Thorns Turning Into Roses (Chapter 1)


Hello friends another story of mine. This one is like very close to me. I am writing this story for past three months so I think you all like it.

Chapter 1……..
This night is going to be long really long I am Swara Roy standing in this king size room which is filled with sweet smells of jasmine, rose and lilies. And the bed is designed with rose in S and S. I am standing near the window holding my family photo and my family is Dharun my Bhai and my little behan Keerti. My Papa and Maa would have disowned me by now. I cried holding it near my chest. I am wearing a simple lehenga. I am a new bride and these things are for my first night.
Hearing the door opening sound I held back my breath. Every second hearing the foot sound near me my hand starts shivering and I folded my hands tightly to make it normal. My body starts burning feeling him near me.
Darling you smells delicious he said and I started to move away from him but he caged me in his arms.

By now you have got to know Sanskar Mehra will not leave his target I will get it by any means he said.
Yes he is Sanskar Mehra. The most cruel person in this world. For him I am not a human but just a target. I want to jump off from this window but for that also I want his permission.
Permission is not granted Dear Shona he said playing with my hair strands.
Ww…what I asked him with choked voice.
You wanted to fall off from here na its not that easy he said and trailed his fingers from my shoulder to fingers. He opened my folded fingers.
Why me I asked crying.
Oh ho Shona 2 years since 2 years I am following you and you insulted me like hell he said and turned me grabbing my hair.

Sanskar’s POV……
God She is really a greek goddess the hairs that are falling on her face those tearful eyelids. I hate those tears in her eyes. What am I thinking I want to see these tears only na. And her trembling lips. They are so tempting. I smashed my lips on hers. First I chewed her both lips but after tasting it like I have started biting it. She tried to push me but I carried her to the bed and pressed her down with me on her top without breaking the kiss. After a long time I parted and panted heavily. Suddenly the insult she did came over me and I saw her fearful face. I grabbed her face near me and she is shivering in fear.

No Please leave me she pleaded me.
For this only I have been waiting and don’t make my mood off Shona I said and stood up. Swara also stood with me. I took her to the wardrobe and opened it. I can really see her face becoming pale. I took a red fully netted short dress. Yes the whole wardrobe is filled with short dress.
Perfect You know what Shona this is the first dress I bought for you I said and gave her the dress.

Now go and get ready in this dress and come soon Ok I ordered her and she left to washroom. I changed myself in a simple black vest and white tracks. I heard bathroom opening sound and saw her coming wrapping the dupatta covering her fully.

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