Manik goes to his room and sits in the couch tensed ….Nandini comes and sits beside him .
N: Manik why u so worried ? I mean Ik dads condition but he said he’s alright no ? So don’t be stressed.
M: it’s not that Nandini , what if tomorrow when we are not there she again do something to dad ? How can I be in peace ? I’m thinking should I tell dad abt that lady’s affairs….
N: no Manik don’t , if u tell , his condition might get worse … don’t ….let things be like it is for now,…..
M: hmmm …. Come sleep.
They go. And sleep ….its next day and Nandini and Manik goes to office after telling to Kuber , while nyonika was still fast asleep in another room ….

Nandini and Manik is in the car ….Manik parks the car and asks Nandini to wait inside the car, he will just meet someone and come. Nandini is in the car . By mistake her hand hits the car gear and the car starts moving was about to hit the car parked in front and Nandini turns the steering, when a truck comes in the opposite direction ….. And …..bhooommmm! Nandini’s car was crashed ……Manik came out of the building hearing the sound and sees Nandini lying in a pool of blood . He gets shocked seeing her condition …..he picks her up in his arms ….’ NANDINIIIII’ he cried aloud …suddenly someone shake nyonika and she wakes up …..its was all her dream!( sorry guys for making u tensed and then saying it was dream ! ) it was Kuber who woke her up … He was going to office …
Ny: shit it was just a dream! But don’t worry Nandini , I’ll make ur fate like this only !

She gets ready and goes to office….
Nandini and Manik reach office and in manik’s cabin –
M: Nandini , give these documents to cabir .
N: yeah

She goes to cabir’s cabin …..
C: u ppl came back ? I mean so fast ?
N: yeah actually dad wasn’t well so that’s y ….
C: yeah I came to know , how is uncle ( Kuber) now ?
N: yeah he’s good . And Manik asked to give these documents to u …..
C: yeah ok .
Nandini goes back to manik’s cabin and even cabir comes there .
C: wow yaar just 2 days honeymoon ?
Manik gives a look to cabir
M: Nandini u go and get two coffees…
When Nandini goes ….
C: yaar I’m seriously asking …btw how was it ?
M: cabirrrr….ukr there is nothing as such ? And moreover , one month is coming to an end ….
C: u will miss her so much no after that ?
M: hmmmm. Anyways ….leave that we have a meeting in 10 mins …
C: I came to tell something actually ….
M: ya tell
C: I love someone .
M: wait…what did u just say ??
C: did I say something wrong ? I said I love sumone
Manik starts laughing …he tries to control his laughter seeing cabir looking angry
M: sorry ,..sorry so ya who is that girl ?

C:It’s … Nandini……
M: what ? Nandini ?
C: Nooo ……Nandini’s friend …Navya .
M: godd u know just gave me. A shock . Navya knows ?
C: idk about it , I love her that’s it Ik , I want to tell her …..
M: all the best …
Just then Nandini comes in with the coffees.she gives it to Manik and cabir .
M: Nandini , does ur Friend Navya love sumone ?
N: why u asking that ?
Manik looks at cabir …
N: why ? Cabir do u love her or something ?
C: well…no…( then Manik interrupts)
M: no way he’s gonna say no
Cabir and Nandini looks at him confused
M: means he will obviously say Yesss
Nandini gets happy !!
N: r u serious cabir ?

C: yes
N: I’m telling u she will jump with joy ….
C: so can u bring her to ur house tonight ? I will confess it tonight …
N: yeah sure ….but for now stop thinking about her and come for the meeting the trio goes for the meeting
It’s night time and Navya comes to MALHOTRA mansion as Nandini said there is a surprise …
She reaches and Nandini opens the door
N: Navya hi , come in ….
She brings her to the lawn where Manik was there …..
M: hi Navya , how r u ?
Na: hi , I’m fyn , Nandini y did u bring me here ?
N: I’ll tell u first go to that garden …ur answers will be there ….
Navya goes there and sees cabir ….she starts blushing seeinghim .
C: Navya , I ……I want to tell u something .
Na: what is it ?
Cabir comes near to her . He stands just infront of her and Goes on his knee amd proposes her . Navya gets shocked- surprised ….she faints and cabir gets up to catch her . She falls right into his arms …..he lifts and brings her to the lawn …Manan was talking in the lawn when cabir came rushing ,with Navya .
He make her lie down on the bench and sprinkles water on her face …she gets conscious ,and cabir Asks for her answer …..Navya says yes…..cabir gets happy ….
M: this calls for a celebration! Do one thing Nandini , go get the bottle from the top shelf in our room …let’s enjoy yaar …

