Thorn among the Roses 2


priya was just gazing at he door and waiting for her sir to come and thats when she saw arun,
she tried to look upto his eyes but she never could,she never really wanted to,afraid of her fluttering heart which was like a butterfly and never settles on flower,
she was afraid of her mind afraid of the possibility of waking her old crush which was lost somewhere,his eyes were always shiny and honest to her and she was fond of such eyes,
it was four years ago when she saw those black pearls which made her float on air with blushes covering her cheeks
arun entered the class and priya steathily stole a few glances oh him.
he too always lowered his eyes while passing by and his face showed expressions which she couldnt really comphrehend,
she then just left her thoughts and made a mental note that he doesnt likes her anymore,she used to be the prettiest girl once and
she was reserved person , she still is and many mistaken it her to be her headweight,
which made priya sad but her mind never allowed her to explain to others
for she always believed that judging people from far was not right and
maybe they will realise on their own,
she always used to feel inferior complex for she was not a person who emoted her feelings well
,she always tried to be hard and not let anyone come closer,she didnt want anyone to judge her
.she was lost in all these thoughts
when suddenly her friend poked her
and she realized she was in her world again
.she was now not pretty like she used to be, credit goes to all the weight she had put on weight as a rebel to the
norms formed by the so called social circles as well as to her cooking
.for her food was a experience
,a sensation which she wanted to devour
and she became careless skipped exercises for extra sleep extra tv extra reading time…
but she did feel bad abut her transformation, just sometimes!
she had friends who made her feel comfortable.
class got over and she wondered what did she learn today?!
she marched to her car where her lil bro was smirking
she felt something fishy :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
i know guys im boring you with this unromantic type of story if anyone wants i will continue writing or else i will be back to my reader life hehehee .take care and smile ladies cos smile is the prettiest curve!

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  1. Wich episode is this ??? If any earlier episodes PLZ give the linklink ….

  2. u can find first part in page 8

  3. u can find first part in page 8 but i suggest u not to read it as im going to stop writing this ff

  4. Y varika y r u stopping …. PLZ DONT do so….

  5. Plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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