladki, I felt really sorry for Yuvraaj.
Okay, now on the main part of the article Thoughts on Suhani (My perspective)

* I think Suhani always tries to be great, that’s why she always gets in trouble.
* Suhani always saves Soumya, even though she committed mistakes
* She never understands Yuvraaj, like she left Yuvraaj, because Yuvraaj said so, Yuvraaj never meant to, because he was covered with emotions of his sister’s death.
* She always lets Sambhav to come on her house, that doesn’t mean that Sambhav can take over her husbands place.
* She never visited Yuvraaj, because of her ego, she even knew where Yuvraaj lives, but Yuvraaj never knew where Suhani lived.
* On 22nd July 2016 episode, she married Yuvraaj, she would have believed Yuvraaj if she truly loves him and what she did is disbelieved Yuvraaj and married Sambhav.

Credit to: Natasha

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  1. Ruksy

    i think suhani has changed from a sweet fun girl to an egoistic stuck up person because of the birla family mainly because of the hate she gets from dadi, rags, menka and even her best friend soumya.

  2. Ruksy

    could you write thougts on yuvraj and evil dadi

  3. Aqsxxh

    Suhani isn’t the same person anymmore… i am not watching this until i see a change

  4. Words can’t discribe how suhani take on the situation she assume too much on what she doesnt knows and didn’t have a clue on her actions I can’t say yuaraaj is does right but she should know better for the sake of her Son she shouldn’t have let sumbahv marry her for her kids sake she should have corrected the situation now things are messed up and now where will ssel go from here I hope this is not another tail spin cuz I can’t take another one I honestly wanted her to marry yuaraaj to expose dadi rags menka and somaya for who they are and don’t hold back on the good. As a number one fan I’m disappointed in my favorite character.

  5. Presently suhani has changed a lot and I am losing interest in this serial suhani always covers up for soumya even if she is wrong and she has turned egoistic

  6. I agree with all your points,,,Suhani and yuvi never tried to understand each other

  7. This is a show, so why do WE care so much. Weather Suhani and Yuvraj get back together or NOT.

    The question is we all have to ask ourselves.
    For me, what I see is that two people that should have NOT GOT TOGETHER in the first place!
    These two people is a disaster as a couple. Yuvraj didn’t want Suhani as his wife. So he treated her badly, he tried to get rid of her. Then one year later Yuvraj is in love with Suhani.
    The problem with this is, Suhani was so blindly in love with Yuvraj, from the beginning. That she has lost her self respect.
    This cause the Birla family, including Yuvraj to walk all over her.
    When you are blindly in love, you well make mistake. Suhani tried so hard to get approval from Dadi, as well from Yuvraj. But the problem with this is that Dadi made sure, with the help of Menka and Rags. Made Suhani look stupid in Yuvraj eyes.
    Even when Suhani provided proof that Dadi, Manka and Rags did the doing.
    Sadly in Yuvraj eyes Suhani is the idiot, Suhani is the problem.

    Suhani never got the support that she needed from Yuvraj.
    Yuvraj treat his own mother as idiot, because Dadi made sure of it. Yuvraj blindly love Dadi. This mean no matter WHAT she does. Yuvraj always support Dadi. If Pratma can’t come between them. Nor can Suhani.
    So what do this do, Yuvraj put Suhani down, he put her in her place. This is called Mental Abuse.
    Suhani is so scared that she even doesn’t know it.
    Suhani wants Yuvraj to equally RESPECT her, but in her heart she knows that she not going to get it.
    This is what happened when you lose yourself respect. No one else respect you.
    Because Suhani lost herself respect, her own family as well her best friend treat her like an idiot.
    The only salvation for Suhani is to walk out of Yuvraj life for good.
    She lost respect from her closest family because of Yuvraj. Suhani must not loses respect from her children.
    This is what is best for her. Suhani needs to put oxygen in her lung first. Suhani need to put herself first, before she can help others.

