Thoda pyaar thoda magic (episode 2)

Hello guys thanks for ur support. …I guess I will continue. …hope you all enjoy it
The scene starts with Shekhar Gadodia entering with Shona….she is wearing a light pink T top with white short skirt which ends above her knees….she is looking so cute!!
Shekhar – beta pls sit in that room…I have some work
Shona-sure uncle…
She goes inside Ragini ‘s room
Sumi- Shekhar who is she??
Shekhar- that’s wat I wanna talk to you. ..let’s go in the lawn…
Shona is alone in the house wen Ragini enters after her jogging
Dad?? Mom??? She screams
Un the room Shona gets frightened
Shona – in mind what the he’ll! !! Is she even a human???
At that time Ragini enters the room she does not notice Shona and turns to go and then freezes…she slowly turns and looks at Shona
Ragini – who the hell are you and wat are u doing in my room????
Shona(damn scared )- I I …
Ragini -pls blurt it out before I kick u out of this house…
Shona- I am Shona. ..No Swara ….yes yes Swara Bose. ..yes yes
Ragini -are u sure…I mean u don’t look sure
Swara-yep I am sure…
Ragini -Gr8 then but do l know you
Shekar enters -she is your cousin Lodoo
Ragini-wat the he’ll! !!
Shekhar – beta pls come with me…
Swara is once again alone
Oh God why did I even come here …she was so rude how can she enter the room without knocking. ..well swara, it’s her own room…but still one can be a bit polite right????
I hate these humans. …Swara a wat are u saying….u love loving right? ??any way who is this Swara….u r Shona
But u made up a good name…she says while tapping her back

In the lawn
Shekhar – Rags She is ur cousin okay. ..I know u never met her….she was in London u see she has come to India due to a few problems. ..Please co-operate…dear
..and yaar she was a princess…she doesn’t know about our lifestyle. ..pls treat her royally. ..
Ragini -sure…dad…but I won’t be sweet with her any way which room is she going to be in….All rooms are full..
She will use ur room…no objections pls
He leaves. ..leaving her dumbstruck
She then goes to her room Swara is sitting at the same place. ..
Ragini – so I am Ragini. …u are gonna stay in this room…so better know these things
1 never dare to involve in my matter
2 keep your distance
3 don’t talk much
4 mind ur own business
5 1/3 room is urs other is mine .
6 keep ur things in your part
7 that bed is urs and this is mine
8 and lastly don’t expect a sorry from me
Swara- sure
Ragini – Now please excuse me
Swara- you are excused! !!!
Rag gives Swara a weird look
She leaves the room and then again comes back
Ragini – err Swara do u want some breakfast? ??
Swara- thanks dear…pls I would like to have it in this room….If you don’t mind. ..
Ragini – wtf I do mind…better come and have it ur self.
She leaves. ..Swara follows her quietly ..
She sits on the chair…and waits for Ragini to serve Shekhar enters he takes out a milk bottle and drinks directly…and both eat while standing…
Swara just stares at them in mind…who eats like this…yucky
Ragini takes her bag and starts leaving
Swara- Ragini were are u going? ?
Ragini-to skull wanna come
Swara- I would love to….but I don’t have any books…..let’s go for shopping? ?
Ragini – firstly I mean college. ..and no books are needed only ur body and your brain. ..Secondly abt shopping…I would have loved to go but alas. …no one sells a brain…u see u will need one
Saying that she storms out and goes towards her bus…
Swara follow
Driver – who is she Rags???
Ragini – my cousin unfortunately
Driver- Ok dear find seats if u can
They both sit in utter silence
Swara(in her mind)- Ragini I don’t know why u are so sad….but i will surely find it…but now let’s meet the other two Sadus
She looks out of the windows

Precap – san lak meet our angel…same college. ..

Hope you all liked it….pls COMMENT. …
LOVE you all…keep reading. .

Credit to: Ashlon


  1. Jyoti

    Hey ragini remembered me selena gomez in a film just don’t remember the title but ya today’s epi was the same…nice

  2. sumi

    its awesome.. being a angel..being god’s daughter she is well treated by rags. hahahaha… what if god cruse her??

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