Thorns Turning Into Roses (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4…….
Sanskar’s POV……
This Dharun I would have killed him if he is not Shona’s brother. He doesn’t give a damn to me when I asked Shona’s hand. But now I am feeling nice because I am free of guilt that was around me. But what about the guilt of Shona Sanskar my mind retarded me. I wiped off and starts working. I am damn hungry. After seeing those scenes in the morning I didn’t ate my breakfast. I heard a knock.
Yes come in I said without moving my eyes from the laptop. I smelled sweet light rose flavor. Gosh so tempting. I can hear the payal sound which is shaking heavily. I know its her. Thanks Ragini I thanked my pyaari behen in my mind.

Why did you come here Shona I asked her in stern voice.
Vo… Sanskar ji Ragini told me you wont be hungry for so long so I brought food for you and Laksh she said.
What the hell she calls Laksh by his name and me as Sanskar ji.

Oh arrange it on the table I will come now I said and she walked to the table. I kept on seeing her. The way she holds her saree and her hair which is flowing like a river. When she took the spoons out her bangles made some sound. Her face lit up hearing it and she smiled widely. God her smile is so beautiful. She looked at me and I acted like I am busy. She started playing the spoons with her bangles. She became a 5 year kid and her smile is million dollar one.
Ahem Ahem I made some sound and I sat down on the table. She served my favorite pasta and some juice. I looked at her in amusement.

Ragini told me you like this she said to me with her eyes fixed on the floor.
But its quite difficult to cook Ragini got success after several attempts I said keeping the first bite. I got tears in eyes. It is just like how many Maa cooked. She adds a special ingredient which Ragini doesn’t even know but this girl. I wiped my tears and ate it fastly. She looked at me like I am an alien.
How you know this recipe I asked her after gulping down the juice.
Ji Dharun and Keerti like this very much so I learned it for them she said and starts packing up.
Did you added dried tomatoes in it I asked her and she nodded. But how do you know it I asked further.

Vo one day fresh tomatoes where not in our house and I saw Maa kept dried tomatoes in the jar. Dharun don’t like full tomatoes in the dish so crushed it and you know what Sanskar ji Dharun ate all this without giving anyone she whinned happily but that glow starts fading.
I am going she said and left the place.

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