    So for me, I see a abuse woman who made a mistake for loving a man that did not deserves her heart. I see my many friends, my sister, my mother and as well as myself.
    This consent abuse has to STOP. I know that it’s only women suffer abuse. Men also suffer abuse as well as children.

    1. and you explained it really well. i totally agree with you

      1. Thank You. You know it might be a TV show that I wrote about.
        But I hope that this well help you and everyone else, in real life.
        To lose one self respect, is to lose one self.
        That what my mother told me. I hope that this helps.

  8. NAPSHa J

    Sorry Natasha but I don’t agree with u.. The new Suhani is another Yuvraj..
    *believes whatever she sees in front of her eyes
    *doesn’t give explanation to anybody to justify herself
    *speaks on the face even if it hurts others
    *has self-respect
    The old Suhani was exactly the opposite..

    Yuv considers soumya as a close friend who helped him in the last 6 years.. Same is the case with subhav..

    As u said, suhani didn’t meet him for 6 years, I don’t think shez the first lead actress who has done that.. Also, why didn’t yuv try to find her, at least to question her regarding their just-born daughter?

    I agree she trusted soumya, saajan, etc and got into trouble.. But what about yuv?? He trusts dadi, the love of his life.. Again and again he trusts her no matter what she does..

    If u wana blame suhani, blame yuvraj too..

  9. Lucy, I agree with you its high time dadi the witch and her followers including greedy soumia should be exposed and punished.I am fedup of the cat and mouse chase

    1. Thank You again.

  10. natasha….mistakes are happened both sides… mistakes happened by yuvraj oly.. he trust devils words not suhani now
    suhani did the mistakes of trusting other except yuvraj..

    yuvan and yuvani both are kids am not blaming childs… cz they are innocents…

    suhani was right now track suhani sambhav.. not birla … …

    love is made by trusting oly not in egooo.. ..

  11. Firstly Dadi created lots of Suhani cannot become mother etcetc…than when turned up with one child…why did Yuvraj And Pratima not find Suhani and asked her the reason for leaving???why is it that they did not know where Suhani was …how did Bhavna and Sharad found her and moved with her ..after all Yuvraj and Sharad were close.Secondly Suhani was nearer the end of her pregnancy…where was Yuvraj??sorry but mourning the death of his sister whom they did not know existed..until Suhani found her and again why was Dadi forgiven for such a hideous crime..Yuvraj can forgive Dadi but not the woman he loves and the mother of his children??,is this right for any man to do??Ego destroys life.Yes Suhani has faults but why does she have to justify every time.Yuvraj has been the one not willing to listen always assumes and blames her..cannot see Soumya wrong 6 yrs what has he learnt about Soumya..nothing.Why is he always it a man’s right to be angry towards the woman he loves??Love should have understanding .trust.ability to feel each others pain.longing to be together.have the guts to stand united against all odds.I am soory but Yuvraj has been very negative..not once he has tried talking civily to Suhani.Suhani on the other hand lost herself in her emotion and the guilt..cos Yuvraj has accused her of ALL bad things in Birla house..Suhani is losing self respect..and stupidly defending her shameless friend Soumya..why does Yuvraj not see what he has done.Can any woman accept husband living with their friend in the same bedroom???Too many question Yuvraj ,Pratima and Saurabh needs to find answers to.Suhani needs time to thinks things through and walk high and mighty to Birla,s their place.Suhani needs to cut ties with Soumya ..don’t need friends like her..Writer need to come up with some love respect expose evilness very soon .

  12. You are right If this was in real life, no one would have stand for it.
    Also this abuse.
    They need to have good quality writers. Someone that can give you entertainment and as well educational.
    Peoples don’t understand what life is.
    Or how they should act, what I mean by this look at what the writers are doing. The are making strong women bad, right. Well you and I know that Is not true.
    We don’t understand how TV can influence people. Show like this can make or break community.

    1. Oh yes as well as family.

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