Thoda pyaar thoda magic (intro)

Guys I stopped my last ff as I was going simply nowhere… dis is my next ff ….It has complete fiction. …hope you enjoy it….
The screen opens on a photo
It’s Kavita
Sanskar (crying )..why kavi why ..u did this to me ….I loved u so much …but u?? I have started hating u….I trusted you. …but y kavi???
He looks up – why God ….y u did this to me….I hate u …..can’t anyone help me? ?? He cries loudly ?
Scene shifts to a lawn….
Laksh is sitting there drinking alcohol
He is also crying..
Laksh- y Ragini how could u do dis to me …I always loved you but…u played with my feelings. …Rags u pay for it….I HATE YOU
next scene is in a room
A girl is crying holding a cushion
Ragini – Why Laksh y I loved u so much but u played with my feelings
You first taught me how to beg but then u taught how a beggar must be treated. ..I Hate you Laksh…

A man is seen smiling and looking at crying faces of Ragsanlak. …
Man – well time has come to send a beautiful angel in their lives. ..he smiles thinking about her….
Episode ends
Guys life is not a bed of roses. ..It has many thorns wen we get fade up of life magic enter….It makes our lives magical. …We just have to wait for our Angeles
Precap-the angel comes….
Hope you all enjoy it

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  1. Nice…but plz make it long..

  2. Intro is awesome…

  3. awesome… so nyc…

  4. It reminds me of The movie thoda pyar thoda magic???please continue it seems interesting.

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