Thorns Turning Into Roses (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2……….
Swara’s POV……
Devil Beast Stupid Nonsense Brat I cursed him in my mind. The minute he opened the closet. I made faces. It is fully filled with short dresses. I hate short dresses. I love traditional dresses but Dharun insisted me wear modern dress so I wear jeans and kurti only. But these dresses are disgusting.
Now I washed myself and shampooed my hair and dried my hair with towel and folded my lehenga neatly. I weared that red dress. God this dress is fully netted and reached it above my knees. It is transparent. Tears are rolling down from my eyes. I wrapped the dupatta covering me and went outside.

This Witch is in his vest and tracks. I lowered my gaze. I am only comfortable to see my Bhai like this. I can feel his rage raising up.
Remove that dupatta he raised his voice but I kept on holding it tightly.
I said remove it he shouted and I jumped off.
I heard knock on the door. God plz it must be Ragini. Sanskar took the intercom and said.
Lucky take your wife from here before I do something and keeps it back. And the knock is dropped off.
He came death close to me and removed my dupatta and threw it on the floor. I tried to cover myself but all gone in vain. He ran his fingers all around me and I kept standing there helplessly.

Sanskar’s POV……
Gosh she is incredible. Her every curve is visible to me. I ran my fingers on her and the water droplets dropping from her hair. I smelled her scents and held her close to me. The manhood inside me is raising up and I slowly took her to bed and lied her slowly. She is such a fragile. I came on her and smirked at her.
She is shivering in fear and the most I liked in her is her fearful face. I came close to her but she kept on moving her face and struggling to get out of my grip. This made me angry. I grabbed her face and sucked her hard and she hits me hard but it doesn’t affect me. Finally she gave up and I parted. She closed her eyes and gripped the strap of my vest.
Look at me Shona I said but she didn’t opened them.

I said open your eyes and look at me I said and she opened in fear.
What you said I am a whore and sl*t right and then haan cheap bastard then let me show you what is cheap and whore I said and snuggled in her neck and started biting and chewing her.

Please leave me she cried but I didn’t cared of it. I tore her dress as it is a net. She gasped and tried to cover herself with hands but I holded them above her. I started to enter into her. She shouted in pain but I sealed them with my kiss. She is so hard really hard to enter because she is so pure and I like to crack hard. I tried hard to enter her and her moan raised the devil in me. Finally after big battle I entered into her. It’s a beautiful feeling that I never ever had before. I can hear her panting sound as now I am panting. Tears are rolling down her eyes but this time I wiped them. And this night ends with me on her.

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