She goes and gets it …but Obvio Nandini and Navya doesn’t have it …instead they sit and talk about manan’s honeymoon ….
It’s the next day and Manan gets ready for office …
Nandini is siting worried…..Manik comes out of washroom and sees this .
M: Kya hua? Why u sad ?
N: Manik, it’s been a month since I started working in ur company , ukr , I worked only because of my dad’s operation …doctor had told that it’s should be done atleast with in a mont ….I’m getting worried , they can’t connect to me because it’s a new phone and I don’t remember moms number …nor do I know the hospital number …
M: don’t worry Google it out .
N: oh yeah !
She gets number and calls …. The lady gives it to Nandini’s mom as her dad was still admitted in hospital ..
N: hello, mom
Sudha: hello , beta where r u ?
N: mom I’m still in Mumbai
Su: I called u but it didn’t connect
N: mom my phone and SIM card and all broke , I didn’t remember ur number so … hows dad ? I’ll try to get the money by Tomorrow..
S: for what ?
N(surprised ): obviously for dads operation….
S: no need to worry abt that now , ur dad’s surgery got over last week
N: what ? How ?
S: a great person gave the full amount and even paid the other bills …
N: but who was that ?
S: he said u work in his company …some Anant
N: what ?
S: ya he said like that , now u come back as soon a s possible and resume ur studies …
Nandini knew she couldn’t go back so fast …

Just then the receptionist in the hospital asks Sudha to disconnect the call as they need the phone .
S: ok beta then take care ,
N: ok mom bye
Manik was putting on his shirt. Nandini is lost in thoughts and gets out of the trance when Manik taps on her shoulder .
M: what did she say ?
N: someone named Anant gave the whole Money she said …but how will Anant give that much…suddenly she got the thing .
N: Manik, u have the money right ?
M: ya, I gave ….
N: but then y didn’t u tell me ?
M: had I told u before , u would’ve never signed the contract , and I would’ve never been able to make u mine …..Nandini , I don’t want to live without u …..I want to make u mine , and only mine , don’t u think we are destined to be together ?
Nandini nods a ‘yes’ and hugs Manik tight ….she had tears in her eyes …she was really happpy …
N: Manik , I’m sorry I should’ve given u a chance to explain that day , it’s all my mistake that u also had to suffer ….I love u so much Manik…
She gives a kiss on manik’s cheeks …

They break the hug …
Manik pulls her closer …just some inches away ….his shirt was unbuttoned and Nandini’s hands were placed on his bare chest . She was feeling nervous in this position . He bend his head down towards her face and nyonika came there shocked …..
Ny: Manik!
They both moved apart and then Manik got angry….
M: don’t u know u have to knock before coming in ?
Ny : Ik that but there are servants here and u both are romancing here with an open door ?
M: Idc
Manik putts his shirt buttons and Nandini helps him wear his coat and the duo totally avoids nyonika much to her frustration….
Nyonika storms out from there ……..Manan goes to office ….

There is a leap of 2 months ….. Manan becomes more close , always wanting to be together in every single Moment possible ………so it’s the 4th month of their marriage and a dreadful thing happens …want to know that ? Keep reading and keep supporting ….love u all loads ……and one more thing this story has two season…this season will end soon and the next one I’ll start ASAP ….sorry if I’m making it a little fast …it’s because my school reopens with some days and I’ve exams so I’ve to prepare and I’ve to finish the first season and start the second one so that y ….

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