Thorns Turning Into Roses (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3…….

Swara’s POV…..
The sun rays fell on me and I opened my eyes slowly. God I wish you to take care of my family. I tried to get up but I couldn’t. My whole body is paining like hell. I couldn’t get up but finally with support I got up and saw the man who killed my body and soul is getting ready. I am totally naked and buried myself under the comforter. He took the intercom.
Ragini come to my room now he said and I thanked God.
I will be waiting down come in 10 minutes and I don’t like people coming late he said and left. I don’t like people coming late I imitated him in my mind. Then Ragini came inside and saw the room. I looked down and she sighed heavily. She cleared the room and saw that net dress tore off and dropped it in the dustbin.
She helped me to wrap myself and slowly took me to washroom and opened the warm water. I felt immense pleasure and she gone out. I opened the sheet and saw so many marks all over my body. I felt irritation and saw fresh bite on my shoulder. I bathed and came out in bathrobe. Ragini applied ointment on the wound.
I know Swara… I interrupted her.

Swaru call me Swaru because whenever you speak I feel my Maa is around me and tears welled up in my eyes.
Swaru I know whatever happened is happened I tried so many ways to stop Bhai from doing this but he didn’t listened me. I don’t know how to console you but one thing is don’t make him weak again Ragini said and I listened to her. Weak he only made me weak to be with him. Ragini pressed a button and a door opened beside the entrance. I am spell bound to look at it. So many sarees, bangles, jumkas, slippers. Ragini took a red saree and gave it to me.
Bhai told me you like sarees and bangles very much so I designed it personally press this button beside your table and it will open Ragini said and hand over the saree. I ran my hand over the bangles and one bangle red with navy blue colour caught my eye and I weared it slowly and shaked it to hear the sound. Ragini laughed at me and I pouted.
You are so pure and innocent Swaru she said caressing my face. She took me down and I saw Maa, Papa, Dharun and Keerti sitting with Sanskar and Laksh Ragini’s husband.
I ran and hugged Maa tightly and cried out which I holded back long. I can see Dharun. His head and hand had bandages. I caressed his wounds and cried.

Its all because of me right I said and he nodded No.
Didi Keerti called me and I took her in my arms.
I can clearly see her fear seeing Sanskar and tapped her head to calm her down.
So Mr. Roy I think you are now happy to see your daughter happy Sanskar said to Papa.
Bhai plz…. Ragini said to Sanskar.
Swaru Dharun told us everything why you took such a big decision huh Maa asked me.
You all are my everything Maa if you are all happy by my sacrifice means I will do it with pleasure I said and wiped her tears.
Didi will you come with me and stay like before Keerti asked cutely. What else this 9 year old child will know.
Keerti no I cant come with you but I will meet you whenever you want I said and gave her to Dharun who is hell angry on Sanskar.
I think your family time is over If she want Lucky will get you here Ok Laksh drop them safely Sanskar said and that’s it some men came and Laksh led them out. Finally I saw my Maa and Papa but Papa didn’t even talked to me and it ached my heart. I hugged Ragini and cried my heart out.

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