Thorns Turning Into Roses (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5……
Swara’s POV……
Its been evening and I am watching Barbie Formosa in Disney channel. I can see Ragini looking at me in amuse.
Swaru I thought you are a big women but you are smaller than a kid she said and laughed at me.
Ragini I don’t like those action movies except my Siddhu’s movies I said and winked at her. She came and sat with me.
Oh so ur dream boy Siddharth right Ragini asked and nodded No.
What then who is that she asked.
Ragini I believe on Love After Marriage concept I said and she looked at me in confusion
Ok listen you said that your bhai knows everything about you na

Haan Swaru but what is the connection
Like that my Maa and Dharun knows everything about me so I decided that whomever they chose for me they will think thousand times so I will love that person with my whole heart I said.

Ok but you will have some dreams na Ragini asked and I said.
Ok listen first he should love me like he does his family, he should respect my wishes, he should tease me like a brother and care me like a father totally he should be like Dharun I said and Ragini hits her forehead.
I know I will be like 80’s girl but this is my belief I said and shifted my gaze to the TV.
I heard car sound and turned off the TV. And started to read some magazine.
Sanskar and Laksh came inside. Ragini and I stood up. Laksh gave his bag to Ragini and I took it from Sanskar. I walked inside to keep it in the study room. When I came out I heard laughing sound and saw Laksh laughing. Me and Ragini walked and saw TV turned on. OMG I didn’t changed the channel.
Rago from when you started watching this Laksh asked Ragini showing Barbie movie.
Laksh stop it, Its Swaru not me Ragini said and I looked at her in fake anger. I saw Sanskar controlling his laugh.

So Bhabhi you watch Disney Channel great Laksh said and laughed.

Sanskar’s POV…..
After the tiring day I sat on the couch and turned on the TV to watch BIG BOSS show. But what I saw is a Disney Channel where Barbie movie is going on. Seeing it Laksh started laughing because I only use this or sometimes Ragini. When Laksh asked her she said Shona saw it. Her face is pouted hearing Ragini. Oh those lips and I controlled my laugh and Laksh laughed like an idiot.

Stop it Laksh Shona set the dinner I will come in 20 minutes I said and she nodded.
I came up and saw my room is totally different. It is really arranged neatly. I saw my causals kept on the bed. A smile crept on my lips but I controlled myself. I changed into them and gone down to see Shona shivering like hell. I saw her gaze travelling somewhere and saw TV. In it there is horrible killing scene is going on. I ran to her and she is shivering like hell.
Shona look at me damn look at me I said shaking her.

Please leave me don’t kill me she mumbled.
Shona open your eyes I screamed and she opened her eyes and hugged me tightly. Ragini and Laksh came there hearing me. Laksh turned it off and Swara didn’t leave me.
Please ji it will kill me it will she said hugging me tightly. I tried to console her but then the grip loosened. Then I saw her fainting.
Shona….. Shona I patted her face.
Bhai take her to the room I will call Doc Ragini said.

Laksh bring Dharun here Ok I said and took her to the room.

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