This is LIFE


Everyone says life is unexpected but my belief is peoples are also very unexpected. All have different take on different situations. Some people take light matters in serious way while some people laugh away even serious matters. Similarly some people make hell out of small pain while some face mountains of sorrow but did not utter a single word to others. This is life. Yeah i beleive that pains, sorrows and difficulties are part of life. The small moments spent with our family is life, to fight with our siblings is life, to love them is life, to be teased by friends is life, to be scolded by father on coming late home is life, to be protected by mother from papa’s scoldings is life, to be loved by all is life but life not only surrounds our family or friends, sometimes we encounter some strangers and unknowingly they become our part of life and sometimes become special more than our own family and important more than our lives. But when these important persons misunderstood us , it pains alot , it hurts but again its life, somewhere deep in our hearts we knows that person loves us. To face hatred of loved ones is life, to gain the lost love is life, to get someone special is life, to do friendship is life, at the end i will also say that to be generous is also life, to be kind is life, in short to live happily is life, to live for other’s happiness is life , to give others happiness is life , to others let live in peace and with happiness is life.
So live and let others live LIFE.

raat ke andheeray mein kisi nee sargoshi ki
chaan nay phir nikal kar baat ki
darakhtoon ne bhi dekhey ek dusrey key chehray
phoolon ne bhi herrangi zahir ki
pata chala sab hi hain ek jawab ki talash mein
mein ne bhi sawal ko dhoondney ki koshish ki
zindagi kiya hai ? kisi ne sargooshi ki
mein ne bhi soch bechar ki is ke jawab ki

achanak chehray per muskaan ayi
jab jhonka laga ek yaad ka damag par
mukra kar keh uthi mein han yahi zindagi hai
apnon ke sath betaye din
apnoon ke sath guzari raateein
woh meri maa ka mujhe seenay se laga kar mujhe pyar karna
woh meray baba ka meray sar par shafqat bhara hath pherna
woh meray behn bhaioon ka mujhey satana
woh dostoon key sath mazay urana
woh geron ko apna bana
woh apon ko paraya honay se rokna
haan yahi toh zindagi hai
hanstay hanstay ro parna
aur phir rotay rotay khil khila uthna
yahi toh zindagi hai
haan yahi toh zindagi hai

Din pareshan hai, raat bhaari hai
Zindagi hai ke phir bhi pyaari hai
Kya tamasha hai, kab se jaari hai
Zindagi hai ke phir bhi pyaari hai
Din pareshan hai

Day(s) is (are) worrisome, Night(s) is(are) difficult
The life is still a beloved,
what is this show (joke), and since how long it has been going on,
The life is still loved,
the days are worrisome..

Is kahani ko kaun rokega
Umar yeh saari kaun sochega
kaun sochega
Saath kaati hai ya guzaari hai
Zindagi hai ke phir bhi pyaari hai

Who will stop this story,
who’ll think this whole life,
who’ll think..
whether have passed it happily or just managed to pass it together,
the life is still a beloved..

Rangon se kahoon lakeeron se kahoon
Maili maili si tasveeron se kahoon
Tasveeron se kahoon
Beqaraari si, beqaraari hai
Zindagi hai ke phir bhi pyaari hai
Din pareshan hai

Raat bhari hai
Zindagi hai ke phir bhi pyaari hai
Din pareshan hai

This is my take on life, how can you describe your life? Please comment and encourage me to continue the story.

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  1. Mindblowing..the lines like quoets/poem/song that is written in hindi was josh.U write that to?The lines match with each other so nicely..And thanks 4 this.

  2. Awesome wowwww very creative….plzzzz continue dear. ..I’ll be eagerly waiting for your story. ….love you loads, muaaaaahhhhhh

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