Thoda pyaar thoda magic (episode 1)

Hello everyone. today is our angel’s entry hope you like it
Man smiles thinking about her he is dressed in white clothes
A beautiful girl is standing beside him
She is also a fairy
And the man is God
Girl-dad …..wat do you think. …who must be sent???
God -well sweet heart only a girl who can make ppl laugh must be sent
Girl- dad…are u talking about Shona? ?
Before the God can say anything ppl scream NOOOO NOOOO PLS
from background

Here many fairies are at someone with faces struck with horror
Soon a star come in there direction. ..All duck and the star hits the girl who was talking with God
The face of the thrower is revealed
The girl is soon cute and beautiful! !!
She has huge deep brown eyes. …adorning her cute little expression
She is wearing a white coloured gown and her hair in form of loose curls are floating around her.
She is none other than Shona
Shona-oi oops di….. wat is this …pls see and walk……saying this she vanishes
Dad for ur sake pls don’t send her she is soon immature! !!!
God-he smiles. …sweetheart she is not immature. …she just follows her heart and forgets her brain…
Girl-as if she has any…
God- come on Roshani. ..I heard u let’s go and convince her
They enter a palace

Shona is sitting there
God-so how is my princess? ??
Shona- she is bored my prince
Rosh- Shona wat the he’ll. ..Prince? ??he is ur dad
Shona -oh Roshani di that’s why I said prince and not devil
God-leave it u both Shona tom I want you to go on earth
Shona- really dad.??? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
God- come I will tell you. ..
Roshani -dad should I alter someone ‘s memory? ??
God -try Shekhar Gadodia
And Shona only one year….

Precap-Ragini….ur cousin came

Rags- WAT THE ?

I know it’s very boring tell me wether I should continue or not….I won’t write ahead if don’t want me to

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  1. No yrr its intresting and yaa difff from all

  2. so nyc…. awesome

  3. Wow ur its really interesting nd different from other make swasan plz nd make swasan meeting fast
    I think swasan will not going to be one at last because sanky is human nd swara is angel rgt she is dead I think but it will be more interesting nD emotional

  4. Awesome….please continue…..

  5. very much extraordinary. . its awesome.. loved it..

  6. Its really awesome please continue

  7. Nice continue soon

  8. Wow. It’s very interesting. Always wanted like this ff. Continue dear.

  9. Ye tho rani mukerji ka film ka story he

  10. Wow different concept ..

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