Thorn among the Roses

JUST like everyday,today was no different.A sleeping figure in the bed,coiled up with her pillows on either side refused the wakeup call
the more she denies the more she is thronged to wake up
The rays never bothered her sleep,thanks to her lovely curtains but her only weakness here was the fan which her dad switches off.

she thought while still trying to sleep more,”i wish 5 more minutes meant 1 more hour”and
she finally gave in to the reality,left her dreamy world and welcomed her irritating routine but with a grin.her eyes had a new aura today her dreams made her feel lively today
she is priya,the young teen,who is still on the self discovery mode but damn! her laziness always comes in her way.
she springs up from her bed and knock on her doors,” HEY come out of your room we are getting late! her dad reminded her,she just rolled her
eyes and took 15 long minutes to finally come out and searched for her dad
,well she could sense his taunts on her way and she was anticipating and all her father did was raised his brows to point to the wall clock which showed 6 am..
her father”s face was round and slightly edged at the chin and his expressions felt affectionate yet so tough,the frowns in his face and smile accompanied was indeed very unique

she always wanted to be her daddys princeess and pampered by him she wanted but she never could be one she though there was always a wall between them sometimes,her heart demanded al ot and her mind knew it could nt be fulfilled and she sighed,whew! when will she really win this race,she made her mind to defeat the clock the next time,only to forget abut it later
.with uncombed hair that covered her face she felt the warm sun on her face and mad eher way with socks in her hands and specs placed over her shirt
she marched towards the stairs and got into the car,she felt clumsy but managed till she reached her coaching centre,she got down and was
rehearsing her moves as how and why she got late today if her teacher asked her,”Hey i wish i could be on time but whats the use Class wont
start on time so its not a prob she told herself
and took her place besides her friend ashwita who waved at her weirdly her friend ashwita who always reserved a seat for her was tomboyish,she always felt she should have been a boy but see god’s play he wrapped a bike with pink papers and ribbons and sent her to her parents,:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
this is my first try its a story of a regular life,webbed in a unregular girl who dont feels related when she tries to discover herself.please do tell me whether i should continue it or not? positive and negative feedbacks are accepted,feel free to comment thankyou

Credit to: varika


  1. rishi

    Hey I think its too simple. and I don’t want anyone telling me that I’m lying or anything.because guys I dnt like giving fake hopes anyways there are so many ffs so no one really say anything than positive feedback.dnt feel bad and being a reader is more awesome! Sorry if I you find my words offensive.its for your good girl
    I don’t want to hurt you vatika but I just wanted to you to

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